Getting Beach Ready…Is It Summer Yet?

Tresemme Undone Collection

I hate Chicago winters so much, that to me- even spring here still feels like winter. In my mind, spring is just the ramp up to summer and summer means warm weather, fabulous drinks, sunshine, and lots of outdoor activity to make enduring a midwest winter somewhat worth it. I love, love, love spending time

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Spring Beauty Obsessions


Oh Spring! A time for haircuts, shaved legs and remembering that you have more than an ounce of sex appeal hidden under all 17 layers of clothing. But more importantly it’s a time for new obsessions and trends, usually of the floral and bright colored variety. Now I should probably explain that I am not

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Spring Is Here! Easter Style with Payless

Spring style- lots of bright colors, florals and shiny new pumps! Snagged these at Payless!

  I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhilirated for spring in my entire life.  Everything about spring is a breath of fresh (warmer) air- including the fact that you can retire the bulky sweaters, dark color and cultivate your wardrobe with some fresh, vibrant color!  A great way to kick off spring is with

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Easy Hair Tutorial: Beach Waves with Sea Salt Spray + Flat Iron

How to make beach waves with braids, sea salt spray and a flat iron… super quick and perfect for summer!

This post is promoted by TRESemmé Warmer temperatures are coming, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and you can head out to the beach in no time.  Until then though, if you’d like the gorgeous texture of salt and sea and a day spent at the beach- the look is super easy to recreate!  I

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How Busy People Eat Healthy – Tips To Autopilot Your Way To Better Health

Eating healthy is essential but it doesn't have to be a drag or a hassle! I picked up some fun accessories from Kohl's and made my Sunday meal prep and Sunday dinner much easier and fun too!  #MakeYourmove

If you don’t eat healthy, nobody will do it for you!  I’ve learned from my time marathon training, that no matter how much you work out- if your diet sucks, you will never lose weight or perform at your best.  At times, I have focused on running and cross training, food was an afterthought- leading

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