Lorna Jane MNB Diary Review & Giveaway

January 29, 2015

MNB Diary 2015 Lorna Jane Activewear


I believe in the power of journaling.  At times, when I have been overwhelmed or attempting to process something on my heart or mind, no other medium helps me more than the written word, with pen and paper.  Though I love to blog, there are still so many things that are close to my heart and mind that need reflection, extra rumination and some brainstorming.

Off and on for years, I’ve kept a journal with basic lined paper, but I’ve also invested in guided yearly planners for more concentrated brainstorming & motivation.  When I got the chance to review the Lorna Jane MNB journal, I was thrilled to see that it offered the best of both worlds- plenty of pages for freeform writing as well as more structured parts such as a calendar and activity pages. Oh yes, and just some pretty pages for inspiration….it’s a trifecta of journaling perfection.


MNB Diary 2015 Lorna Jane Activewear

2015 is going to be a big year.  In order to hit your personal and professional goals, I highly recommend investing in a tool that will help you plan, plot, reflect and get inspired.  I absolutely love this journal + planner combo from Lorna Jane to do just that.

This year, I’m focused on being more intentional on how I spend my time (as opposed to being busy for the sake of being busy), and moving outside of my comfort zone in areas of blogging and travel, and of course, I also want to work on building a tribe of support here in Chicago.  Some goals can be measured in incremental changes, yet others, need to be daily, sweeping changes that are easily forgotten (like meeting new people here in Chicago is not something you put a timeframe on or can measure, but still needs to be consistent and intentional over a period of time).

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Lorna Jane MNB DIARY 2015

If you have a variety of short goals and long term goals, actionable/measurable and broader goals mixed in- a journal can help keep you accountable.  You can balance running more miles each week with a daily practice of being more grateful in the same place.

This year, I’m focusing on creating a more beautiful life for myself that reflects my sense of adventure, love of color & lots of activity…of course, the fitness fashion needs to reflect that a bit. Rawr.

Lorna Jane Activewear

I’m wearing the Diamond Excel Tank & Amy F/L Tights from Lorna Jane -which are officially my favorite new running tights this season.  They are so comfy and they don’t slack when doing cardio or running!

5 Ways to Inspire Your Active Life in 2015

– Make small, gradual changes continuously.  You may not go from couch potato to marathon runner in 1 year, but consistency and small changes are your friends.  I’ve resolved to stretch every single day, even if I can’t squeeze in a full workout.  It helps me stay committed, even if I literally only have 10 minutes.

– Find a friend.  Sign up for a race, or simply email a buddy to help you stay accountable. This year, I’ve signed up for two races with friends so I know I have to get out and run, even when I’d rather just stay indoors and watch Netflix.  Fitness should be fun- finding the right chemistry with someone to get you moving is key.

– Give it a rest.  You want to be fit all year, not just in January.  Scheduling in time to sleep is a given, but your “emotional batteries” keep the rest of you on track, so if you’re feeling emotionally exhausted or have a stressful situation at work you still have to keep in touch with how you’re feeling emotionally to ensure you’re not over indulging with junk food, or staying up late stressed about situations beyond your control. Your heart, mind and body are connected, you need rest.

– Invest in the right tools & experiences.  Would a class pass for pilates get you moving?  Or are you honestly inspired by taking a weekend trip to hike in the mountains?  You will need gear and yes, to spend some money- but that’s ok!  You can’t just get active by yourself in a gym- invest in classes, travel & weekend excursions to keep your routine less, routine.  Oh yes, having the right gear helps too.  I’m picky about running tights, the wrong pair drives me insane, so I gladly invest $99+ in a pair that’s comfy for anything!

– Take time to reflect.  This is why I’m so excited to giveaway this great journal from Lorna Jane- active living is all about balance.  2 years ago I did nothing but run races for a year, but I rarely took time to reflect, recharge my batteries and see how my other choices could support that big goal of running half marathons.  If you feel that you’re always go, go, go, take small steps to reflect and be in the moment so you don’t burnout!


