Adventures In Thrifting: I Spent $114 and Scored Over $455 In Stuff!

April 24, 2013

I am very excited to share my latest adventures in thrifting- last week, I scored some seriously great furniture for under $20. This week, I seriously must have the power of attraction when it comes to thrifting, since the things I am thinking about find their way into my life after a few stops to the thrift store.

I’ve been working off a list of things that I desperately need/want for the new casa, but I for sure don’t want to pay full price for- everything from furniture, black boots, professional clothes, mason jars & vintage sparkle.  I have been harnessing the power of the Secret or some good juju- because I am knockin’ items off my list left and right!

I seriously cannot believe what I scored at Goodwill this week-  I got two sexy black shift dresses from Calvin Klein, TAGS STILL ON, for $20 a piece.  I also snagged a brand new pair of Aldo boots that were so new they still had the price tags on the bottom.  These boots retail for $150 a pop and I got them, brand-spankin’- new for $10. Yep, $10.

Granted, not every thrift trip is a win- you have to invest your time to get the real steals on items you are lusting for.  You won’t always find things with tags still on, but you are sure to find what you need if you’re patient.  This week, I was just apparently really darn lucky because the things I have been secretly crushing on (like a new pair of black boots and a gorgeous new clutch) found me.   So you know, I hit up a vintage flea market, a Goodwill and a Salvation Army to find the right pieces- so it was half luck, half diligence but I hope you get inspired to do some thrifting yourself- of course, with Mackelmore blastin’ in the background!

Currently obsessed with mason jars & wine corks… no craftiness needed! Spent:  $6

Adventures in thrifting! Living a frugal beautiful life with thrift
Adventures in thrifting! Living a frugal beautiful life



Lusting over vintage sparkle: Snagged a clutch, cuff & brooch for $55 from a local vendor! Estimated value new…around $105!


Adventures in thrifting!  Living a frugal beautiful life on a budget


Adventures in thrifting!  Learning how to live a frugal beautiful life on a budget


Designer duds from Aldo & Calvin Klein: Spent $50 for $350 retail…not bad, eh? Thanks Goodwill!


Adventures in thrifting! Living beautiful frugal life


Adventures in thrifting! Living a beautiful frugal life


Did you like what I got?  Seriously, I’m giddy that I scored so much for around $114- especially that some items were new with the tags still on and I snagged it at up to 75% off retail.   Buying gently used, vintage or thrift will save you some serious cash, you just have to be patient and strategic.  If an item doesn’t quite fit, don’t buy it. I had to turn down a few gorgeous skirts due to being ultimately too snug or having a tear or stain that I couldn’t work with.

Be patient, have fun, wear comfortable shoes and clothes  and of course, thrift often!


What is the best thing you’ve ever scored at thrift store?

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12 responses to “Adventures In Thrifting: I Spent $114 and Scored Over $455 In Stuff!”

  1. desi says:

    I get so jealous of everyone else’s Goodwill finds. My scores are never that good! (Especially with shoes since I have gigantor size 11 feet. It’s hard enough to find full-price retail shoes for me!) I will say that I just bought a CK dress at a regular store for $30 and I didn’t think that was too too bad… but still, ugh. Why don’t I get that kind of thrift store luck?

    • Shannyn says:

      Haha, Desi, I feel your pain! I did a few runs to different shops before I found what I was looking for in terms of apparel. I found some housewares, but I didn’t hit the jackpot until I visited the Goodwill. I found a perfect skirt at Salvation Army and it had a horrible rip in the lining, but luckily I found a similar one later- but it was a bummer at first… keep searching!

    • Erica Dee says:

      It is like that here in Fort Wayne, too. I suggest asking an employee when the best time/day is to come for freshly stocked racks. 🙂
      Each store is different BUT I ALWAYS thrift bright and early.. right when the store opens. 🙂
      Good Luck!!

  2. Allison says:

    I got a Marc Jacobs skirt (not Marc by Marc Jacobs, actual Marc Jacobs!) at our local Rescue Mission store for $20! There was a 2-inch tear along a side seam, I fixed it in 5 minutes and I now I have a skirt that would probably cost $600-$1,000 new! I’ve also gotten J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, and Calvin Klein pieces there for $5-20, and I know what you mean – sometimes we go weeks without finding anything, and sometimes I’ll find 6 pieces in a day and I have to prioritize, because I don’t want to just buy something because of the name, I have to like it too!

    • Shannyn says:

      I totally agree with you Allison- it’s all about being strategic. Sometimes I’ll find something that’s not quite right and struggle to put it back- perhaps the damage is unfixable or it’s just not workable in my wardrobe though I love the brand or the awesomely cheap price tag!

  3. Erica Dee says:

    Love this post!!! I haven’t really needed anything in awhile, so I have limited my thrifting to Monday mornings.. but I go every Monday for sure 🙂 I have a fear of missing out on a steal! lol

  4. Stephanie says:

    You’re also fortunate to be looking in the spring. It’s a (not very well kept) secret that spring is the BEST time for thrifting. People are purging/spring cleaning and the resale/thrift stores are usually stuffed to the gills. People are also more likely to get rid of brand new things they never wore all in the name of spring cleaning.

    I adore thrifting in the spring!

  5. Suzanne says:

    If you shop at Goodwill on Tuesdays, you’ll get an extra 25% off! Same at Salvation Army on Wednesdays. Whenever I have photoshoots that I need things for, I always check these places out. You’d never know they were gently used!

  6. Simone says:

    Great finds! I love thrifting and have found some pretty amazing things. I’m convinced it has to do with the power of attraction 🙂

  7. Nicely done!! Like most bloggers, I too love Mason jars. 😉

    My best ever Goodwill find was a men’s Dior sweater. For $2.50! It drapes perfectly on me somehow.

  8. Henria O. says:

    My best find for a while has been a pair of Jeffrey Campbell platform wedges probably worn once but in….MY SIZE! Love those shoes and I’ve gotten compliments every time I’ve worn them. Love your clutch…amazing!

  9. You found some awesome deals! I’ve been hitting the thrift stores this week looking for an 80’s outfit for a fun event the upcoming conference for Collective Bias, which is SoFabCon. So far I found one awesome piece and cannot wait to show it off next weekend. Welcome to Collective Bias.


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