Why Supporting Bloggers Is A Labor Of Love…


I think we all know that blogging, even when it's run as a full time job or a serious side hustle, is still a labor of love- but honestly, being a reader of blogs is too. I get

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5 Ways To Make Your Frugal Wedding Better…

On a budget for your wedding?  Don't let the industry make you depressed, your frugal wedding can be awesome, and it will be awesome! One frugal bride on a budget shares her tips

  We didn't have a cheap wedding. But spending money on a great photographer and venue - while it's important for you - doesn't always ensure that your guests will have a

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The Five Most Valuable Travel Apps You Need…

The apps you need to have when you travel- they just make traveling so much easier!

It's no secret that the use of smart phones can be life saving for travelers, literally and figuratively. Whether you're lost in a new city or confronted with a language barrier,

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Beachy Waves Tutorial For Unruly Hair…

Tresemme Undone Collection for summer beachy waves

I have really rambunctious, thick and unruly hair. Without a blowdryer (blowtorch?) on high heat and a flat iron to follow up, my tresses would be thick, kinky and frizzy.  As a

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Barcelona: The Incredible Top Eight Sights…

sunset beach sized

I didn't think it was possible for a place to encompass such diverse beauty. While I had high expectations for Barcelona, I assumed its beach-y vibe would carry itself throughout

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Local Adventures: Randolph Street Market…

Dinosaurs Randolph Street Market

I recently got the chance to visit the Randolph Street Market Festival that happens once a month in Chicago.  Memorial Day Weekend is the big seasonal kickoff, since the weather

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