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The 8 Things I Don’t Spend Money On

January 25, 2020

There are some things I will NOT spend money on, even when I’m not trying to save $20,000 to pay for our wedding.  I’ve been frugal for years as a means of necessity, but old habits stay strong with me.  I find that there are a few things that really pain me to spend money on, so I avoid them if ever possible…. to me,…

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Don’t Have A Blue Christmas!  How To Reclaim The Joy of the Holidays On A Budget

November 25, 2019

All year, we play the comparison game between ourselves, our colleagues, siblings, friends and neighbors.  The holidays roll around and it doesn’t get any better. It can easily feel like we have to put our money where our mouth is in terms of the financial insecurities we may be hiding. First, Be Real About Your Finances Yes, this may seem like a trick- isn’t it…

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Top 15 DIY Frugal Fall Decor Crafts

October 5, 2019

Although it is with a heavy heart I put away my beach themed pillows and watermelon colored dishware, I have to admit that decorating for fall is by far the most fun. Before the overload of Santa Clauses hits you like a ton of bricks, the autumn-inspired decor items can offer a more subtle, yet beautiful, seasonal touch to any room. Whether I’m picking up…

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Fall Financial Checklist: How to Live Better & Save in Autumn

September 2, 2019

Fall is a time of change. Use the helpful tips on how to best save in autumn, allowing you to live a better and happier life.…

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Fun And Frugal Ideas For Fall

September 1, 2019

  Fall is such a gorgeous time of year- the colors, the scents, and of course- the relief from the searing hot weather of summer!  Fall is filled with new adventures, flavors and things to try, but luckily it doesn’t have to be a budget buster! Most of us relish in the new season, so, before it gets cold (since I totally HATE winter) get…

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