Beauty on a Budget: Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Beauty on a Budget- Ten Frugal Beauty Tips

Clear skin in eight hours? Wrinkles-be-gone over night? I’m the first to admit that while I love me some good miracle products, I’m also well aware of the the big bucks I’m spending on less-than-truthful advertising. It wasn’t until I started to get more concerned about what exactly I was putting all over my skin

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Tried-n-True Winter Workout Gear


To be honest, sometimes the only reason I get up to work out is knowing I have a fly new outfit to put on. When I first began running, I would scrounge around for whatever sweatshirt was the least wrinkly and find a pair of shorts that at least covered the lady parts. Not only

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Resolve To Be Healthy: How To Get Emotionally, & Personally More Healthy This Year.

Mental health is just as important as your physical fitness.  Resolve this year to be emotionally, physically and mentally healthy with these tips

At the start of every year, people always seem to have fitness resolutions- to work out more, eat better, or drink more water. While that’s important, it’s also just as vital to resolve to have a healthier year in terms of mental and emotional health as well- it’s just not something we talk about as

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How To Actually Keep Your Resolutions This Year

GK-Infographic-v4 (3)

Resolutions shmezolutions.  Goals, goals, goals.  It’s all we seem to fuss about this time of year and if you’re feeling uneasy about your New Years Resolutions, or even if you’re feeling a bit bummed that your goals seem like a repeat of last year’s failures, here’s some advice to be sure you keep on your

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How to Find Motivation For Winter Workouts

How To Find & Keep Motivation For Winter Workouts

While growing up in one of the snowiest cities in the U.S. (Hey Syracuse, go Orange!) is typically not much to brag about, it did teach me a few valuable skills when it comes to fitness. Since the ground is buried under snow for 75% of the year, I’ve learned numerous tricks to make sure

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