Baby, You’re a Firework

June 5, 2011

fireworks Life is good.  It’s beautiful, and getting ever more frugal by the day, even if there are some wee-little-slipups along the way.

I originally started FruBu so I could learn about living a more authentic, down-to-earth, cut-the-clutter kind of life.  I wanted to clear my life of bad habits and useless accumulation of “stuff,” to put my time and money towards what really matters to me:  Making a difference, Making connections, finding the beauty in the everyday.

This time last year, I was saying my goodbyes and preparing to make the cross-country move to Chicago.  I knew I was in for something big, something unfamiliar, I knew I was going to be challenged in ways beyond my comprehension.  I made a lot of mistakes, had some embarrassing moments (don’t wear heels and run to the train ladies!) but at least I was right about something- I was going to change.

My life is still in transition.  I haven’t “arrived,” yet at my destination of ultimate bliss and wisdom- but woops, I think I’ve now set the stage for the rest of my life: I’ll. Never. Settle.

Wow, that’s kind of scary, but damn, it feels good. I sometimes get down on myself that I haven’t hit any major milestones since moving here, but then again, how can you hit a moving  target? I’m still working on figuring out a game plan, separating the wheat from the chaff and all that… my mind is usually spinning with the influences of amazing people who talk about travel hacking, revolutionizing charitable giving,  capitalizing on multipotentiality,  just being all out crafty and creative.  When I figure it all out, you, my fabulous readers- will be the first to know.

So here are my goals for June:

-Send a delicious set of Mary Kay goodies to this month’s Love Drop family to help the ladies of the family treat themselves and feel as beautiful as they are.  (See more about this amazing fam at

-Promote and generate more sales to meet our $500 goal to the CRFGF in Kassie’s name in order to move the boulder forward to get a scholarship established for her.  I will work until I drop on this…it is by far my biggest and scariest goal to accomplish… It has consumed me.

-Do yoga several times a week at home, for free.

-Get my grocery bill down to $50 a week.

-Have an amazing visit with my friends who are coming to visit from California for 5 days!  On the agenda:  Navy Pier, Taste of Chicago at Millennium Park, a Cubs game, Goose Island Brewery, nom-nom some deep dish pizza/Portillos…what else??

-Read 3 more books on my list.

-Donate blood

-List and sell a bunch of my videogames and books on Amazon

-Skype with 4 of my friends I haven’t spoken to in awhile

-Perhaps figure out what the heck I’m doing in July for my birthday?


Yep- I better get crackin’.  So here’s to you, my beautiful fireworks- keep working towards your best lives.  I’m here for you, I want to hear from you…let’s light up the sky! 🙂

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6 responses to “Baby, You’re a Firework”

  1. […] Shannyn posts about her new life in Chicago, the challenges along the way, and how She'll. Never. Settle (read it, you'll understand). Inspirational actually. The Katy Perry reference […]

  2. Jonha says:

    Hi Shannyn,

    It’s @jonharules, I don’t know but there’s something about the simplicity of the layout of your blog and your authenticity that makes me visit it every day. As in every single day just like I used to “ritually” visit Penelope Trunk’s blog. I used to not miss even a single post.

    This is a beautiful post! Perhaps we should start calling ourselves “finance futurists”. There had been several social media futurists so why not we call ourselves – in the finance field. I love that your goals are feasible. As for my goal, it still my goal to save up for the house that we will hopefully move into by September. I wanna be able to pay up at least half of the total price before we move so I don’t have to pay so much monthly.

    Did I tell you I love the title too? By the way, there’s an email address in my comment, would you mind sending me a brief email, I wish to be in touch.

  3. What a great list of goals! I love the idea of skyping with old friends. I can't wait to hear how you do with your list this month.

    • ShannynofFB says:

      Rebekah- as you know I was totally inspired by your blog post of goals! I love that it creates accountability and inspires other people to set public goals (as yours did for mine!) I wish you the best of luck with your June goals and you bet we'll be in touch! Thanks again for being awesome!


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