How To Do Valentine’s Day on a Budget

January 19, 2019

Valentine’s Day can be expensive, and in an odd way- it can make such a romantic holiday feel really cheap with the rampant commercialism and the cliché marketing geared to make us want to spend.  Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget may seem unromantic, but it can be sweet without having to stress about your credit bill later. 

If you’re not looking for gift guides and instead want ideas that can inspire moments, not overpriced things from the store- read on!

Reclaim the romantic season by finding inexpensive and special gifts for the special person in your life. Read on for our tips on frugal – and fun – gifts.

Give A Practical Gift With A Twist

Chances are, if you’re on a budget this Valentine’s Day, affording a gift that doesn’t have the most utility possible can be a struggle.  While it may seem totally unromantic to give a set of textbooks, snacks for the house or new underwear- there are ways to make it funny, sexy or sweet with how it’s presented.

If you’re giving something practical, wrap it up in a unique way that make it extra thoughtful.  Putting a pun or a cheeky note with the gift is twofold- it’s not only incredibly thoughtful, but totally a good use of your budget. 

New shoes or scrubs for work may not seem sexy, but it can be done in a fun way.

Reclaim the romance by finding inexpensive & unique gifts for the special person in your life. Read here for our tips on Valentine's Day on a budget.

I loved this idea from (and there are plenty more there!) that illustrates how a practical gift that’s needed can still be fun and playful for Valentine’s Day. So, what does your significant other need?  

With a quick Pinterest search you can find creative ways to make even a gift of new socks a bit more romantic.  

It’s Ok to Get Artsy

While many of us have not used our creativity since high school art class, but giving a homemade gift is a great idea if you’re looking to do Valentine’s Day on a budget.

Learning to make a leather wallet, build a bookshelf or create a personalized photo book can be some of the most treasured gifts that don’t have to cost much.

If your idea of drawing is more of the stick figure variety, try making a photo collage of your adventures as a couple. Find images from magazines relevant to your boo’s hobbies and passions. You can make it a vision board, something that will inspire them every day.

Give the Gift of Convenience

If you’re really broke, the best thing  you can give is your time dedicated towards solving a problem. Give them coupons to do the laundry, fix dinner, take their car to get an oil change, do the accounting or whatever has been causing friction in your lives. “Acts of service” is a love language for a reason!

Make a list of the tasks you’re willing to do and give it to them as a coupon book to pull whenever they like. 

If you have been going through a tough time, or have been too busy with school or work- you know how awesome it is when your partner surprises you by finishing the laundry or finally taking that tail light to get fixed.  Those little annoyances when done as a favor are the things you remember most!  

As adults, many of us can’t afford to outsource our dry cleaning pick up or car detailing. Having someone else do that can be the difference between a Saturday running errands or a weekend of relaxation.

Buy a Membership

Chances are, there’s something your partner passionately cares about and has mentioned in passing to you. If they’ve been dying for some personal time, guess what? Buy them a membership to a Crossfit or a local yoga studio. 

Often these gyms might feel like a splurge to buy themselves, so if they’ve mentioned it, treat them to a few passes if you can’t afford a full membership.

For someone with a passion for the arts, history or culture you can often find annual memberships to local museums and institutes for around $50-$75. Investing in a membership can be a thoughtful membership, but also can provide for some fabulous date nights later on.  

Feed the Stomach – and the Soul

It’s one thing to cook Valentine’s Day dinner for your partner, but it’s quite another to make them a full week of frozen meals that they can defrost easily. You can also pack together ingredients that they can throw in a crock pot in easy mason jar meal ideas. You can make them their favorite meal or the best thing you know how to do.

For extra goodies, throw in a box or two of brownie or cookie mix. You’ll never know when they’ll be too tired to cook dinner or too sick to meal plan.


It may sound cliche, but the thought really does count when it comes to gifts. Instead of just buying something that will take up space, use the same amount of cash to put together a gift that will keep them feeling loved throughout the year and helps ease stress or can be used for date nights throughout the year.  

Take some time to think about your person and what they would love the most, and your Valentine’s Day may be on a budget, but you won’t have to feel cheap when you exchange gifts.


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Reclaim the romance by finding inexpensive & unique gifts for the special person in your life. Read here for our tips on Valentine's Day on a budget.

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2 responses to “How To Do Valentine’s Day on a Budget”

  1. We don’t generally do much for the day. I’m usually too stern about spending money (and difficult to buy for) that my husband has mostly given up. Once in awhile, I’ll get him a gift — though usually it’s more something vaguely indulgent that I buy in January and say, “Consider it an early V-day gift.”

    This year, we’re going to see Deadpool! (What? Blood is red!) With free movie passes, of course.

  2. Whitney says:

    This year, I’m going to make my version of this cute kissing garland 🙂 I’m excited to add more pictures to it each year!


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