Family Is Everything. No Matter Where Life Takes Us.

June 1, 2015

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You Make My Heart Smile- The Impact Of Family and Friends

Who we are is formed from the impressions and influence of our loved ones- friends and family alike.  Living as far away as I do, many of  my loved ones are back home on the West Coast, or around the country- and some are no longer with us.  Everything I do is a representation of their tender loving care and their influence- and that influence shines throughout my home.

When I was in California, T.J. Maxx was a go-to for the ladies in my family and me to hit up during visits. We’d often find workout gear for my training runs, goodies for the kitchen or decor ideas to grow along with our families. We’d swap stories and dream of future decorating plans.  Now that I’m out of state, I have built my life to make the distance seem smaller.  To make the miles seem shorter, I keep photos and mementos around my apartment to make the place feel as warm and fuzzy as the memories of the people I’ve shared it with.  Until I make the next move, I frequently have to send my love via the Post Office, with care packs and surprises to loved ones.  In the digital age, I find sending a little paper note or a goodie in the mail makes the distance seem shorter, and the correspondences more personal.

Personal Touches for loved ones from TJMaxx

I’m a huge fan of T.J. Maxx- it’s where I get all kinds of goodies for my home and to share with loved ones. You can get a ton of stuff to make a house feel like a home, and share the love with family and friends- finding everything you need in one place with really cute items!  On my last T.J. Maxx run, I picked up that adorable canvas print (since that phrase is something I say all the time and it reminds me of family and friends!), a candle, stationary, a super cute card to send to a friend, and a picture frame to house some of my favorite memories.

Matilda the pug is a happy dog with TJMaxx

I had enough left over in my $50 splurge budget to treat Matilda to a new bowl and toy.  As an adult, I learned my house is not a home until it has books on the shelf, pictures on the wall and a pug to share it with.  Even when times were lean as a grad student, adopting Ralph, my sweet little rescue pug, was what made the lean times a bit easier to get through… I spoil my pugs, and luckily, it’s easier to do that on a budget at T.J. Maxx, since I can get the home goods I need and I always have money left over to grab something for her!

Matilda the pug and Duckie


I’m hoping that soon I’ll be closer to loved ones- so we’ll be able to go on T.J. Maxx runs again in the future, together.  For now though, I love to send mail to make the distance seem a little bit shorter and send my love across the miles.  For now though, Matilda and I will enjoy our little home together until our family can reunite and grow.  No matter where you are, family is everything!


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3 responses to “Family Is Everything. No Matter Where Life Takes Us.”

  1. Desiree says:

    Oh I love the cards! The Gem card is lovely and the black/white/ gold card is very chique! I wish that we had those cards also in our country 🙂

    Mathilda is such a cuty!

    Did you enjoyed your vacation with ChicagoElite? You shared beautiful pictures on instagram! I like your dress! And those beaches..OMG a want to be there with my family!

    greets Desiree
    from The Netherlands

  2. Desiree says:

    I’m so sorry. Í forgot to write that family is everything and that Í hope you’ll be soon closer to loved ones.

    • Shannyn says:

      Thanks, Desiree! I’m glad you liked the cards-TJ Maxx has a great selection of stationary. I had a great time on my trip!


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