How To Get the Most out of Thrifting…

How to get the most out of your next trip to the thrift store. Advice from an expert thrifter who can help you strategize your thrifting!

My friend Erica is a master of thrifting, so when I finally got the chance for her to share her wisdom on one of my favorite topics, I jumped at the chance.  Erica blogs over at

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{Bright On Schedule!} Olay Fresh Effects Eye…

Olay Fresh Effects

Anyone else feel that they work best when they're always on the go?  When I have too much time to rest on my laurels, or too much free time to sleep, I don't get as much done and

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Glitter. Rainbows. Pugicorns. The Virtual…

Pugicorn- Virtual Pug Run

  Rainbows. Glitter. Pugicorns.  The Virtual Pug Run 5k/10k/1 Miler medals have landed!  Thank you to everyone who helped us raise over $7,860 for the Northern Illinois Pug

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How I Stay Fit On The Go With Puffs…


I am very busy.  So busy, in fact, like most of us- that when I get busy, my fitness routine is the first thing to suffer.  I love to run, work out to DVDs at home and I seriously

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If I Had $1,000 To Spend On Clothes I’d…

1000for progresso

I recently was asked if I had $1,000 to spend on clothes, what would I buy?  As a frugality blogger, my mind started spinning. I could go to Target or the mall and have a field day

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How To Bake Soft Dog Treats (Great For Dogs…

How To Bake Soft Dog Treats That Are So Tasty Your Dog Won't Notice Their Pills Are Hiding Inside

Dog treats are expensive, so are vet visits when you have a sick pup.  Ralph, our pug, had to take pills regularly and was very fickle about what he'd eat, and was very savvy to

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