Why You Need to Read “The Pledge”

May 11, 2011

What do you want people to say about you at your funeral?  Are you struggling to really define your values in real terms and find ways to incorporate values and goals into the legacy you leave?

I personally hate any kind of motivational or self-help books that are either too generic or broad, so full of cliches that it’s hard to find ways to apply them.  Equally frustrating,  are the books that are so narrow in scope that an author takes the reader along their personal Type-A  To-Do list that is too strict to follow.

If you want a book that is successful at taking large strategies and applying them in daily, do-able ways for your long term goals, in a way that will inspire you without offering a sugar pill,  read The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life by Michael Masterson.

Masterson is a no-frills kind of writer.  While you will find his writing and ideas to be motivational, they are equally powerful in getting you to take action.  He debunks the power of positive thinking as a distraction if used improperly,  and also gives the reader a proper kick in the butt about the potential power each of us has in crafting our ideal life.   He’s also a no-fluff kind of writer with 203 pages that are readable and digestible.  If you want a book that packs a punch without getting too woo-woo into the philosophical, but still is meaningful- this is a great book.


What I got from “The Pledge”:

-I finally took time to write down my values and identify the life and legacy I want to leave.

-Simple productivity tips that have helped me finally stick to daily stretching and exercise.

-Concrete ways to prioritize my day and identify distractions that I’ve purposefully created to distract from my long term goals.

-A system of personal accountability to make my long term goal the FIRST thing I tackle and the focus of all activity.

-A new way of thinking about the process of achieving my goals that has made it far less frustrating.


I really enjoyed the read, but that’s not why I recommend this book.    There are plenty of books out there that will make you feel good when you read it, but I like this book because it makes you feel good in a way that produces results.  I personally don’t want to read a book that sells a feeling but doesn’t help me create change.

If you want a good feeling, watch Disney/Pixar’s Up, if you want to move forward to tackle a better life, read The Pledge.



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