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If you’d like to win a gorgeous Lorna Jane MNB 2015 planner + journal- comment below to enter:

What is your big dream for 2015 & what smaller goals are you working on this year to make it the best year yet?

Our winner is Rebecca Jo!!! Congratulations, beautiful!


Also:  The Lorna Jane MNB Diary is now 50% off if you can’t wait to see if you’ve won!


*Winner will be notified by Friday, 2/6 so please leave your email or Twitter handle when you comment!  Open to US Residents only.




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43 responses to “Lorna Jane MNB Diary Review & Giveaway”

  1. Patti says:

    Big dream for 2015: Enjoy it! I’m starting to feel like I’m spending too much time doing things and worrying about doing things instead of just enjoying life. As for smaller goals: get back into running, try new things (any new things), and focus on my family.

  2. Leighanne says:

    I am 22, my significant other is 24, and we have a 4 month old daughter. we both have decent jobs and are currently renting an apartment, while trying to save for a down payment on a house. Buying a home is my dream for 2015, it is really overwhelming (our lease is up in October).
    some smaller goals I have for this is to cook more meals at home, have pot luck type parties so we can have left overs haha. maybe try couponing?

  3. My biggest dream for 2015 is to get more “settled” into my big girl life I suppose? I am moving in with my fiance in the Summer once we both move to another state (exciting! nervous!), and I hope to start a really great career wherever we are moving. But I’m working on small goals like managing my money, learning more about payments on things you have to make payments on, etc. to be able to keep up with our budget together as a couple once we move. I really like these Lorna Jane MNB Diaries, I keep seeing them and it makes me want one even more!

  4. Brooke P says:

    My big dream is to focus more on living in the present! Trying not to worry about the past or the future but just focus on and truly enjoy the moment that I’m in so that I can make great memories everyday. My smaller goals include starting a journal practice (just haven’t gotten that one started yet so this is perfect!), concentrating on progression over perfection in eating and fitness, and not feeling guilty about taking “me time” to recharge and relax. Here’s to a great 2015 🙂

  5. Parker says:

    Graduating from my masters program and getting healthy with weight watchers!

  6. Veronica Urbaniak says:

    Our goals for this year are ALL smaller ones leading to hopefully bigger things by 2016! Our big 3 are eating at home more, being active some way every day, and getting rid of all the excess “stuff” that accumulates after you’ve been married for three years!

  7. miranda says:

    My biggest dream for 2015 is to make more memories with family and friends, I want to spend more time making a better work-life balance and make the effort to go visit people. Smaller goals include exploring the mountains where I live, hiking more, committing to regular workouts and making small advances in my career.

  8. Rebecca Jo says:

    My big goal? To control my anxiety much better…
    My small goal? To get off a LOT of weight… not really a small goal, but much more insignificant

  9. Allison Leah says:

    My big dream for 2015 is to date more. I’ve been a bit of a slump. So little goals would be to do activities that would expose me to meeting people. I also am working on fitness and diet (to feel more attractive) and to do one thing per week that genuinely makes me happy. This is baking, reading and in nicer weather- hiking.

  10. Betsy says:

    YES! I am all about the smaller change. This past year (and my third go round) on Weight Watchers I’ve decided to really work it like that, making small changes and really working to make them habits before taking on the next. It’s been working well, have kept off 15 lbs for 6 months. My dream for 2015 is to really better my career and I’m starting with the area of professional associations. Then to doing a little extra education, then who knows what!

  11. Erin says:

    My big goal for 2015 is to run a sub 2-hour half marathon. My little goal is to continue to incorporate Crossfit into my workouts for better overall strength to meet my half-marathon goal!

  12. Tera says:

    I want to run my second marathon! I’ve joined a running group that does speed workouts twice a week and long runs on Saturday to build my base for marathon training this summer.

