Healthy Review: NatureBox

October 2, 2012

NatureBox Review

I have always been slightly disappointed with so-called “healthy snacks.”  Across the board, time after time, I found that healthy snacks like dehydrated fruits, granola, nut mixes and crackers were bland and dry, lacking the zest of some of our junk food counterparts.

Luckily though for my waistline and my tastebuds, with NatureBox, all of my previous misgivings about healthy snacks were proven wrong-  I got my first NatureBox this month and good lord, was it delicious!  For $19.99 a month, you get a ginormous box full of goodies that add a creative kick to your snack routine.

I know you know what I’m talking about-  dried fruit that is so granular and dry that you wonder where all the flavor of the fresh fruit went when they preserved it…it’s just gross!  Whenever I get a bag of trail mix that has dried pineapple in it, I find I always eat around the pineapple.  In this month’s NatureBox, the dried pineapple was so delicious I couldn’t believe my mouth!   The dried pineapple was moist, chewy, packed full of flavor and tasted more like a fruit-snack than your typical basic dried fruit, soooo gooood.  

Is NatureBox Worth It?  YES.

Look at all the goodies you get in a NatureBox!  

Each bag was well sized for serious snacking and even the granola was moist and flavorful, not dry and chalky!

Quick Stats On NatureBox:


So, is NatureBox Worth It?

Yes, I was pleased at the value for $19 a month.  This would make a great gift for anyone you want to encourage to keep on their fitness goals or who is trying to lose weight and doesn’t “enjoy” healthy foods, this could turn it around!

I find that my local store doesn’t carry the mouth-watering selection of healthy snacks that I would need to keep up my healthy eating.  Sometimes I can’t always have fresh fruits & veggies on hand, or heck, I’m craving something salty/sweet- this is perfect…it’s a great blend of protein, fruit & a little sumthin’ sumthin’ that will make healthy snackin a sinch!

Seriously though, the dried Pineapple and Nut Clusters were so good, I totally would have thought it was candy… SO worth it!


So, what’s your favorite healthy snack?

What do you keep on hand to make sure you don’t snack on junk?

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  1. Holly C. says:

    I love this new fad with subscription boxes, what fun to get a box of goodies every month. I would like to try Nature box!


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