The Five Essential Things You Definitely…

In between bathing suits, sunscreen, walkable sandals, and ya know, the important things we need to be ready for any adventure, we often let the essentials fall to the wayside.

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Family Is Everything. No Matter Where Life…

You Make My Heart Smile- The Impact Of Family and Friends

This post is sponsored by T.J. Maxx Who we are is formed from the impressions and influence of our loved ones- friends and family alike.  Living as far away as I do, many of

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Love & Money: How to Merge Your Finances…

Partnering up or getting married?  How to get your money in order when you marry and merge your finances as a married couple

The last vestige of single life isn’t living alone, it’s having your own finances. Most of us have had roommates at some point. But unless you’re married or engaged, you probably

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4 tips on balancing school and life…

Everyone talks about having a work-life balance. But what about those who haven’t entered the workforce? For those of you still in school, life is a balancing act. You have

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Finding Your Healthy May Not Look The Way You…

#FindYourHealthy In Your Own Way

Have you ever felt that before and after pictures are inspiring and totally misleading at the same time?  Three years ago, when I started to recognize that my couch potato ways

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Frugal Feature: Affordable Summer Dressing…


This post is brought to you by one of our contributors.   That’s right ladies, summer is here and once again its’ all about racy skirts, light dresses, and glamorous footwear. And

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