How To Save On Bachelorette Parties

May 8, 2017

Have a friend or two getting married soon and need to plan a special night on the town? Check out these tips to save on bachelorette parties.

As wedding season quickly approaches, we can already see puffy dresses, layer cakes and registries in the distance.  Along with church bells and flower arrangements comes the pre-celebrations of the big day. Yet, all these events can quickly add up to a pretty penny.  While a bachelorette party is a great way to get psyched up for your favorite girl’s wedding, it can certainly do some damage to your bank account. Instead of compromising this quality time with the bride, these ideas will help you have all the fun without all the financial hassle! Get ready for the bachelorette party on a budget.

Set a Budget Before the Fun Starts

Spreadsheets are for more than just tracking work hours. Send out a GoogleDoc to all bachelorette attendees well ahead of time (we’re talking like, four-five months prior) to get an idea of how much bridesmaids would like to spend. This should narrow it down to a strict rule, aka “no person will spend more than $700 on the trip, total.” Setting the budget ahead of time streamlines the planning process and guarantees there will be no surprising expenses guests didn’t account for (and no resentment for hidden costs).

Local Destination

While beach getaways are appealing, money spent on flying means less money spent on good times. Consider an alternative getaway, such as to an Airbnb in your city with a rooftop patio. You might be minutes from home, but a whole new view will be the escape your crew wants.

Try Out Glamping

Renting out a cabin will ensure quality time with your closest pals with limited expenses. Glamping experiences are popping up in states all over and include the camping lifestyle with a glamorous edge…think cozy forest views with spa-like treatments.

Eat (and Drink!) at Home

Eating out can add up costs quickly. Agree to eat out one meal a day and spend the other meals cooking together. And even though you’ve left your college days behind, pregaming is where it’s at. Buy your own mixers to drink before a night out and spare yourself the $12 cocktails at the bar.

Split Costs Fairly

Split costs fairly, not equally. If your best girl Betsy likes to drink like a fish and is on her third bottle of wine, don’t split the check equally so all the other girls are paying for her escapades. Bridesmaids should be responsible for their own costs (for the most part). This goes for the bride as well. While it’s a kind gesture to pay for the bride’s trip, it’s not necessary. After all, you’ve already spend the big bucks to attend yourself, that is gift itself.

Homemade Goodies

What’s a bachelorette without sparkly tank tops and cringe-worthy penis necklaces? Instead of buying the goods, make it an activity night and sponge paint your own personalized tank tops and wine glasses. Pinterest is full of hundreds of homemade treats that will be just as meaningful, if not more, than anything you could buy.

Score on Group Deals

Many studios and experience will offer a group rate for their services. Consider booking a yoga or pole dancing class for your crowd and utilizing the discount for your gaggle of girls! Or check out Groupon or LivingSocial for deals on paint nights, brewery tours, and more.


I try to mark down every single wedding event well ahead of time on my calendar. There has been a time or two that I’ve been in three weddings at once and have to compromise on what is feasible for my wallet. If I can’t make the bachelorette party, then I make sure I’m at the shower, or vice versa. Picking and choosing can be tough, but falling short on rent money is even tougher!

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