Frugal Fashion: Workin Nerdy

Frugal Fashion - Workin Nerdy Look w- Kate Spade, Target, Levis, TOMS, Rayban

I’m very fortunate that I work in the industry I do. For my day job, I get to work in jeans and comfy tops because I do a lot of really, interesting things for my work. As a social asset manager (meaning I manage social media strategy for brands and assist the brand’s teams in

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How To Make Heels More Comfortable

Love high heels but hate the pain? Learn how to make your high heels more comfortable

Use blister guard (or deodorant in a pinch!).  Keep preventative measures on you, but if you don’t have blister guard (which is a great little stick of awesomeness to keep in your handbag), then you can use deodorant. Break them in by practicing around the house. You can break them in or they can break you.

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