Looking for some Love(Drop)?

May 12, 2011

Every month, I donate just $1 to LoveDrop automatically with PayPal. I buy a lot of small things- for $1 I can get a candy bar, a bag of chips. Sadly though that same $1 won’t even buy my train fare or a magazine, it won’t save the world or make a huge impact no matter what I spend it on.

Oddly enough, with LoveDrop- that $1 does make a difference. It goes into a donation pool with other $1 donations to help families in need, and people who work and give to make a difference. That $1 affords me the privilege of knowing that in a small way, I am a part of the awesome check presentation at the end of each month. My $1 was a part of something bigger.

Last month, LoveDrop presented to the Kahlen’s who are combating their daughter’s tuberous sclerosis while trying to sustain themselves with Kent’s glass blowing studio and working together as a family. Click here to see the entire video series and their story, below is the heartwarming LoveDrop presentation to this awesome family.

See what your $1 can do!


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