Europe Here I Come! Flying Across The Pond…


Back in September, I was pretty restless.  2015, hit right at the heart of me, and there were times I felt that I was drifting in a sea of uncertainty with no wind in my sails

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Tips For Smarter Snacking During The Holidays…

Tips For Smarter Snacking During The Holidays

The holidays are met with both glee and groans as we celebrate the great food and dread what it does to our healthy habits we've worked to maintain through the year. If you're

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Big List Of Black Friday + Cyber Monday…

Dolce Vita Black Friday //  30% off select clothing , shoes, accessories, jewelry, and watches DATE: 11.26 – 11.27 CODE: 30BLACKFRI Anthropologie // Black Friday 25% off everything DATE:

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Black Friday #ShoppingIsFunAgain with Kmart…

My Kmart Holiday Wishlist

Is Kmart a part of your Black Friday strategy?  I know some of y'all are diehard Black Friday shoppers, so if you need a plan, here's the scoop: Kmart will be open for

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Holiday Shopping In Milwaukee #VisitMKE…

Antique Holiday Shopping in Milwaukee

Chicago has a lot of shopping going on- but you know what it also has? Crowds and high taxes- which usually make me feel rushed when I try to shop downtown and I'm trying to find

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Our Ultimate Zip Lining Experience With…

Zip Line Kisses

Life is an adventure, at least, it should be!  During our trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we wanted lots of downtime to lounge at the pool and relax, but we also wanted to mix in

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