SAVE THE PUGS! The Virtual Pug Run 2015

August 12, 2015

The 2015 Virtual Pug Run Puggerfly

This is one of those posts that I’m excited and nervous to write- the Virtual Pug Run was such an amazing but hard won success last year- though it was a lot of work and a real nail biter along the way.  We set a goal to raise $7,860 to help save 26.2 pugs, and I had no idea if, or how, we would hit that audacious goal.

I debated doing the Virtual Pug Run one more time.  Last year, we had 344 amazing runners from all over the world (the U.K., Australia, Canada) and with the help of 2 of my friends when they were available, we packaged them all up and it literally took me 3 weeks to mail out all 300+ medals- but we did it!

Last year, the race came during a challenging personal time- we called off our wedding right before the Chicago Marathon and I was making arrangements to get a place of my own.  There were some really hard days, but even when I sat by myself with a glass of wine and a giant box of pug medals to ship, it filled my heart with hope and joy that we were going to have 344 happy runners and many pugs who would benefit from medical care and TLC before going to their “fur-ever” homes. It’s really hard to be depressed when you look at a box full of colorful pugicorns with rainbow ribbons.

Last year, we raised $8,106 from 344 runners and with some extra donations we exceeded our initial goal.  This year, we are shooting for 475 runners and $9,500 donated.  Every penny of your race sign up, as always, after cost (medals, shipping, processing fees) is donated to the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue.  Not a penny will be made on this race, and $20 from each sign up goes directly to the nonprofit- so the bulk of your fee goes to the charity, so you can feel good about making a donation!

Often, it costs several thousand dollars to get a rescue pug rehabilitated and ready for adoption.  Often, life saving procedures, vaccines and spay/neuters are required to get abused, elderly and special needs pugs ready for a new “fur-ever” home.

A typical family pays about $300 to adopt a dog, but NIPRA absorbs the costs of rehabilitation, often draining their limited resources- so that’s why we do this run.  They never want to turn down a dog that could be otherwise be put down because they’re old or sick- for them, we do this race, so every dog gets a second chance and those amazing volunteers can do what they do best- save pugs.


For the 2015 Virtual Pug Run, our goal will be to raise $9,500- which means we will need about 475 runners (or donations) to hit that goal.  This fundraiser is 100% for charity, all proceeds go to benefit the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue.


So, I’m pleased to announce the 2015 Virtual Pug Run medal:


Virtual Pug Run Medal 2015

Registration is now open!  

Registration closes October 1st to process the medal order.  Medals will be shipped the week of Halloween (Oct. 26th), and you can do your run anytime in October to earn your medal on the honor system.




Church groups, work groups, running clubs, friends who have dogs.  Batching orders of 5-10 participants or more will help us cut shipping costs so more $ goes to the cause, but also lowers the signup fees for everyone involved.

Medals will be mailed out the last week of October, or sooner if we can better gauge interest and order sooner.  Help us by spreading the word and batching your orders.  Since you can register more than 1 person at a time- could you sign up a spouse, child, friend or pug enthusiast with your order?

Would you like to surprise a group of friends with a thoughtful and unique gift- to run a 5k or 10k together and get a surprise medal?

$20 of each sign up goes directly to the 501c3 charity, so this all goes directly to NIPRA to save pugs, not to line my pockets.  I’m also donating my own money to buy ads to get awareness and the 40+ hours it will take to process, package and ship.  It’s a labor of love for sure, but we can do it!



Register To Run: Sign up to run- wherever you are, whenever you can run.  Everyone gets a medal for supporting a cause, so your significant other or pug can come along too!

– Share This Run With A Group:  Are you part of a church group, running club or have a group of friends who could support the cause? Could your employer support the cause and do a lunch break 1-miler? Registration for groups can be done easily, or registrations can be gifted.

Make A Donation:  Donate cash to the cause if you’d rather not run.

-Spread the word!  Does your church, work, or running group want to run?  Ask your boss or run club leader if they’d like to commit the group to participating in a mile, 5k or 10k for a good cause.




Virtual Pug Run Regsiter



From the bottom of my pug loving heart, I know we can save hundred of pugs this year.  We will need 475 runners by October 1st, but I know we can do it! 

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20 responses to “SAVE THE PUGS! The Virtual Pug Run 2015”

  1. lex says:

    omg this makes me so happy, you have no idea!!
    Thank you so much for doing this and i am hoping that this years adventure for you will be better then last year!

  2. This is so fun! I love pugs!

  3. My mom, sister, and I will all be participating 🙂

  4. Bethany says:

    Can we walk instead of run? Lol

  5. Melissa says:

    LOVE THIS! I don’t even have a pug and I’m down. My Mom and I are running a 5k in February (2016) so this will be an awesome warm up. Yay!

  6. Susan says:

    I’m very excited about this! My daughter Kristin (@thedonutrunner) told me about it. I will definitely be doing it. I’m going to repost this on my Instagram account if that’s ok (puglove6) and I’d like to repost it on my blog too.

    • Shannyn says:

      Absolutely Susan! I posted it on Instagram so you can screengrab that, or I can email you a photo if you’d like!! Thank you!!

  7. What a great idea and I will be sure to spread the word for you!!

  8. I can’t wait to participate this year!!! Pug Hugs!!!

  9. Kim says:

    Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I too late to register to run and to receive a medal??

  10. Denise says:

    What a great idea. Especially since Pugs have neither the ability nor the inclination in actuality to run very far.


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