Dollar Shave Club: Not Just For Dudes, How It Saves Me $$$

Dollar Shave Club Review

If you haven’t seen Dollar Shave Club’s infamously popular commercial, you need to give it a watch- I remember thinking it was really funny and well done, and even shared it on my Facebook wall, but never really did much after that. At the time, I had been purchasing my razors from Costco (when I had

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6 Tactics To A Better Wardrobe On A Budget

Hey Pretty Lady!  Read These 6 Tactics To A Better Wardrobe On A Budget

Walk To The Back Of The Store First Stores are so good at placing the latest and greatest items at the front of the store to get you to slowly immerse yourself in aisles and aisles of clothes.  While your energy and focus is still high, go to the back of the store where the

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Spring Cleaning Hacks: Best Options for Selling Your Clothes

Spring Cleaning Hacks- Best Options for Selling Your Clothes

As yet another wedding season approaches in full force, I open my closest and find myself squished between bridesmaid dresses and formal attire that haven’t been on the streets in nearly five years. I can’t help but stare at my sad dresser full of college sweatshirts and fleeting fashion trends (pleather leggings, anyone?) that wouldn’t

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Top Ten Best Homemade Beauty Products To Save Big

The Best DIY Beauty Products For You To Make At Home...High-End, Homemade Cosmetics & Skincare!

Although I identify myself as resourceful, I never believed I was a true member of the Do-It-Yourselfer Club. Making my own toothpaste? Concocting a face mask I could eat? I’ll pass. That is, until I ran out of my favorite lotion one exceptionally cold morning and was left with a spare jar of coconut oil

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Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Beauty on a Budget- Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Clear skin in eight hours? Wrinkles-be-gone over night? I’m the first to admit that while I love me some good miracle products, I’m also well aware of the the big bucks I’m spending on less-than-truthful advertising. It wasn’t until I started to get more concerned about what exactly I was putting all over my skin

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