The Five Most Valuable Travel Apps You Need…

The apps you need to have when you travel- they just make traveling so much easier!

It's no secret that the use of smart phones can be life saving for travelers, literally and figuratively. Whether you're lost in a new city or confronted with a language barrier,

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Beachy Waves Tutorial For Unruly Hair…

Tresemme Undone Collection for summer beachy waves

I have really rambunctious, thick and unruly hair. Without a blowdryer (blowtorch?) on high heat and a flat iron to follow up, my tresses would be thick, kinky and frizzy.  As a

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Barcelona: The Incredible Top Eight Sights…

sunset beach sized

I didn't think it was possible for a place to encompass such diverse beauty. While I had high expectations for Barcelona, I assumed its beach-y vibe would carry itself throughout

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Local Adventures: Randolph Street Market…

Dinosaurs Randolph Street Market

I recently got the chance to visit the Randolph Street Market Festival that happens once a month in Chicago.  Memorial Day Weekend is the big seasonal kickoff, since the weather

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It Ain’t All Sunshine & Rainbows.…

Neon Plastic Dinosaurs with succulents- Randolph Street Market

Right now, If you look around my apartment, you'd see blankets strewn around waiting to be laundered, a pile of disgusting tissues and a fridge full of items that couldn't make a

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How To Get What You Want… Really!…

How To Get What You Want In Life, If you need a boost, read this post!

I grew up watching my mother ask for refunds, dispute credit card bills and fight with contractors. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, but if you tried to screw with her

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