Bra-vado & Class: My Bra Fitting At Kohls

Bra Fitting At Kohls Stores

One thing I’ve noticed about fashion- that if your undergarments are frumpy and worn out, you feel frumpy and worn out. If you feel frumpy and worn out, well, it doesn’t matter what you wear on the outside, what’s closest to your skin is closest to your heart.  Don’t wear frumpy tired old granny panties

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Kate Spade Surprise Sale- 75% Off!

Kate Spade

        You know how much I love a sale!  Kate Spade doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason when they send out these clearance deals, but honestly, if you want to treat yourself to a new handbag for fall, NOW is the time!  Honestly, with deals like this, at 75% off,

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