Tips To Pick A Dog Friendly Hotel – Our…


Having recently moved to Texas, we are taking full advantage of having an array of fabulous locations to visit within driving distance of San Antonio.  Of course, this means we

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Cheap and Chic DIY Country Decor (a lá…


If you’ve turned on HGTV at least once in the past year, you are probably just as obsessed with Chip and Jo as I am. The hosts of Fixer Upper have sparked a new love for DIY-ing,

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How Being Tech Savvy Can Save You Money…


Set Reminders On Your Phone To Remember To Check Your Finances Even if you're really responsible with your credit or debit card usage, when traveling or during a hectic week, you

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Tech Savvy Ways To Save Money & Love…


If you've been reading this blog for some time, you'll know I'm a big fan of Capital One.  I use their Capital One 360 savings account with direct deposit to save for big

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Decorating on a Budget: Decorating Hacks To…

Decorating Your Home on a Budget- Decorating Hacks & DIY tricks to help save you money on home decor and design

Hey everyone, Zina here with some great tips on how how I've decorated on a tight budget!  When I got my first apartment out of college, I realized how expensive decorating could

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