Are UFO’s Costing You Money?

August 1, 2011


Alien Pug! Thanks Flickr!

I am NOT a fan of aliens, seeing how the X-Files terrorized me as a child, but today I’m not talking about spaceships and martians.


I’m talking about the real U.F.O.s you need to worry about when it comes to your money and those are…  



This popular crafting term applies to any purchase or project you were excited about initially that you got to improve your life, start a new hobby or save you money but is now costing you money { and heck, peace of mind?} as it sits in a cluttered corner, or worse, racking up a storage or subscription fees!

You know exactly what I’m talking about, the organization system you purchased but never put together, the expensive yarn you had to have but never used, or even the monthly storage fees you get hit with every month because you insist those unopened storage containers need to be housed instead of simply dealt with.


Other U.F.O.’s that are buzzing around in your life include:

-DIY & Craft Projects that were supposed to be gifts to “save” you money but never got finished.

-Organization or redecorating projects that were stopped in the most headache inducing stages. {Who needs the wall to be a normal or consistent color? Pft.}

-Home improvement projects that are now costing you money since unsealed windows are leaking heating/cooling, or building materials that are rotting outside in the elements, wasting your spent money since you didn’t install them properly.


How to Spot a Dangerous U.F.O.:

Yarn Mess






So What’s The U.F.O. floating around in your life?  

I would LOVE to hear your U.F.O. stories, and maybe we can tackle them together!

Leave a comment below, I want to hear it!  I doubt it could be worse than three amigurumi toys!


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8 responses to “Are UFO’s Costing You Money?”

  1. YES! My house is becoming steadily more and more littered with UFOs (love the term!). Our tool box is replete with every good intention/DIY goddess tool you could possibly imagine, but alas my house is full of half-finished relics of botched projects.

    • ShannynofFB says:

      Harri! I just have to laugh, because if it wasn't for my cross country move I'd still be terrorized by UFOs! haha! When I moved I donated a TON of fabric, notions, unfinished and untouched (good intentioned) projects and supplies to friends and charities and I hope they've found better homes! I brought a few of the UFOs with me (some crocheted dolls known as amigurumi) that I recently made progress on (the giraffe has LEGS!) and I'm hoping to post pictures soon!

      High five to a fellow DIYer!

  2. Paula says:

    I just donated some UFOs recently – a big box of UFOs. they included cross-stitch sets, yarn, fabric, faux fur (for jackets I'm pretty I was going to sew in 1987), patterns and embroidery floss. Not all the floss, but the "extra" boxes I inherited from someone else who knew I sewed and thought I could use the floss. That's great, but I held onto 4 extra boxes I didn't need along with the 6 I did need/use. I think I mostly got frustrated by those 4 boxes before the person who had owned them never put them in number order. What?? How do you use/find floss when you don't put the little cards in order? At any rate, those UFO's are in the universe now and another intelligent lifeform will benefit. Great post Shannyn.

    • ShannynofFB says:

      Haha, thanks Paula! I know I still have a few boxes of embroidery stuff (from years and years of quilts we all did) sitting at home that I couldn't bring to Chicago. I love crafting, but wow, it's easy to accumulate a LOT of stuff! I am finally tackling my UFOs that are with me here in Chicago so I don't look like a hypocrite! Thanks for posting! 🙂

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  5. Jaime says:

    Hey I saw your story at Blonde and Balanced, gotta say I love your website. It's pretty good. Keep up the great work. I have this problem, except I buy books that I think I will read but then never do. lol. I'm trying to deal with my problem by just renting the books from book swaping sites.

    • Shan_FrugalBeautiful says:

      I think we all have this problem! I'm making it a personal goal of mine to go through all of the books I've purchased but haven't started- Catcher in the Rye, Pride & Prejudice, Life After College and a few others! I am a book and craft junkie, I just accumulate too much stuff!


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