4 Financial Lessons I Received From My Moms…

4 Financial Lessons I Received From My Moms #MothersMay

This post on saving money tips my moms taught me is sponsored by Suntrust Bank. All words and opinions are my own. Growing up, I was raised by many different moms who made me

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Ten Inexpensive Ideas for a Romantic…

Ten Inexpensive Ideas for a Romantic Anniversary

In a time where we’ve resorted to Netflix & chill dates (guilty as charged), it seems all the more daunting to plan a romantic night out on a budget. However, it is possible to

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Best Personal Finance Books To Read In Your…

Best personal finance books to read in your 30's

The following post is written by our awesome contributor, Zina.  Shannyn will be sharing her picks on the blog soon. :)    Transitioning to yours 30's is a huge

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Spring Cleaning Hacks: Best Options for…

Spring Cleaning Hacks- Best Options for Selling Your Clothes

As yet another wedding season approaches in full force, I open my closest and find myself squished between bridesmaid dresses and formal attire that haven't been on the streets in

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Snackin’ Through The Work Week…

Spring Snacking with CVS Gold Emblem sparkling water

Desk essentials- chocolate chunk & chia granola bars & a rainbow of highlighters. We are half way through the workweek people!  Anyone else feel that some weeks, Wednesday

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