Reining In Expensive Beauty Habits: Are You A Makeup & Nail Polish Addict?

December 5, 2011


It seems we all start out with the best intentions when it comes to frugal beauty.   We decide to skip on the nail salon and do our own at home mani/pedis and of course, we need some delectable colors to go in our collection to make it worthwhile, right?  If you’re not careful, your attempts to be frugal can turn you into a beauty addict!

I know when I stopped going to the salon regularly I decided to get “a few” new polishes to establish a gorgeous rotation of colors.  Then I started reading some nail polish blogs.  Now I have over 23 colors of various brands- and while I got “good deals” on all of them by buying some of the more expensive brands like China Glaze and OPI nail polish online and at Target, you have to wonder, how frugal is it to have more beauty products than you really “need?”  

In just looking at my nail polish collection (which is smaller than some I’m sure!) it can be argued that even if I spent on average $5 a bottle, the collection would still save me money overall since a mani/pedi can cost anywhere from $30-$50+ a treatment plus tip.  So within a few months, even with 20+ colors I’d still come out ahead…but do I really need to buy all those colors?  (Part of me says “OH yes.”)  I found very quickly that I was becoming a nail polish addict and that my love for glamour and makeup began expanding the more I indulged in it.

A good friend of mine sells makeup for a living and has accumulated quite an excess of supplies since she gets it so cheap- in her bathroom are about 15 eyeliners (some are duplicates), 20 lip liners and countless shadows and mascaras.  She gets a big discount on the product and will just open another when she can’t find what she’s looking for, or wants an extra to carry in her purse or car.   She gets it cheap, and it’s hilarious to see her collection but again- is it worth it?

The marketing appeal of beauty products is that there is so much to buy.  If you love a product, why not buy it in another color?  Why not try matte vs. shimmer or try a really crazy shade if it’s the right price?  Before we know it we have a box full of colors that have a limited shelf life and will most likely never get used before it starts to go bad.  Luckily though, it’s easy to get the most out of your money if you’re a beauty product lover like myself…

If you’re low on cash but want to make the most out of your makeup and polish try these tips:

How To Make the Most of Your Polish Collection:


How To Make The Most of Your Makeup Collection:

  • If you have broken eyeshadow learn to fix it or repurpose it to create new nail polish colors.
  • Go through your purse, your car, your bathroom and makeup bag and collect everything together to take inventory.  If you’re like me you’ll discover you have 8 shades of red lipstick and 15 lip glosses you need to use!
  • Get organized by purchasing a caddy or making your own lipstick organizer!
  • Eye  shadows & blush can be smashed up and mixed to create new loose powder colors.
  • Use a thin eyeliner brush dabbed in water & dipped in eye color to create  new eye liners.


 So seriously, how much makeup and nail polish do you have?  What’s your biggest weakness (and biggest collection!) when it comes to beauty products?

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5 responses to “Reining In Expensive Beauty Habits: Are You A Makeup & Nail Polish Addict?”

  1. Michelle says:

    I'm a makeup and nail polish addict. Everything just looks so pretty!

  2. janalynch says:

    I have way more nail polish than one person needs. I've managed to bring my make-up down to somewhat normal amounts but I still can't resist my MAC and my OPI. I justify it by saying that it's better for my skin and it lasts longer.

    My name is Jana and I'm a beauty product addict.

  3. Niki says:

    I am not really a makeup wearer but I do love nail polish. It's something I do with my daughters regularly so we do have quite a bit.

  4. Jodi says:

    Oh man do I have a problem. In becoming such a good CVS/Riteaid shopper I have collected a ridiculous amount of Drugstore makeup and nail color AT very little to nothing after coupons, sales and extra bucks. But it rolls over in to other problems I never had before like hours spent watching Youtube for application ideas. Like I need more internet addictions. And I find myself hiding stuff from hubby even if it ended up being close to free because I know he thinks I have to much. There is no way to tell him that the specrum of colors is so massive that their will never be an end to the new polishes I “must” have.

  5. Bella says:

    I have the biggest lip gloss/balm collection. I own at least 20-something…and I rarely use them. Now I’m getting tired of lip gloss…and I splurged to get the sugar rose lip tint from Sephora for $22. I also have a nail polish addiction. But thing is, I use the same three colors all the time! For now, I’m sticking to clear nail polish…to give my nails a break! I have so many pretty colors- pinks, golds, reds, dark blues, greens, etc. But I don’t NEED them. x)

    My “forever” polish is: Mermaid’s tears-OPI.


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