13 Instantly Frugal Actions That Will Help You Save Money & Time:

September 9, 2011

13 Personally, I think 13 is a LUCKY number…it means you have no fear.  You’re say “bah,” to superstition and take a step out in faith!


 Below are 13 tips you can do RIGHT NOW to kicks start your brain and your life to a frugal future!




Frugality isn’t just about saving money, it’s about designing your life to optimize your happiness and cut through the clutter.  Usually, it’s really enticing to read blog posts about how to save money or be super frugal- but my goal for this post is to get you thinking.

In everything in life, we either spend money or we spend time.  You either pay for convenience or you take the time to do it yourself.  The tips below are just a few ways to get your life on track to live a life less cluttered with more happiness, a few go-to-goals to get you motivated and some tasks that will make “saving money” feel like less of a pinch!


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on organizing gadgets or motivational tapes- just tackle what you can and you’ll find that the ways of frugality just blossom in your life (well, that’s my hope!)


Here are 12 frugal things you can do right now:

1.  Make your money more INTEREST-ing! Go to Bankrate.com and see if you can get a better interest rate on your savings.  Choose a goal you can get excited about and start saving!
2.  Clear out the nasty! Open up your medicine cabinet, fridge or pantry {just tackle one for today!} and get rid of anything that’s expired or unused.  If you’re aware of what you’re low on or what needs replacing, keep an eye out for coupons to save money in the long haul.
3.  Save money on your phone bill! Log onto your cell phone provider’s website and enter your company/school email address to see if you qualify for a student or corporate discount.
4.  Get in check with your  $$$! Log onto Mint.com and set up a budget in under 5 minutes.
5.  Get inspired with financial ear candy! Download a financial podcast to up your money savvy to listen while you work:  Money Girl PodcastPlanet MoneyThe Smart Passive Income Podcast are just a few- scour iTunes (also free to download) for great topics.
6.  Dream big, it’s free! Go to DayZero.com and set up your life’s “bucket list.” Studies have shown people are more financially aware when they have tangible goals.
7.  Backup your stuff without buying hardware! Register with Dropbox.com and in 5 minutes ensure all of your important files are backed up (it’s free).

8.  Make some $$$, sell your clutter! Look over at your bookshelf or DVD collection and list 5 things on Amazon or Ebay to sell.
9.  Spot check your credit report for free! Use a site like AnnualCreditReport.com to make sure your records are accurate and up-to-date.  When you’re done, perhaps take some time to look over your credit statements and file any receipts?
10.  Make the most of your tax dollars, go to your library! Brushing up on new skills doesn’t have to be expensive, neither does entertainment.  You already pay for your local library and community center- check out free books, DVD’s, CD’s and free classes.
11.  Become financially savvy a little bit each day! Sign up for email updates from your bank or favorite financial blogs that give you easy daily inspiration to manage your money. If that’s not up your alley, head to the library and check out a book on finance to get ideas.
12.  End the procrastination, take the next step on your goals! Finally take the plunge and sign up for that dating site, weight loss tracker, brainstorming forum or exercise website you’ve been procrastinating on.  Many sites offer free videos, worksheets or tools to help you kickstart your goals without spending a penny.


13.  It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is- get organized for taxes!  Filing taxes is totally unfun, but take 10-20 minutes now to organize your receipts and put them in one place now so you don’t have to pull your hair out later!  You’ll thank yourself for this, I promise!

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10 responses to “13 Instantly Frugal Actions That Will Help You Save Money & Time:”

  1. Hunter says:

    Inspiring ideas all around Shannyn. Decluttering is my speciality. So much so that our house looks a little too minimalist sometimes. Great to see that you support love drop too.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Haha, maybe you should help me out over here because I'm totally a clutter freak. I have little collections, little piles…arg. I love cute things and seem to have acquired enough! You know…. now that we mention it, I probably should go get some shelving for the book pile. Yikes.

  2. Great tips! I couldn't agree more with #s 3 and 8. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Ya, I think I need to follow my own advice and list some stuff or get organized today,lol. Everything was so neat and orderly when I posted this!

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  4. Marie says:

    This is fantastical! I think it’s about time people learned how to manage their moolas. And honestly it starts with being educated about it at a YOUNG age. Wish I learned about it when I was little.

    PS – Maybe you can solve our country’s debt issue? 😉



  5. My family loves to go to the local libraries. It is so helpful as our kids love to read books and watch dvds. These days, we can make reservations on books and dvds that we want. It's awesome.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Great list — I am trying to de-clutter and cut spending. I will start RIGHT HERE! Thanks!

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  8. gay says:

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