Because I Cannot Give Up…

June 16, 2011

I feel that every loss, every set back, every feeling of regret is an opportunity in disguise.

A year ago, at the end of May, I received a call that would change my life forever.  I was already packing up my things, having just freshly graduated from my undergraduate institution a week or so prior, getting ready to move to Chicago to start over.

My friend was on the phone…I just remember her asking if I was sitting down.   She said, “We lost Kassie.”


She then explained that our mutual friend who we both loved dearly, that friend whom everyone had just seen a few hours prior…who had just graduated from her university with honors…who was making big plans…..who was so young, and so special….was just…gone.

“But we were going to meet for Pizookies and celebrate our graduations….how does this happen?”

I’m still trying to answer that question, but I don’t think I’ll ever get an answer.  All I know is that I have this unwavering need to do something.  Her birthday is on July 17th.  I want to present her parents with a card and a donation to one of her favorite charities- a foundation that we hope to use to establish a scholarship in her name.

I have some makeup sets to sell for $25 a pop, 100% of proceeds going to the cause- you can see those here.

Purchase any of those sets for $25 (or any parts of those sets individually) and get FREE SHIPPING.

Or you can buy ANYTHING from with $2.50 shipping and know every penny of profit is going to help other women attend college in the name of an amazing young woman who:

-Served as president of a non-profit for young women who lead a project to donate over 850 pints of blood and $85,000 to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation during her term of office.

-Mentored countless young women and served as a role model with her 4.0 GPA, passion for philanthropy and positive attitude.

-Was a powerful motivational orator who dedicated her time to uplifting the lives of those she encountered.  She organized local projects, and even worked with her family on a local radio show among many other pretty snazzy endeavors.


This lady was an inspiration, and I feel lucky to have had her as a personal friend.  Selling nail polish and mascara can’t even do her beautiful life justice, but it’s worth a try.

I can’t imagine anything more amazing than to honor her life, in some small way, to just say “thanks.”  I will do this every day, mascara by mascara,  donation by donation….


Whatever you can give, can you give it?  Whether you click this link and donate $5 on PayPal, or buy a little something for yourself or a gift for a loved one- you will know it’s going to an amazing cause, to commemorate an amazing lady.



I wouldn’t ask you for help unless it meant this much..I wouldn’t bug you about it on here unless it really friggin’ mattered….and I can tell you, as I type this with tears in my eyes?  It really, friggin’ does.


We need more heroes in this life.  Can you help me commemorate mine by her birthday this year?   Trust me, when I say, thank you.



Http:// (for info about the fundraiser and sets/donations) (to browse all other products that will still count!)


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