  13. My goals for 2015 are to be as awesome as possible, both in life & relationships, as well as athletically being awesome at my Ironman triathlon.

  14. I am working on being more present to reduce anxiety (big goal). 🙂

  15. Jennifer says:

    My big goal is to be more positive! I tend to let negative things or annoyances overwhelm me. I don’t want a traffic jam to ruin my day anymore! As my son gets older I want to show him to roll with the punches and not get down on little things. My smaller goals to help reach it is to start practicing a gratitude journal, saying “I will be positive” in my head when I feel myself going to a negative place and overall just try to see the bright side of life!

  16. Tina says:

    I’m going to be a first time mom next week and I’m hoping 2015 will be the year that I can finally become a family-oriented person instead of being focused on work only. It will be a busy year for me and I’m always looking for ways to improve time management so this planner would be awesome!

  17. Brittany says:

    My big goal for 2015 is to get the courage to start moving outside the box rather than just thinking about it. So much scarier than it sounds!!!

  18. Erin K says:

    This year is my year… The year for me go grow as a person academically, professionally, and personally. I’m the Queen of putting others before myself and this year I’ve stepped back, regrouped myself, and am rediscovering who I am and who I want to be.

    Therapy, running, and writing has helped me out tremendously already! I can’t wait to see what the upcoming months/year entails… It’s all about the journey!

  19. tiff says:

    I am currently recovering from a severe concussion/traumatic brain injury so my big goal for 2015 is to simply get well again. A head injury is a humbling experience, there is no other way to put it. Smaller goals include regaining my strength (have not been able to exercise in 4 months), find a job in my desired field, and finally get comfortable with who I am/what my values are. If I can have a few adventures with my pup and sneak in a couple of concerts then I will be a happy girl 🙂

  20. Jacquie says:

    My big dream for 2015, Have an amazing wedding!!! I have a ton of little goals, about school, getting in shape (for the wedding) and being able to spend time with my puppy and fiancee

  21. Erin says:

    My big goal is to get our spending down to no more than my income so my husband can go back to school (cash-flowed) later this year. Our food spending is nuts — lots of restrictions — so one of my small goals is getting that down to a reasonable level. Other small goals are finding fun things to do on the cheap, excelling at work and making more time for reading/writing.

  22. Kathleen says:

    My big Goal this year is to make all A’s to get into nursing school. This journal/planner would be handy 🙂 My other big/small goal is to focus more on my blog!

  23. Holly says:

    My big goal is to get into the Dietetic Major Program. My smaller goals are to start making time in my schedule to stretch or do yoga each day!

  24. Beth K. says:

    Big goal: lost 25#. Smaller goals to get there: no diet Coke, no eating after 7pm, limit processed foods (I’ve gotta be real!)
    Thanks for the giveaway

  25. Bethany says:

    I guess my big goal is to be in the moment and make lots of memories with my kids. They’re getting big enough to start getting involved in sports and other activities. We’re going to be starting soccer and swim lessons with one and have been lucky enough to find someone who is willing to work with our 14 month old for dance/gymnastics. I want to remember these special times.
    Smaller goals would be to get a little healthier, visit friends and make some family camping trips happen. 🙂

  26. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    My big dream is to finally lose the baby weight from my now 3 year old! I did it with my first child, it’s just taking me a little longer with the second! 🙂 This whole week, I have drank over 64 oz of water each day. That is one of my smaller steps to get there. I have also been eating much better. I will get there, even if it’s slowly! Twitter is @crazygirl24

  27. Kate S. says:

    My big dream for 2015 is to be more mindful and present. And my smaller goals include lots more running, more meditation, and completing my first half marathon!

  28. Andi says:

    Big Goal- to work our way out of debt! We made a huge investment in 2014 and adopted a sweet baby girl. Now we need to work down those legal fees!

