Feeding The Spark: Keeping Our 8 Year Old…

Bo & Matilda

This is Bo, and as of this writing, he's been a member of our family for one whole year! Woo! (Throws confetti).  Bo came to us from the Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue and he was a

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Frugal Rules for Savvier Shopping…

Frugal Rules For Savvy Shopping

After several moves, I realized that I kept buying stuff I didn't need. Colored pens, notebooks and vintage tins. I had pens that I'd bought in high school that I was still carting

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Picking My Favorite Store Credit Cards…

Picking My Favorite Store Credit Cards

Zina here!  I'm a big fan of credit cards, at least if you're a responsible user and pay off your balance each month.  When used wisely, credit cards can offer extra purchase

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6 Tactics To A Better Wardrobe On A Budget…

Hey Pretty Lady!  Read These 6 Tactics To A Better Wardrobe On A Budget

Walk To The Back Of The Store First Stores are so good at placing the latest and greatest items at the front of the store to get you to slowly immerse yourself in aisles and

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What I’m Loving Lately: Cycling &…

Cycling in San Antonio Texas

What I have been loving lately is cycling through the San Antonio trails.  In Chicago, I purchased a fancy bike for triathlons, and after that was over, I was too afraid to hop

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