Running Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara

July 8, 2013

Mizuno Sayonara review


Disclaimer: The following post is sponsored by FitFLuential LLC on behalf of Mizuno. All opinions are always my own.


I have been an ardent fan of the Mizuno Wave Rider 15s and 16s since I started running last year.  When I was given the opportunity to review the sexy new Mizuno Sayonara as part of their Mezamashii project with Fitfluential Ambassadors, I was over the moon.  The shoes are gorgeous, lightweight, delightfully colored and a great addition to the Mizuno running shoe family! But how did they run? We’ll see!

The Mizuno Wave Sayonara was just released on July 5th and retails for $119.99. And if you are looking for running inspiration and real life stories, check out the meaning of Mezamashii Running told by the Project Members who have found their “Mezamashii experience” through their Mizuno running shoes.


Mizuno Wave Sayonara:

-The Sayonara is the lightest of all Mizuno running sneakers- just 7.1 ounces for women and 8.1 for men

-They are light and low-drop which is intended for speed

-Sayonara is a performance neutral sneaker but can include a support element

-Flexible soles with great traction for those of us living in very humid and stormy areas during summer

-More gorgeous colors to choose from so you can find style and function!



Mizuno Shoe Review Sayonara

Mizuno Sayonara Review Fitfluential


So, while I didn’t have anyone to photograph me wearing these badboys (and random shots of me hunched over weren’t working either) I loved running  in these shoes- they’re lightweight and responsive.  The light mesh uppers breathe really well in the humid Chicago summers and the bottom grips gave me a lot of traction after a summer torrential downpour!  If you’re not used to such a light shoe, gradually work your mileage up to ensure you have a comfortable transition- they can really change the way you run (for the better)!

This is a neutral, lightweight shoe that helped me maximize the “light” feeling I usually lack during the summer months when I feel as if I’m running through a sauna-  I think I may have found the only shoe I love more than the Wave Rider 16s and love not only the feel of the shoe, but how it looks.  While you shouldn’t buy a shoe based on looks alone….you might have a hard time not falling in love with the gorgeous design of the Mizuno Sayonara!


This cracks me up….

So, have you tried the Mizuno Wave Sayonaras yet?  

What do you think?

Mizuno Mezamashii

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6 responses to “Running Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sayonara”

  1. Oh my – they are GORGEOUS! Thanks for the review! I won 50 bucks to a local running store and I might just have to pick these up and give them a go. I am also a hard-core fan of the wave riders and they’re the only shoe I’ve ever run in, so I’m glad to read your take on these!!

    • Shannyn says:

      Hey Liz!
      I know, I’m a hardcore Mizuno fan…I’ve been trying other shoes but always go back to my beloved Wave Riders. I love the new 16’s but these gems are so fun, plus with a name like Sayonara, you know they’re going to be a blast!

  2. Alissa says:

    I just got fitted for new running shoes last weekend & I got Mizuno Wave Rider 16s & they are like running on clouds! I will have to tell my hubby about these ones because he was also fitted with Mizuno’s but they were too heavy for him.

  3. gogokicks says:

    beautiful color. mizuno stands up !!

  4. June says:

    I love the color!!

  5. Zoom says:

    Great flashy color!!


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