Beach Trips on a Budget: The Essential…

Beach Trips on a Budget- The Essential Details on Spending Less to Score Big

In the midst of yet another deep freeze up here in the north country, the only solace my partner and I found between Netflix episodes and hot cups of tea was booking tickets to the

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Frugal Ideas To Enjoy Spring Break at Home…

Frugal Ideas To Enjoy Spring Break at Home

How I miss the days of college, when every few weeks you'd get time off for Fall Break, Winter Break and of course, Spring Break. Even though it's still a wintry tundra in many

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Spring Cleaning 101: The Best Resources To…

Spring Cleaning 101- The Best Books We've Found To Help You Get Organized & Declutter

What’s the best thing about spring besides temperatures warm enough for iced chai lattes? Cleaning. Well, maybe not so much. However, the spring brings about a sense of a renewal

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Texas Hiking Trails & Spring Snacking…

Spring Snacking w- CVS Gold Emblem

Springtime in Texas is glorious- it's not blistering hot yet and the flowers are in full bloom.  Birds are chirping and the deer graze along our local hiking trails (I kid you not,

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Where I’ve Been When I’m Not…

Fiesta Wreath San Antonio

For the last few years, I've been blogging consistently 3-5 times a week, and I really didn't take much time off.  This year, I moved to San Antonio and I suddenly didn't want to

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