Want To Win A Beauty Goodie Bag?

August 18, 2013



I am so grateful how the blog has grown over the past year, but of course, I want it to be better!  Everyone has a different reason for turning to frugality- some to simplify their lives, others to pay down debts, and yet others turn to frugality so they can live within their means while do what they love.  My goal is to bring you even better content to help you save money, pay down debts, make budgeting easier and live beautifully, no matter what your budget!
Please, if you have a minute- I’m giving away two beauty goodie bags for anyone who takes my frugality survey for FrugalBeautiful.com!  

I’ll be pulling the winners next week, so please, if you haven’t taken the survey yet, it’s easy and super quick- I totally appreciate your time!


Also-  nominations are now open for the annual Plutus Awards- to recognize the best in the financial blogging world!


Now, not to say that this little blog is the best, but I would sure appreciate a vote if you think it’s snazzy!  I would absolutely be honored if you would nominate/vote for my blog for best frugality blog… and in a longshot, blog of the year would be pretty amazing too, but alas, I would be stoked and totally honored to take home a trophy this year.  (Yes, you actually get trophies and since I’ll never be an elite runner, this as close as I get to finishing near the front of the pack, ha!)


Plutus Awards


Click to vote, and enter your name, etc. – my blog will already be tallied under the right categories automatically, just hit submit!

Seriously, thank you for voting!  I hope this next year will be even better- more content on hitting financial and fitness goals, ideas on how to live frugally without sucking the fun out of life, interesting adventures, some big personal announcements and of course, giveaways and the fun stuff I love to share with my readers.

Thank you so much for your support!


(as a heads up, the goodie bag giveaway is for survey takers only,  not for a Plutus Award vote, but for that you get a hearty high five!)

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One response to “Want To Win A Beauty Goodie Bag?”

  1. bianca roman says:

    good luck on the awards! i think it’s neat that you’ve been nominated! keep us updated! and i took the survey! i love when blogs ask for our feedback!


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