What To Do When You Start Over In A New City…

Moving to a new city where you don't know anybody? Don't be nervous, people do it all the time, and we've been there!

This week, contributor Zina talks about her recent move to a new city.  I've moved across country a few times, and even had to deal with meeting friends in a new city myself, I

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The 4 Ways We Sabotage Our Happiness In The…

Are you dealing with unhappiness in the social media age and not know how to fix it?  Here are the 4 biggest saboteurs to your happiness, are you effected

Believing The Mirage Of Credit Your coworkers, former college roomies and even your friends, they have things you don't have. Lots of things, shiny new things.  They make what you

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Don’t Be Spooked! Tips For Tackling…

Debt, retrirement, mortgages, babies- how to save up and face your biggest financial fears

Fall is an awesome time of year, isn't it?  Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, cozy fall fashion and of course, everyone loves Halloween!  It's a time to play dress up- whether

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Backpacking 101: What To Pack When Space…

Need to travel light?  Backpacking is useful whether or not you're in Eurpoe, you'll save a ton! Here's how-

  Juliette here, and I have some advice for any of you who think you're too much of a heavy packer to try backpacking.  Trust me, you can do it and it'll save you a lot of

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2015, The Year Of The #GirlBoss. Big Updates!…

This year has been full of lessons.  If you're not making choices about your life, someone else will make them for you, and If you aren't living and launching on your own terms,

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Saving For Travel: How To Begin Funding Your…

Want to see the world but not sure how you'll start saving- read on!

As any good adventurer knows, the real trip preparation begins long before  tickets are purchased. While a life of spontaneously island hopping throughout the Mediterranean with

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