Happy Birthday To Me! – It’s An ALDI Giveaway!


{Source: The ALDI blog}

It’s a good day for a birthday.  Luckily for you, I’m not going to keep the celebration to myself! I’ve teamed up with my fave grocer, ALDI for a sweet giveaway.

In our house, we tend to spend a LOT of groceries and we love to have company over.  My favorite recipe lately is veggie & steak skewers paired with a good sangria, potato salad and some chips and quacamole. Summer is a great time to grill since you don’t want the heat inside, plus, it’s lovely to enjoy the fresh air and get dinner ready.

I also have been a huge fan this summer of grilled meats and veggies topped over a salad.  By far, one of my favorites is grilled steak (medium rare) with some feta cheese, tomatoes and a balsamic vinagrette. It’s mouth wateringly good, healthy and a good mix of grillin’ and healthy.

Eating healthy is important to our family, but we’ve easily spent $120 on groceries at other stores just for the basics to stock up on fresh meats, dairy and produce.  The easiest way our household cuts cost on groceries without couponing or having to eat highly processed or frozen foods, is to shop at ALDI.

Honestly, I’ve been an advocate and shopper here for well over a year and love it!  I haven’t had to change my shopping habits or go to store after store. No binders full of coupons or pricey memberships, I just show up and shop…just be sure to bring your own bag! ;)



{source : the ALDI blog}

 To celebrate my birthday today, and because ALDI is awesome- we’re giving away TWO $50 gift certificates.  Whoever wins, will one of you get me something yummy to share? ;)


Want to win one of 2 $50 ALDI gift certificates? Enter below!

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Happy Birthday To Me! – It’s An…


{Source: The ALDI blog} It's a good day for a birthday.  Luckily for you, I'm not going to keep the celebration to myself! I've teamed up with my fave grocer, ALDI for a sweet

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