Big Decisions & Moving Boxes- Where…

Us January 2016

The other half & I over Christmas, in the midst of the decision making. I haven't been doing much personal blogging lately- the blog for the past two months has been a lot of

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10 Things To Do In Edinburgh…

Edinburgh's Christmas

Last December, I visited Scotland on my way down to London. I was lucky to spend 4 days in Edinburgh and to meander up to the Scottish Highlands.  If you're a Harry Potter fan like

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How to Save on Meals…

How To Save Money On Meals (Without Going Crazy In The Process)  More Frugal Hacks & Budget Living Advice from Frugal Beautiful!

I'll admit it, my daily trips to Trader Joes are taking a serious toll on my wallet, and my sanity. Not only am I indulging in spontaneous purchases that fulfill my momentary need

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Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips…

Beauty on a Budget- Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Clear skin in eight hours? Wrinkles-be-gone over night? I'm the first to admit that while I love me some good miracle products, I'm also well aware of the the big bucks I'm

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Things To Do & See With 48 Hours In…

What To Do With 48 Hours To Spend In Dublin, Ireland

Dublin wasn't originally part of my itinerary when I wanted to hop the pond and visit the UK, but when I realized that a direct flight was hundreds of dollars cheaper than going

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