5 Affordable & Fun Valentine’s Date Night Ideas on a Budget

February 1, 2016

Awesome, Affordable and Fun Date Ideas For Valentine's Day That Are Budget Friendly and Frugal

Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the person you love, but the average celebration costs almost $150. Even if you and your sweetie are trying to save money, you can still find fun ways to celebrate the day without ruining your budget.

Read below for our tips on how to have a frugal Valentine’s Day- think outside the box for some affordable and awesome romantic date ideas!

Ice Skating

While it’s still cold, take your live on the ice. Many public rinks are only a few dollars for admission, plus skate rental. Even private ones are that much more expensive – I’ve found Groupons before that have knocked the price down considerably.

Why ice skating? It’s one of my favorite ways to celebrate winter and there are few ways to bond better than falling down on our butts together. After skating, you can warm up with some hot cocoa (homemade or from a local cafe).

Couples Massage

If you want to spend Valentine’s Day relaxing with your loved one, try getting a couples massage. While a normal massage at a salon might cost $50-$100 for one person, getting one at a massage school will lower your costs. I’ve seen some coupons for $50 for two people.

You can relax afterwards with a bottle of wine at home or a nap….or whatever else is inspired! 😉


One of the best Valentine’s Days I ever had was spending the afternoon at an arcade with my husband. We played air hockey, basketball and used our tickets to buy a small stuffed animal for our dog. The arcade was cheap, even compared to going to a movie.

The arcade was fun, not just because it was cheap, but because it let us be silly. We could play old games like Streefighter and Mortal Kombat and not care if we lost. Plus, it only cost us a few quarters per game.

Cooking Class

Many local restaurants and foodie stores offer cooking classes. This year, bring your sweetie with you to learn how to make a new meal. Cooking together in a class will be stressful than doing it at home and you’ll likely learn new skills. Plus, it’ll be a recipe that will always remind you of Valentine’s Day.

Some places even offer Valentine’s Day specific cooking classes, designed for couples on a date. For the same price of a nice dinner, you can get food and entertainment.

Be a Tourist

If you’re like me, you’ve hardly explored your own city’s culture. I can’t tell you how many museums, symphonies and cultural centers I’ve ignored, thinking I’ll visit them on another weekend.

This Valentine’s Day, take the time to be a tourist in your own city. You can find coupons online or research other ways to get discounts.Plan a visit to a couple museums and grab lunch downtown. Getting a midday meal will be cheaper than buying dinner, and you can still splurge at a nicer restaurant.





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