Frugal & Fabulous: Staycation Spa Day (& giveaway!)

May 9, 2012

Being frugal doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of the fabulous essentials.  I just wrapped up graduate school so it meant my life was measured by three things:  Low on time, low on money and high on stress.   In my two years as a struggling student I perfected the art of the spa staycation- you can too!

The Tennants of a Successful Spa Staycation:

Unless you’re a good cook or someone chips in to take kitchen duty- I’ve avoided food prep during my staycation spa days.  Today is the day to treat yo’self and get yourself some frivolous foods that are easy to prep- quiche, chips and guac,  cheesecake,  veggies and dip…anything that’s easy to make or pop in the oven that also makes your mouth water is a win.

Before you take your spa staycation also pick out a special nail polish color for the occasion unless you’re totally in love with a shade you have.  Remember, you’ve already been smart by DIYing your spa day-  stock up on the nail polish colors you crave,  the right mani and pedi tools and all the scrubs,  lotions and bubble bath you need.  If you don’t know how to give yourself a spa treatment, I did a mani/pedi tutorial.

Oh, and you’ll need candles and good music.  Can’t forget that!  Before you hit the bathroom for pampering,  put some of your snacks in the oven or get them prepped.

After you soak to good tunes and bask in the candle light, bundle up,  snack a bit and work your way to the t.v. and put your movie of choice on… you need to give yourself at least 4 solid hours of personal time onyour spa staycation!

Enjoy your fave movies while your nails dry, and at this juncture, order some takeout- or if you have an amazing partner, bat your eyelashes and make kissy noises until food appears (I hear that works too!)  

If you want your spa staycations to be a regular feature,  invest in a good footsoaking tub,  a plush robe and some fab slippers!  Again, you’re already saving money on the staycation- so get yourself something fancy to wear around, no tattered robes with your dairy air hanging to the wind!


Here are some of my favorite products for at home spa days:

Barista Bath + Body makes really great products for both men and women- best of all, their fragrances are rather gender neutral so your body scrub can be used by your male counterparts as well!
I use the One Lump Or Two Coffee Body Scrub to soften up my skin on my hands, heels and body- but another thing I love it for is to clean up my manicures!  I am notoriously bad at getting the finger paint ON MY NAILS so I usually have a excess paint on my cuticles and around my nail bed- I use a bit of scrub after painting my nails to get off any excess polish.
Barista Bath and Body Review
The Barista Leave Room for Cream is super thick and it smells great for men or women- really just a pleasant cream with almost a small hint of citrus.   The coffee scrub does make a bit of a mess in the shower, but a quick rinse down and it’s clean.  I love it to exfoliate all over, but it does wonders on rough heels without being too greasy!

Bathing Suit Prep Tip:  exfoliate before applying sunless tanner!  Also, the coffee grounds in this scrub are great for combating cellulite!


Onto The Polish:

CND nail polish

I recently got to try some of the products from CND:  Their polish in Tutu and Rose Water ($8)  and their awesome Effects Nail Polish in Raspberry Sparkle ($9).  I also used their Scentsations lotion in Black Currant & Fig ($10) though they have a ton of other scents I must try like Vanilla Shimmer,  Tangerine & Lemongrass and Birch & Mint…yum!

While I’m all for crazy, bright colors, I love the clean look of a pale pink  with white tips.  When I do at home manicures- I use french tip guides to get a clean line for a french maicure.  I also use a four sided nail buffer to shape, smooth and prep nails before adding polish- it usually helps my work last longer!    CND has a bunch of colors, and their Nail Effects Polish is a great top coat!

Are you ready for a spa staycation?

CND is going to hook you up!  One lucky reader will get to choose a Scentsations Lotion & two nail polishes!


How to enter…do the following & leave a comment for each:


Good luck!  Contest ends 5/18/2012 …see disclosure policy here.

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  59. I think DSAI is trying to make himself popular…dia nak jadi cam Tun tapi pakai negative approach. so jadilah unpopular…cuma I wonder how people has the guts to do all those things…
    For the youngsters…clear your facts first before attacking Tun… well…people make mistakes including Tun…but Tun has made a load of good deeds for Malaysia and the world which I don’t think others can challenge!
    It’s just so sad reading your writing this time…don’t bother about the “not your fan” group.if respect pun tak tau macamana nak tau all the facts….nak gali lebih….?what’s that!!!!
    cukup setuju dgn komen Biskitani.


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