Saucony Virratta Review (Manly Version)

April 10, 2013

Saucony Virratta Mens Review



Seriously, as much as I love reviewing new shoes- especially running shoes, I get even more of a kick working with the beau to review a pair of running shoes on my blog.  He was the one who got me into running last year in the first place- so when it comes to shoes, he’s my go-to-guy who knows just about everything there is to know about running shoes… when it comes to blogging about it though, he’s a newbie.  

I hope you’ll enjoy this guest review post from the man in my life, and you can always read “her version,” aka, my Saucony Virrattas Review too!  


I’m pretty bad and writing up reviews, but I hope you ave the skills to improve upon what I’ve provided you with. I enjoyed the shoes and really like the padding that forces you to run on your toes. I plan on using this in speed training and as a way to improve my running style. Running on your toes will allow one to go faster and that is one of my training goals for the year. Not sure about using them for long runs, but short runs like a 5k or less I will definitely utilize these shoes.

I personally would like to see how my legs feel after an outside run in these. I say that because minimalist shoes make you work your muscles harder resulting in extra soreness. I’ve got another pair of brooks minimalists I’ve only ran in twice that I want to put more miles on this year with my speed training. I hope to utilize the Saucony and the Brooks shoes to improve upon my speed. Ok, enough hoopla, here is the review…


Saucony Virratta Mens Shoe Review



The shoes are very comfortable and light weight. They were a perfect fit for my feet without being too tight or leaving any room for my feet to slide around in while I ran. My feet have wide arches and I have found some running shoes to be too tight around the arch and this shoe didn’t have that issue so it fit more naturally. With the first step, I noticed the padding at the ball of the foot which is designed to make you stay on your toes while you run which is little awkward at first since I’m a heel striker.

Speed is something I need to work on and I can’t wait to utilize these shoes to improve upon my speed work and help to better my overall running ability. I’ve only been able to run with them on a treadmill and had a great experience with them so far. I can’t wait to try them outdoors and at a race in the future (Shannyn has run with them outside a few times and loved them).

Overall, as an experienced runner I would recommend them to both new and seasoned runners as they can be beneficial for either- though it may take some adjusting for veteran runners like myself to adjust to such a light shoe and a different approach to striking (if you’re a creature of habit)…though it could be just the adjustment you need to your step!


I was sent these shoes for review purposes by Saucony through my affiliation with Fitfluential. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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