My Fancy A$$ Christmas Wishlist….Santa, I’ve Been Good I Swear.

December 17, 2014

What a year it has been!  I’m not sure if I’ve been perfectly well behaved, but I have had one heck of a ride!  Honestly, I have more than a girl could ask for- love, laughter, memories and a little sparkle too! Honestly, over the year, Frugal Beautiful, and my idea of what a frugal, beautiful life can be has evolved.  I’d rather have a few quality things, and a few quality people in my life than a bunch of clutter just to say I have it!


My fancy ass Christmas wishlist - I've been good this year, I swear!


Kate Spade Bow Gloves  /  Gloves are a growing fascination of mine. They can be such a statement- you just have to be careful not to lose one! If I lost one of these, I would probably pout for a month.

State Necklace  /  Why yes, I hail from the golden state and this little necklace just makes me smile.  State shapes + Glitter =instant happy.

Rose Gold Headphones  /  Why blend in when you were born to stand out?  I would seriously be very happy to have these at my desk at work….plus no awkward “is she wearing earbuds?” when my hair is down!

Monogram Card Holder  /  Smart women are always prepared.  I finally had new blogging business cards printed this year- it’s time to start handing them out!

North Face Hot Pink Pom Pom Hat  /  My head looks stupid in hats. Might as well go full pom-pom in a full color and just roll with it.  I will fight the boring grey days with all I’ve got this winter!

Giant Gem Speaker  /  Yep, I sign in the shower.  And in the kitchen.  And pretty much everywhere.  This little speaker is just too fun to pass up!

Ombre Gloves  /  Ommmbrreeeee.  Mitten hands are just about the cutest things ever.  Sure, you can’t play with you iPhone, but pretty sure mittens make everyone smile, even when it’s -10 out.

Bar Cart  /  One goal for 2015? Load up on booze and share it with people.  I need a classy ass bar cart to do that.

Kate Spade Candle  /  Every time I peruse a place where Kate Spade is sold, I sniff this candle.  I look at it longingly, then I put it back on the shelf after fighting with myself for a good 15 minutes.

Rebecca Minkoff Tote  /  There are so many things that are right about this tote and I have been lusting over it since springtime.  Pink is just perfection.

Monogram Foil Stationary  /   SNA FOR LIFE!  Put it foil baby, this monogram will not be changing for a long, long time.  Time to send some class ass mail.

Amazing Grace Body Wash  /  This body wash by Philosophy has the best lingering scent ever. I got a travel size in a gift and got a little grumpy when I ran out of deliciousness. It smells phenomenal and a little goes a long way, totally worth the price.

Naked 3 Palette  /  I have Naked 1, + Naked 2 and they have been very very good to me. I’ve had the first Naked Palette since 2012.  It’s literally lasted me that long and I use it all the time…such a good investment, it lasts forever- it’s just fun to branch out.

Hunter Boots  /  So, I own no rainy day apparel.  This has been apparent to me when Matilda needs to go piddle in a puddle and my useless knockoff Uggs from Costco are sopping wet within an instant of being outside.  It’s time for rain boots.


Oh yes, then I found this….

Kate Spade Take The High Road Bangle

This Kate Spade bangle is a thing that I need. Okay, I really just want it…but I sort of need it…since it has been a mantra for me which has been heartily clung to for the past few months.  High road. High road.  Okay be a brat. NO, high road.  Put it on a bangle and call it done.


All of these things are so darn fancy….a girl can dream right?  Without dreams we are, and we have nothing- so we might as well dream big!  I will be drooling over that Kate Spade Bangle and that Rebecca Minkoff Tote for a long while longer methinks… but, sigh….so pretty to stare at right?


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Let’s See If I’m On Santa’s “Nice” List This Year!


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2 responses to “My Fancy A$$ Christmas Wishlist….Santa, I’ve Been Good I Swear.”

  1. Laina Turner says:

    This is an awesome list. You deserve every single thing:)
    Happy holidays.

  2. I love those headphones too but WHOA they are $200! I’m not gonna get my hopes up, haha…


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