Ads Are Ignored & The Mad Men Are Dead: Why Bloggers Are Better For Brands

November 7, 2011

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If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the increased collaboration between brands of all stripes and bloggers.  You’ve most likely seen network banner ads, sidebar text links, sponsored posts and of course what we all salivate over- product reviews and giveaways.

Collaborations between brands and bloggers is something that’s relatively new but is becoming more common as both are realizing the potential power in collaboration.  Traditional advertising was sexy in the 60’s (I’m talking to you John Hamm! Meow!)  but brands would be smart to work with bloggers- here’s why:

Dear Brands- as you know, competition is fierce to get the attention of potential buyers.  If you think your product is cool, you should really try and get on board to find a blogger who loves your products and is willing to vouch for your stuff and tell their networks.

So much paid advertising is ignored and lost in the shuffle (heck, I know even YOU ignore a lot of it), but when I see a personal review with cute pictures, funny feedback and an honest opinion, people typically pay attention.  The internet’s changed the way we do business, why not try something new?


If you’re a blogger like I am, try making some of these points next time you’re working with a company who may be unfamiliar with this kind of collaboration.  If you’re reading this on behalf of a brand, you should really email me to see what we can work out (wink wink).

As for my readers- I hope you enjoy the reviews/giveaways on here, I hope to help you win more free stuff and offer some great coupons in the future.  What do you think about bloggers doing giveaways?

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6 responses to “Ads Are Ignored & The Mad Men Are Dead: Why Bloggers Are Better For Brands”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I love it when blogs have giveaways. It's like a little bonus, something nice to read and a chance to have something new. What could be better?

  2. Michelle says:

    I agree with Kathryn

  3. PKamp3 @ DQYDJ says:

    You're preaching to the converted! I agree with pretty much everything you wrote, although the fact they have 5,000 entries in their giveaways is a sign of interest. I'm thinking of Yogi Berra's quote, "Nobody goes there anymore; It's too crowded".

    I'm glad you tossed something in about the giveaways. I do laugh when there are 1,000 entries for like a $25 Amazon gift card. Sorry – I'm going to make you work harder than that, haha!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Well, while I know a lot of bloggers read this, plenty of companies come to my blog when I talk about their products on social media and get them traffic, or write them to do a collaboration. So often I hear from companies that they love benefiting from social media but don't see the point in advertising on a blog or investing in the relationships with bloggers- I think it's time to change that.

      I also see plenty of companies signing up for blogs/social media without really knowing how to go about it or why it's advantageous. Companies that mass tweet the same thing over and over about a new product are missing the point and I think they would greatly benefit from getting input from bloggers to optimize their networks, loyal fans and various media outlets!

  4. I never really gave much thought to this before, but it really makes sense.


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