Frugal Living: How We’re Saving Money On Our Wedding (And How We’re Not)


I’m vlogging to tackle another reader question on frugal living this week- how are we saving money on our wedding?  I’m going to talk about that,but also, how we aren’t saving money on our wedding.

Honestly- like anything in life, living frugally is about priorities.  When you plan a wedding, you have to choose what’s worth spending money on, what isn’t and of course, how to console yourself when reality and your budget don’t match up.

We had some hard let-downs when we found venues we LOVED but realized they would push our budget to the breaking point.  While I’ve heard that some spending categories will require you to save in others (like if you insist on fresh flowers, you may have to cut back on your table favors, those kinds of trade offs) as a couple, we reached a personal breaking point when the venues we wanted were going to push our budget for the venue so far over that we’d have to severely limit our spending on the dress, gifts and flowers (which is a big deal for me!)

We’ve booked a moderate, but fabulous venue and learned a valuable lesson- Your budget should feel right to you.  Yes, sometimes budgets suck, but having one helps you feel out those moments when buying something feels wrong in your gut.  Budgets of all types, not just for weddings, are great barometers for how we are responding emotionally to financial choices we make. Whether we’re debating going back to school, buying a handbag or going for an impulse buy run to Target, that budget is the rational side of sometimes very emotional spending.

I learned through wedding planning, budgeting is not just a financial tool but an emotional one, to get what you truly want!


I would love to hear your questions so I can record another vlog!


What questions do you have for me?  Any questions on fitness, frugality, life or random topics are welcome! :)


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  I'm vlogging to tackle another reader question on frugal living this week- how are we saving money on our wedding?  I'm going to talk about that,but also, how we aren't

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