Fall Cozy Essentials

Comfy Fall Essentials For Fall 2015

I love fall.  It’s the season where you need to bundle up and snuggle, but it’s not winter-cold just yet.  A time where you can start layering things on- thick sweaters, comfy scarves and leggings tucked in knee-high boots nestled in with cozy socks. I really, really love fall. Comfy clothes and lush colors, paired

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The 4 Ways We Sabotage Our Happiness In The Modern Age

Are you dealing with unhappiness in the social media age and not know how to fix it?  Here are the 4 biggest saboteurs to your happiness, are you effected

Believing The Mirage Of Credit Your coworkers, former college roomies and even your friends, they have things you don’t have. Lots of things, shiny new things.  They make what you make every month, right?  You sit there and do the math- you’re hustlin’ to pay off your student loans or save up for a wedding,

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Frugal Fashion: When to Use a Tailor & How It Saves You Money

Frugal Fashion Tip- Using A Tailor Is Actually A Great Way To Save Money!  How to make sure your warrobe is perfect

Zina here, and I’m going to make the case that the best investment you can make in yourself and a great wardrobe is to spend a few extra dollars in going to a great tailor.  How many pants or jackets that you’ve already paid for would get more usage if they just fit better?  If

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How To Pack A First Aid Kit For An Accident Prone Single Lady + $50 CVS Giveaway

How To Stock Your FIrst Aid Kit If You Live Alone

I live by myself and I regularly do things that hurt.  I burn myself on hot pans.  I slip down icy sidewalks in the winter.  I have twisted ankles on runs and cut myself in the kitchen on the regular. Honestly, I’m just lucky I’m not dead!  Want to know what’s worse than cutting yourself

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My Picks For A Solid Vitamin Routine

Be sure you're taking the right vitamins!  Here are my favorite picks for a solid vitamin routine

Disclosure: I’m a CVS Blogger Ambassador, the following post is written as part of that ambassadorship.   Vitamins and supplements are one of the easiest things we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle- even easier than remembering to drink enough water each day!  Of course, vitamins should never replace attempts to eat healthy to

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