Few Words, Many Thoughts, Mostly Prayers. Reflections on the Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon prayers 2013

As a blogger, it’s always hard to know how to respond to a horrible event that has impacted so many lives.  Some bloggers choose to have a day of silence, others respond with reflections and thoughtful posts.  Today, I seem to fall somewhere in the middle.

Since I started running last year, I have met some amazing people, some I’m lucky enough to call some of these people my friends and work with some of them on projects.  Social media and running combined connect a lot of people- many of us, though not running the Boston Marathon ourselves this year, either know someone who was running or are impacted by this tragedy.  Truthfully, the ugliness of the world impacts us all.

I was going to post about some happy news about the new condo and our foster pug, Max, but I just lost the wind out of my sails, as many of us did when we heard about the tragedy.  Talking about life’s happy moments doesn’t seem appropriate, but appreciating them does… I’m grateful for the people in my life today and am feeling damn thankful that I’ve just heard tweets from my friends and colleagues that were running the Boston Marathon are okay.  It saddens me that others won’t get that happy news tonight.

Everyone’s lives in some way or another are touched by the events that transpired at the Boston Marathon.  It’s an odd blessing when you know the ones you care about are okay, but in the same hand, grieving for those taken from us and the injured.  As more and more reports come in with “we’re fine,” I feel more thankful- though being thankful in the midst of a tragedy is an odd, odd feeling.  It has been a hard day for America….and on that, I’m out of words.

Praying for our country, those running and all whose lives were touched at this year’s Boston Marathon.  Hopefully we will have answers, though I doubt we will ever make sense of evil, we can only press on with the same grit that brings those runners to Boston each and every year.  

Thinking of you all tonight.


An informal move has been made in the Twitterverse… if you’re a runner, put on your favorite run shirt (or a Boston one if you have it) and get out there for a run,a  walk, a jog- anything.  Pair your race with a donation to Red Cross or Boston area charities for greater impact-  we grieve for those hurt or killed, but we will not be intimidated by acts of terror and violence.  If you need me, I’ll be doing a few miles today…it’s better than sitting, being glued to CNN waiting for updates, right?  Get out there and run!

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