The #DumboDoubleDare & Lots Of Love From…

Dumbo Double Dare Vacation

Good morning from California! The hubby-to-be and I are taking a few days off in sunny, southern California to visit loved ones, check out our wedding venue and running the Dumbo

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Posh Pet Box Review…

Posh Pet Box Review

Posh Pet Box is a monthly beauty subscription box for dogs. We offer desinger dog clothes, toys, treats, and accessories for the most discenrning pet parent. Members fill out a pet

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Bridal Style: How To Make Polaroid Thank You…

Canon Pixma Printer For Cloud Printing From Your iPhone

To me, thank you notes are the most important part of any gift-given shindig.  When one is getting married or having a baby, it's common to get showered with lots of awesome

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The 8 Things I Don’t Spend Money On…

I've saved $20,000 this year to pay for a wedding…here's what I won't spend my money on to make it work

  There are some things I will NOT spend money on, even when I'm not trying to save $20,000 to pay for our wedding.  I've been frugal for years as a means of necessity, but

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I Gave The Shirt Off My Back To Save Pugs…

I Gave The Shirt Off My Back For Pug Rescue

Life has a funny way of testing you when you say you’ll do “just about anything,” to hit a goal.  As y’all know (because I’ve hit you over the head with it on social), we’re doing

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Frugal Feature: How to Take Advantage of…

The internet has really changed the way we live in so many ways from job searching, to shopping, to the access of information and now how we obtain loans. While on-line lending is

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