Big Ol’ List of Black Friday Deals…


Happy Thanksgiving!  Wishing you all a wonderful day with loved ones with lots of yummy pie and maybe a glass of wine or two, or five.  Despite the holiday, I wanted to get this

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Lessons In Gratitude From A Now-Single Former…

Matilda the pug on the couch

Matilda perched on my new sofa which I assembled myself (woo!) from IKEA.   I haven't said a whole lot since I made the announcement that the wedding I'd been planning was

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How To Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive…

A Frugal Guide To Make Cheap Wine Taste Better… You're going to love that two buck chuck!

I love me some cheap wine, but that doesn't mean I don't want it to taste more expensive.  As a gal on a budget, chances are you may not want to be a total wine snob, but you would

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I Shall Not Be Stressed This Christmas, I…

Stress Less This Christmas

It really is true that Christmas comes earlier every year.  I work in social media marketing, and so I've been "thinking Christmas" since Halloween (barf, I know) to plan the

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Frugal Feature: Not Re-Gifting, Repeat…

Frugality isn't just about saving money for the sake of saving money. It's about cutting costs on some things to free up money for others. Sometimes the other things are retirement

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In Other News, The Wedding Is Off……


You may have noticed I've been a bit quiet on the blog lately.  (Maybe you haven't, y'all have lives).  It's taken me over a month and now, a glass of $8 wine to get through this

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