Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

February 4, 2016

Beauty on a Budget- Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Clear skin in eight hours? Wrinkles-be-gone over night? I’m the first to admit that while I love me some good miracle products, I’m also well aware of the the big bucks I’m spending on less-than-truthful advertising.

It wasn’t until I started to get more concerned about what exactly I was putting all over my skin that I realized I was spending way too much on ‘fragrance parfum’ and whatever the heck ‘phenoxyethanol’ is. (A colorless oily liquid that can cause irritation, in case you wanted to know). In fact, the first ingredient on many beauty products is water! Seriously? That’s why this eye serum is my paycheck? Now it’s time to fight back.

These are my favorite tips for when you want to look like a million bucks, while only spending a few!

Use One Ingredient To Do Multiple Jobs

I have gushed about coconut oil before and I’ll do it again. Buying one jar of this beauty-gold is having lotion, make-up remover, moisturizer, and hair treatment all in one. If you don’t love the smell, try out a bottle of vitamin E oil. I love using this on my cuticles in the winter time, it does wonders compared to other name brand moisturizers.


Break down your favorite products into the actual active parts so you’re not paying for unneeded food coloring and scents. Baking soda mixed with activated charcoal makes a sparkling whitening toothpaste. Apple cider vinegar is a perfect toner and green tea bags help eliminate under eye bags. Epsom salt mixed with coconut oil is my favorite in-shower body scrub. Watch yo’self, Bath and Body Works, you’ve been replaced.

Avoid Name Brands

Although you may consider yourself a label queen, double check the back of your go-to products with the store brand. Often times, the two products are made right in the same factory and simply poured into different bottles! Opt for the store brand to save a couple bucks that will certainly add up.

Invest in Reusable Containers

Instead of spending extra moola just to have smaller packaging on travel-made beauty supplies, use your own reusable containers that you can fill up with your beloved items. Buying products in a larger container and splitting it up once you get home saves some serious pennies.

One step further, buy shampoo and hand soap (products you’re sure to go through quickly before expiration) in bulk and split them using your new containers between bathrooms/work offices/wherever you clean yourself. Bonus, purchasing less plastic is better for the environment.

Spend Less When You Can

Those foam sponges and fancy handled brushes might look nice, but they’re typically unnecessary. Stick to the basics, like Q tips for creating that smoky eye and cotton balls for removing make-up, rather than spending the extra dime on pre-made make-up pads or overindulgent tools.

Use Old Products in New Ways

Have some corn starch lying around? Or perhaps some baby powder from making your shoes smell fresh? Dump some onto a large fluffy brush and, poof, dry shampoo! Instead of enjoying your Greek yogurt with a spoon, spread it across dry skin to add moisture or leave it on a burn to help soothe a curling iron mishap.

Store Your Products Appropriately

while it tends to be convenient to leave make-up in the bathroom, the heat and humidity can change the consistency of certain items and force you to toss them out before they’re used up. To keep your products (and your face) fresh, put supplies in a dry, temperature-controlled area i.e. your bedroom.

For a new way to keep your products in tip top shape, consider a small spice rack on your dresser to hold different bottles or a kitchen utensil tray in a desk to hold make-up brushes, lip glosses, mascara, etc.

Stay Organized

There have been one too many times when I’ve come home with nail polish colors I already owned or a new eye lash curler having misplaced my old one. By keeping your stash neat and tidy, you can quickly validate your inventory and prevent extra spending when buying new products due to a long lost liner at the bottom of your purse.

Consider using a cupcake tier to organize the goods or putting glosses, liners, brushes into retired sunglasses cases. A wine rack is also the perfect tool for holding large hairspray bottles and lotions.

Check The Amount You’re Using

I remember as kid I would smear a green-bean long size of toothpaste across my toothbrush and proceed to brush my teeth until bubbles where coming out my ears. No wonder we went through a tube every week! Double check the amount of product you’re using to make sure you’re not doing more harm than good.

Conditioner should be around the size of a nickel for medium length hair and only a pea-sized amount for facial moisturizer. Not only will your skin thank you, but your bottles will last notably longer.

Splurge When Necessary

Sometimes, homemade Vaseline mascara just isn’t going to cut it. By saving where you can, feel guilt-free splurging on that pricey red lipstick that makes every selfie look ah-mazing. Some things are worth it, just be particular.


What’s your favorite beauty hack to save cash?

To be honest, my favorite beauty hack is taking a rest day from all make-up, except sunscreen, obviously. I rarely get made up during the week and tend to save my products for weekend use. Even though my mascara might have been $30, I know it’ll last me the six months it’s good for when I reserve it for Saturday nights.



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5 responses to “Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips”

  1. I know witch hazel used to be considered a good toner. No idea if that’s still considered the case. I used baking soda for a few months as a homemade cleanser. It did a perfectly fine job, but I ended up being annoyed by the mess. So I just went with a very simple cleanser from the drugstore.

    Honestly, I’ve found very little difference in cleansers unless they’re supposed to be “for” something like pimples. Even then…

  2. Janis says:

    When you need to splurge on make up always check if they are having a free gift with purchase and sales. I don’t really use make up everyday but I love using moisturizer with spf. My big splurges tend to be lotions and a few times a year Bath and Body works have sales that would make lotions that are normally 12 a bottle into 3 a bottle. My make up are mostly Lancôme and Clinique and it’s a splurge but when I buy them with the free gift i get a lipstick, blush, mascara, moisturizer, and a couple more extras. The freebies are usually awesome and helps cut back on costs

  3. Valeria says:

    Thanks for these tips. I am also a big fan of coconut oil and frequently use it. I always believe on natural products whenever it affects my skin or health and these tips are really worthy of use.

  4. Thanks for any other wonderful post. Where else may anybody get that type of information in such an ideal method of writing?
    I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.


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