    Small Goal- spend at least 10 minutes alone with each of my children separately a day. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you work two jobs and have three kiddos it is easy to miss that alone time.

  29. LJ says:

    My big dream for 2015 is to integrate my life more fully and make as many decisions as possible with an eye towards my own health and wellness. The smaller goal I’m working on is a fitness room in my home, and running a 5k this spring.

  30. Bridgette says:

    My biggest goal for 2015 is to be more Christ like. That’s something I’m working on every day. Smaller goals are to do little task like taking time out for myself. Next month I’ll be 50 so I’m looking forward to putting the past behind me and to move forward. I’m looking forward to enjoying life. I hope that I’m the winner of the beautiful Lorna Jane 2015 Planner & Journal. This would help me greatly to achieve these goals.

  31. My big goal in 2015 is to pay off my SallieMae/Navient student loans because I loathe SallieMae and everything they stand for! It’s a big goal as my balance is just hovering over $7000 at the moment plus I still have my grad loans through Nelnet that I have to pay too. But, I am determined!

    My smaller goals include travel more, saving for traveling, and writing more! 🙂

  32. Jennifer says:

    My big goal for 2015 is to buy my first home. It will require continuing to meet a lot of small monthly spending and saving goals. We do a great job of creating and sticking to a strict budget. With our first baby due in March things will be changing and we will need to find new ways to stick to our goals.

  33. Jordan D. says:

    My big dream for 2015 is simple: to truly enjoy life and be happy! It isn’t always easy to notice the little things that make life awesome every day and I’m trying to be more conscious of it. Smaller goals are learning to love my body for what it can do, gain muscle/strength, and maintain my health.

  34. Lynda says:

    my biggest goal is to provide the best care i can to my new baby and to learn how to be a good mom. some smaller goals would be to lose my pregnancy weight, to continue fulfilling career dreams, and continue enriching my personal life. email: lyndagp at hotmail dot com

  35. Kay Lynn says:

    My big dream is celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary with a trip to Italy. Since it’s bought and paid for I guess that is going to happen. 🙂

    Smaller goals are to continue getting fitter and lighter.

  36. My big dream for 2015 is to lose 80 pounds. (I’m already down eleven! Woo!) I would eventually like to get certified to teach Les Mills classes and get my CPT certification as well, but I want to get myself back in shape first. I’ve made it a goal to run 20 races between now and my 25th birthday in 2017, so for smaller goals I’m trying to run a 5k almost every month this year, and to train hard at the gym 5 days a week while eating clean at home 🙂

  37. Lex says:

    My big goal is not to stress too much about money for 2015.

    My smaller goals are to run atleast 2 half marathons and a bunch of smaller races as well as improve my overall strength as i like to slack on the strength training!

  38. Evy says:

    My dream for me is to be fit and healthy. I want to be confident with the skin I’m in. I want to finish school on a good note and stress less about it.

    For my short term goals I really want to start the gym for my progress to show more and I want everyone else to notice that I’ve changed.

    But most of all I want to be healthy and happy 🙂

    My twitter is: @sincereariana

  39. Raven says:

    My Big Dream for 2015: To finish what I have started. I am doing a 12 week Front End Engineering boot camp / code school right now and am almost halfway through!

    Smaller Goals: Getting through each week of this program. Then getting a great job afterwards. Continually growing my skills when I am finished with the program to become the best coder I can!

  40. Melissa says:

    I would love my blog to grow and by doing this I will be taking workshops, write more content, network with bloggers and guest blog.



  41. Aba Hayford says:

    One of my primary goals this year is to finish graduate school, build a strong circle in NYC and stay consistent on my 2015 financial goals. As I always say, everything will come together with time and will celebrate as small benchmarks are met.

  42. Mary G. says:

    I’ve kept a journal since high school. It’s amazing to see how I have grown looking back from how I was and what I felt during my younger years. It definitely pushes me to keep moving forward. My little source of inspiration.


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