Bulu Box Review

January 30, 2013


Bulu Box – Quarterly Clothing Subscription Box

Cost: $10 per box, free shipping.

What You Get With Bulu Box:  4-5 premium health products (supplements, nutrition bars, snacks)



Bulu Box January 2013


So, is Bulu Box Worth It?

Bulu Box lacks the frills, bells and whistles of other boxes and that’s why you can get it for $10 per box without paying extra for shipping. This month, I loved the Dream Water, it really helped me get to sleep! The Immuno Gum was a bit weird but I do enjoy trying new products.  I am a bit iffy about trying the headache pills since if they don’t work, headaches really kick me on my butt- but I’ve had a good track record using Bulu’s samples in the past.

If you want a health themed box that won’t run the normal $20+ a month but still want fun goodies- try Bulu.  You get a lil sumthin’ sumthin’ for a bargain!


If you’d like to subscribe, check out the Bulu Box website.



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  1. Cool! Never heard of Bulu Box. I’d be sketchy on the headache pills, too. I get some serious brain aches and I’d be wary of trusting anything but ol’ faithful Ibuprofen.


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