Kate Spade Saturday Birchbox

May 28, 2014

May Birchbox

Kate Spade. Kate Spade. Kate Spade.  If you’ve been reading my tweets, I’m on a Kate Spade binge lately.  So, you can imagine my glee when the latest Birchbox was a Kate Spade Saturday collaboration.

This box came with an assortment of products, but also a $25 credit to Saturday by Kate Spade.  Basically, Saturday is a more…Urban Outfitters-esque, more-casual slightly (sometimes) cheaper (if you don’t shop the Surprise sales!) option for Kate Spade Fans.  Basically, if you love Kate Spade but want something a bit more casual for a lazy Saturday or a weekend away, Saturday is a take on that breezy look with the final flair of the major label.

This box had a few sample products, including vitamins and a full sized Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm.


Birchbox May Review


Other folks received different products, but here’s another shot of what I received in my Kate Spade Saturday Birchbox this month:

Birchbox Review- $10 A Month For Beauty Samples & New Products


Again, the box included some samples, a full sized lip butter and the fun part- a $25 credit to Kate Spade Saturday.  I love the site, but if you’re not a fan, I could see how this would be a bummer.  Then again, Birchbox is really a gamble that usually ends up good- there might be a month you’re like “meh,” but the next month you’ll be giddy.

I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for over two years now and overall, I’m really happy with the service. I get regular questions about it, and if you’ve been thinking of subscribing but weren’t really sure, I’d suggest giving it a try.   You can always sign up for something shorter, though I’ve done the year subscription service- and anything I didn’t like or think I’d use as part of my regular routine was good to throw in a travel bag or share with a friend.

Birchbox is $10 a month- you can subscribe on an ongoing basis or for a year at a time.


If you’d like to subscribe to Birchbox, I’d be honored for you to use my referral link!


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