Boo-tastic DIY Halloween Decor…

diy halloween decor

Juliette here! Having just moved out of my apartment and into a new neighborhood townhome, I've had to make quite a few adjustments. Having an actual mailbox, for one. Even more

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Ten Dangerously Adorable DIY Dog Costumes…

DIY Pet Costume

While you’re buried under face paint and tulle trying to piece together the most unique Halloween costume ever, it’s important we don’t forget about having our furry friends join

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How To Fall In Love With Your Budget…


  There are some people who love budgeting, and then, there are those of us who totally don't. If you find that budgeting is a struggle and you're not excited about

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Top 15 DIY Frugal Fall Decor Crafts…

DIy Fall Decor

Although it is with a heavy heart I put away my beach themed pillows and watermelon colored dishware, I have to admit that decorating for fall is by far the most fun. Before the

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$35,000 Donated to Charity & Other…


So, it's been awhile since I posted anything personal in a longer format than Instagram, but with the changing of the seasons, I have been getting an itch to reconnect. 2015 has

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