Frugal Fashion: Savvy Wardrobe Secrets To Save Money & Make Your Clothes Last Longer

May 16, 2014

 Savvy Wardrobe Secrets To Save Money & Make Your Clothes Last Longer


Rotate & Store Your Clothes Seasonally

If you rotate your clothes based on the seasons it not only frees up space in your closet, helping you get dressed more efficiently (because you know, you can see what you’re working with) but it also keeps clothes fresher longer and avoiding dust, mildew and bugs.  Space saving vacuum bags make good use of little nooks and crannies for storage and can be slid under the bed for space friendly storage. Make sure before you store, ensure clothes are clean and completely dry.

Hint: Space saver bags are a great way to clear up closet space and are sealed shut with a vacuum.


Hang Clothes Properly

Most of the time, you should hang clothes (not fold) on the proper hangers.  Huggable hangers are velvet lined and keep even the silkiest of things from falling off an onto the floor.  Larger coats or men’s dress shirts should be put on a thicker, form holding wooden hanger.

When it comes to hanging, hang blouses properly, don’t shove the hangers into the neck hole. Instead, bring them up through the bottom of the shirt. This keeps you from stretching out the neckline or ripping anything.  For pants, scarves and belts, you can hang them as well with special hangers to keep things organized

Hint: Velvet hangers are cheaper than wooden hangers, but clothes don’t slip off and they save space.


Make Use Of The Tailor

If it doesn’t fit, you won’t wear it.  Things can be taken in, but they cannot be let out- so be sure if you’re not sure about sizing, go a size up.  Additionally, if you buy a pair of pants, make sure they’re not saggy in the tush and be sure to hem them immediately if they’re too long (nothing looks cheaper on pants than a grandma butt and a ripped hemline from dragging pants).

Hint:  Tailoring used to freak me out.  One of my fave books, Cheap Chica’s Guide To Style is a great way to get comfy with tailoring.


Treat Stains ASAP & With The Right Product

The longer a stain sets, especially on delicate materials, the harder it is to get out. It only takes a little bit of cool water and mild hand soap to remove most stains if treated as soon as they happen.  You can also keep a detergent pen in your purse, I recommend it!

Hint:   If you have yellow stains under the pits, they can be removed with asprin made into a paste.


Hand Wash Your Delicates

Handwashing with Woolite is a great way to protect your delicates.  While you can places bras and other delicates in for the washing machine, items get warped and clasps get hooked and bent in the machine.  Sweaters get mishapen or pill in the washer, but take the time to wash with Woolite and dry it flat on a towel.

Hint: If sweaters pill (meaning they get those weird bumps) you can buy a sweater stone to get them off easily.

Air Dry 

Using the high heat of the dryer may dry clothes fast, but it is very harsh on them as well, especially certain fabrics. If the weather is nice, hang your clothes out to dry. If it isn’t at least do smaller loads on the lower setting.

Hint: We use a collapsable clothes rack and love it for all of our dryfit & delicate clothing.  It doesn’t take up much space!


Use Vinegar Or Baking Soda (just not together!)

Vinegar is a wonder product!  It is wonderful for removing odors, stains and for keeping clothing bright and colorfast. The best part is it’s cheap and not one more chemical you add to them.  Using a ½ cup per load is usually all that is needed.

Baking soda is also great to freshen up your laundry (and your carpets) and you can buy it in bulk.


Mend, Spot Treat or Dye

While it’s more frugal to DIY any mending jobs, you’ll still save money by saving a few pieces that would otherwise be tossed.  If you have invested in pieces that are worth saving or can’t be replaced- it’s better to care for a few pieces you adore than buy a bunch of stuff you don’t want to replace it.

Jeans can be re-dyed (this is a great tutorial on how to redye your jeans) or taken to a shop to be mended (textile places are great for this!).


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8 responses to “Frugal Fashion: Savvy Wardrobe Secrets To Save Money & Make Your Clothes Last Longer”

  1. Lauren says:

    These are great tips!! I use vinegar when cleaning the house but never thought of putting it in with my laundry!I turn my jeans inside out when washing and air dry to prevent them from shrinking. I have a netted bag that I put all my bras in to prevent them from ripping other clothes!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Very useful tips, especially the one about the tailor. I have had one for years and in the end I’ve saved quite bit by having my clothes altered.

  3. Ani says:

    Great tips! I just rotated out my winter wardrobe to make room for shorts, dresses, and swimsuits… Taking clothes out of storage is like discovering a treasure chest full of forgotten gems. Love it!

  4. Shannyn these are great tips for taking care of your clothes. I have a whole pile of clothes that I need to mend. I love sewing new things, so mending always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. When I sit down to mend, I can take care of several projects in a matter of minutes though!

  5. Alyssa says:

    Great tips! I’ve used vinegar in the past to get the musty stink smell out of towels and it’s worked great.

    Hanging clothes to dry is the best tip. I’ve been doing that for year and my clothes last so much longer. Plus you can save money by not using the dryer.

    And sometimes it’s better to invest in the quality clothing items that will last a long time and many washes instead of buying the cheap items that is ruined quickly. Trendy stuff I have no problem buying the cheap stuff but a lot of the dressier clothes I wear to work are worth spending more money on!

  6. Jason says:

    I am extremely frugal and I am so lucky to have a fiance that tolerate it. Since we just started to live together, I just forwarded your post as something interesting I found*hint* *hint*.

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