Yes, You Might Say I’m Addicted- The Bling Collection From 1 Year Of Running

August 1, 2013

Half Marathon Medal Holder


So, you might say I have a lot of running bling.  I have been running for a year now and I have quite the collection, but honestly, running for bling keeps me motivated.  I absolutely LOVE my collection, there are so many memories behind these medals.  I just moved into the new condo in April, and previous to that, my precious collection was stowed in a shoe box- not good.

It was time these little gems got a home, so I picked one out from and chose something special to not just highlight the bling, but one with a message that truly resonated with me.



Gone For A Run Medal Holders

I absolutely love my medal rack but I had a hard time on figuring out where to mount it in the condo- then I had an epiphany- put them next to the shoes,  near the bed.  Honestly, running is just as much of a mental feat as it is a physical effort.  While a medal display is great for bragging rights, to me, it’s a key point of motivation on those early mornings, late nights and tired days when I’d rather forget that I call myself a runner.

There are mornings I wake up at 4:30am to go train and it’s a struggle to find the motivation to lace up the shoes, put on my running gear and get out the door.  I put the medal display right next to the shoes, near my bed- so I can always remember why I get out there.  To me, it just made sense.  Not only can I see what I’ve accomplished, but I also get a chance to envision the next medal that will be added to the collection- a medal I need to train for.


Gone For A Run Medal Displays

I have so much bling, I already need rack number dos.  

Yes, I have done so many races, I could probably use another medal rack- but I love this one since it’s so easy to install (two nails, done.) and the medals just slide on the end and the bar clicks back into place.   I chose this one because of the awesome running quote, but there are a ton more that are totally inspirational and in a variety of styles.

I honestly cannot believe I have done so many races (for a girl who a year ago laughed at the idea of running) and am so happy that I now have a way to display all the memories.  Running has changed my life, and now I have one place I can display my race addiction, my pride, my happy memories and of course, the awesome and unique pieces of  bling!


Bib Holder


Additionally, I’m super stoked about my new bib Folio –  I keep most of my race bibs in a box in the closet, but there are a few that I want to display (like my runDisney bibs and other special ones like my first mud run which is still caked in mud!).


So happy run-iversary to me and many happy miles to you!  


Do you keep all of your medals and bibs, how do you display them?

What is your all time favorite running medal?


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7 responses to “Yes, You Might Say I’m Addicted- The Bling Collection From 1 Year Of Running”

  1. desi says:

    I only have two medals right now, but my first one will probably always be my favorite because it’s from a beer run and has a bottle opener on it 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    That’s a lot of bling!

  3. Shannyn, this is so awesome! I love the hanger and the bibfolio! You inspired me. I have lots of medals from four years of racing, but they are not as pretty as yours! My favorite prize is actually a trophy I won for being the overall female winner at a 5k. Is was the first 5k I ever ran when I was SO out of shape, so to win it two years later was huge. Do a post on your shoe collection! I just bought the Wave Rider 16s and I’m in love. 🙂

  4. Stephanie says:

    Happy Run-iversary! I only have a few finisher medals (they’re less common for 5ks, which is so far the only races I’ve run in). We (fiance and I) have our finisher medals just hanging from a light fixture in the hallway…not so fancy.

    I do feel compelled to save all my bibs, but right now they’re just piled up somewhere. I like the bib folio, it’s a nice way to keep them without having to post them on the wall or something.

  5. Courtney says:

    Love that – I definitely need to get organized with my bibs and medals. It looks great!

  6. I save all my bibs and not sure what to do with them, but I started writing race results on the back of them and have them in a folder. I have a (surprise) Boston Marathon “shrine” in my office bookcase that has a shadow box and all my “bling.” I need a new system as it’s getting cluttered.

  7. I can not wait to start earning these. I only stated running in May and was just about to run my first 5K this month when some health issues set me back. Once I’m cleared for running again, I’m going to be back at tackling it. My current goal is a 5K but my ultimate goal is half marathon (that’s the first time I’ve told anyone that). Someday I’m going to have bling like that!


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