Cinderella Got A New Pair Of Shoes: Saucony Virrata Review

March 7, 2013

In nearly a year of running, I’ve religiously stuck to the same shoe I was fitted with last July, a bit skeptical when it comes to trying new running shoes, especially ones that are considered “light.”  After hearing horror stories from my beau and friends that had new pains and soreness after running in “minimalist shoes,” I was hesitant but defiant…. would these shoes be my glass slipper or would I be hobbling with new aches and pains after a mile?  

The new  Saucony Virrata’s are a gorgeous shoe- the colors are eye catching and the design is sleek.  I was in love with the look and feel of the shoe- plus the light design (seriously these shoes only weigh 6.5 ounces!) but had no idea how they would feel on.  When I laced them up for last Saturday’s 5k, Finish Chelsea’s Run, I knew I’d have my chance.

Saucony Virrata

I ran my 3.1 miles and was surprised at how comfortable they were- don’t we buy shoes with more padding in order to make our gait feel more bouncy?  This shoe has less cushion and felt more responsive.  I didn’t experience any new pains from the Saucony Virrata, a minimalist shoe, nor the same day or the day after.  I have a tendency to strike at the toe and the lightness of the shoes facilitated my natural step and roll, I was smitten. It doesn’t hurt that I looked adorbs and am in LOVE with the colors on this gorgeous shoe!

Saucony Virrata Review

All in all, I’m in love with the Saucony Virratas – they’re pretty to wear, pretty light on the foot and were pretty fun to run in!  I think with this shoe, you’ll want to build up your mileage, starting with 1-3 miles, then working your way up to longer mileage so you can adjust. I was surprised at how natural these felt on- I am a toe striker with normal pronation and wear neutral shoes, I didn’t think anything else could feel as good.


So, how do you know if a shoe is a perfect fit?

Do you find a style you like and stick with it, or experiment?


I was sent these shoes for review purposes by Saucony through my affiliation with Fitfluential. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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2 responses to “Cinderella Got A New Pair Of Shoes: Saucony Virrata Review”

  1. Sherry says:

    I just got a pair of the Nike Free Run +3s and I absolutely LOVE them!! The lightweight shoe is not for everyone (I believe these are around 6.2 oz), however as a forefoot striker with a high arch and a slight under-pronation I knew I was the perfect candidate for them (I also have custom orthotics since I’m susceptible to lower leg injuries). I didn’t get fitted for them (got them with a 20% off coupon at Sports Authority) but I ran in college so I’m pretty familiar with my running gait and form. The people that are getting the soreness and pain are going to be the extreme heel-strikers and over-pronators. I haven’t put too much mileage in them yet (it’s been gross here in Chicago), but I’ve done some treadmill intervals and plyometric workouts in them and I can confirm I’m in love with no pain (feet feel better actually)!

  2. So pretty! I’m pretty sold on my Pure Cadence. But I want to get more in different colors. I have tried so many different pairs since I started running and haven’t loved any of them as much as I love my Brooks!


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