Beachy Waves Tutorial For Unruly Hair

Tresemme Undone Collection for summer beachy waves

I have really rambunctious, thick and unruly hair. Without a blowdryer (blowtorch?) on high heat and a flat iron to follow up, my tresses would be thick, kinky and frizzy.  As a teen, I attempted to do all kinds of fun things to my hair in the summer, usually ending up in tangled, frizzy coifs

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Acceptance & Planning- Two Keys To Establishing A Healthy Routine

Chobani 100 Yogurt

How solid are your habits?  Do you feel balanced with work and play?  After four years of attempting to get healthy and many failed attempts to do so- I learned that good health that sticks is about acceptance and planning. First, you need to accept that change doesn’t happen overnight, and to be successful, you

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Finding Your Healthy May Not Look The Way You Thought It Would

#FindYourHealthy In Your Own Way

Have you ever felt that before and after pictures are inspiring and totally misleading at the same time?  Three years ago, when I started to recognize that my couch potato ways were weighing on me (quite literally) and leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, lethargy and a poor body image- I set out to change

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Let’s Never Speak Of Winter Again. Sandal Weather Has Finally Arrived #SoleStyle #Payless!

Summer sandals from Payless Shoesource

Chicago seems to not really have a spring.  Tulips and irises, which typically bloom in the early weeks of spring, stayed dormant this year as we completely skipped the temperatures between freezing and broiling.  Now that it’s 80 and humid outside, the moderate weather blooms are finally peeking out and it feels like summer but

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Spring Nail Shades


Oh, Nails, how underrated you are! If yours look anything like mine you have been wearing mittens way longer than necessary. As I am typing this I am gnawing on my cuticles like it is my last meal. (I know! Terrible habit) Unfortunately, I still haven’t hit the lotto, so the bi-weekly manicures haven’t quite

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