Operation: Pug Rescue! We’re Raising $500 To Save Max The Pug (and hopefully more!)

April 10, 2013

Operation Rescue Pug


I just got a call that I’ve been waiting for- the fabulous folks at the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue have a pug that’s just been relinquished by his owner who will need a new home and some TLC.  His name is Max, and sadly, his owner can’t keep him- I haven’t met him yet, but I already know he’ll need some care and the rescue organization will need our help to fund medical care and placement.

See, two years ago- I started fostering Ralph, an older pug who had been given up by his family because they couldn’t care for him anymore… problem was, they hadn’t actually been caring for him in awhile.  He came to my home needing some serious care with double ear infections, a tooth needing extraction, a skin infection on his face and a bad cough.

My adoption fee, around $300, didn’t even begin to cover the amount of rehabilitation he needed that NIPRA covered for him.  Ralphie is quite a unique pug (quirky head tilt, inclination to be picky about treats and the weirdest whine you’ve ever heard) but while is his personality is unique, his story is not-  most often, when you adopt a rescue animal, the adoption fee only covers a small portion of the cost the rescue incurs to rehabilitate the animal to be adoptable.

My goal is to raise $500 to donate to the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue in April, this money can save the lives of pugs and make for happy, happy families.

  We're Raising $500 To Save Pugs In April & May, Can You Help? Buy A Blog Ad To Save Pugs!


Why NIPRA? What I love about NIPRA is that every pug is placed in a loving foster home until they’re placed.   NIPRA is a pug rescue that takes in pugs of all ages and some are in rough shape- no pug waits in a kennel or shelter until they find a family, all are placed in a home as soon as possible to be cared for by a foster family.

Additionally, some pugs will never be adopted.  This pug rescue takes in dogs knowing they will be needing hospice care- each pug, even if they’re in really bad shape or ill, are placed in a loving foster home to live out their days in comfort with a family who can attend to their special needs.  This is why I love NIPRA- every single pug gets a second chance, even if they’re considered “unadoptable.” 


I know we can raise $500 to rescue pugs- these funds get pugs out of the streets and gets them adoption ready with life saving veterinary care, rehabilitation and of course, into the loving arms of a new family.


When I adopted Ralph in 2011, we did a fundraiser on the blog and raised over $700 to donate to NIPRA to help cover the costs my adoption fee wouldn’t.   Rescuing Ralph was a huge success, and now that we’re going to be “Rescuing Max” on Saturday, I know that  we need to get crackin to help this amazing organization!

I don’t have any pictures of Max yet and very little information on him, but I will have updates as soon as they’re made available!  When a pug is given up by their owner, we never know just how much veterinary care they’ll need.  Any funds that are collected that don’t go to Max’s rehabilitation will be given to help another pug- let’s see how much we can donate!



Operation Pug Rescue


So- Here’s How You Can Help Rescue Max:


Straight Up Donate:  Of course, every penny you donate will go to the Pug Rescue, you donation matters and totally helps!  Click here to donate via Paypal…


Purchase A Blog Sidebar Ad:  If you’d like to make this a win-win, advertise your blog or business and I’ll donate 100% of your advertising dollars to rescuing Max!  Book your ad here.

Book Your Rockstar Blogger Coaching Session:  My goal is that every coaching client earns back their coaching fee within 60 days.  Know that you’ll be able to grow your revenue and 50% of your fee will go directly to the Pug Rescue.  Book your coaching sessions here.

Order A Blog Critique & Action Sheet:  For $75, you get a 5-6 page PDF feedback sheet with action steps on how you can improve your blog, grow your revenue, and fully optimize your blog to work with major brands. 50% of your purchase will go to the rescue efforts.  Email me to order your blog critique & action sheet.


  Pug Rescue Fundraiser



If we’re able to sell all of the ad spots for May on the blog- that’s $435 donated to save pugs… if someone reserves their Rockstar Blogging coaching spot or get some donations we’ll have $500 in no time!   I wanted to make this fundraiser a win-win, so you can grow your business or blog AND help save pugs.


I cannot wait to pick up Max on Saturday- expect a picture overload (unless he needs medical care and needs rest) and plenty of pug related posts.  If you didn’t like pugs before, I hope you’ll like them now!  🙂  Thanks again for your support-  $500 can save a lot of pugs!


On behalf of Max, Ralph & many other rescued pugs, thank you- $500 can save a life and change many others.


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