Saving Money On Summer Fun

May 30, 2012

Spend A Day Connecting With Childhood Joys

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in simple joys- an evening spent in the backyard with good food and good friends don’t have to cost a lot, but can make for lasting (and frugal!) memories.

When you head to the store to pick up your carbonated refreshment of choice, the bubbles don’t have to stop there!  For about $1.30  for a bottle of bubbles and your favorite digital camera or iPhone, you will have gorgeous pictures to scrapbook during the winter months!


Explore summer sports

I’m seriously over all of the body bashing that goes along with bikini weather.  Make the warmer seasons about health and exploration, not having the perfect body.  Summer is the perfect time to explore new sport and get in shape!

If you’re not sure if you’ll be into windsurfing or extreme frisbee for the long term- alway see if you can buy used, rent or use a coupon.   Head to the park with a frisbee, volleyball net,  marucci wood baseball bat or a yoga mat to enjoy the cool breezes and gorgeous blue sky – it’s better and cheaper than any gym!


Tag the neighborhood with sidwalk chalk

When the last time you indulged your inner child?  Sidewalk chalk is perfect for two reasons- not only is it great for artistic expression, but it’s an exercise in the impermanence of the season.  As soon as it rains, the designs are gone…easy clean up but even for adults, it’s fun!

Chalk is also great for walkabouts as well.  Grab a bucket of chalk- I got mine for $1.99 at Target, and tag the neighborhood with silly pictures or inspirational messages.  Someone in my neighborhood has been tagging “SMILE” all over the sidewalks and sure enough- every time I see it, I do.


Experiment with fresh fruits & healthy eating

So, after all this fun- you’ll need to refresh yourself right?  Smoothies (with or without the rum!) are a perfect to take advantage of the fresh fruit that’s abundant this time of year, cool off and get healthy.  Keep some frozen fruit on hand, and use yogurt instead of ice cream to keep it healthy- throw in whatever juice you have around, and voilá!

For about $5 you can make a blender full of delicious healthy goodness.  Read my post about smoothies here.

Frugal Summer Fun!

The most frugal thing you can do this summer though, is to RELAX!

Slow down from the hustle and bustle, bask in the sun, play in the water, stay cool and chill out!

What’s your favorite way to have frugal fun in the summer?

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8 responses to “Saving Money On Summer Fun”

  1. Valerie says:

    Picnics! We are all about picnics! It’s so easy to just throw whatever’s in the fridge in a basket and throw down a blanket!

  2. Tamara says:

    Sitting by the pool reading a good book on my Kindle isn’t free but it’s cheap! Once you pay for the Kindle you fill it up and head to the sunshine!

  3. Priscilla Benavides says:

    I remember playing with Chalk was one of my favorite pass times as a child, now I would love to do the same with my own children.

  4. JENNIFER HART says:


  5. mary fanara coleman says:

    BP….I love the reminder to slow down and enjoy the summer with my kids before it’s over. I also will make some smoothies and use yogurt instead of ice cream to keep it healthy. My family loves them.

  6. Linda Walters says:

    Drinking Smoothies and reading a good book or browsing facebook


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