How to Save on Cosmetics and Beauty Supplies

March 23, 2017

Just because you're frugal, doesn't mean you can't look fierce! Check out these helpful tips on how to save on cosmetics and beauty supplies!

As a thrifty gal obsessed with beauty, hair, and makeup, I’ve had quite a lot of experience shopping for products. While my vast collection of goodies contains both $50 products and dollar store finds, the one thing I can say that I do with everything I purchase is I research, sample, and scope out the best deals.

Below are some of the tactics I use when trying to save on cosmetics and beauty supplies. Have a tip that works for you that we didn’t mention? Comment below!

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Probably my favorite way to save on beauty supplies and makeup is to shop e.l.f. Cosmetics. While all of their products are cruelty-free and vegan – traits usually reserved for spendier brands – e.l.f. has goodies starting at just $1. They also often run promotions for free products and sets. I’m particularly fond of their brush sets.

Use Coupons, RedPlum, and P&G don’t just have printable coupons for food and cleaning supplies. You can also find high-value coupons for beauty and hair products, especially new releases. Be sure to check back often as they change all the time.

Dollar Tree

Believe it or not, Dollar Tree often carries a variety of quality makeup brands that were discontinued from the original merchant. While occasionally available online, most of the time you will need to go into your local store to purchase. Just be sure to check the expiration date before buying.


Hollar, a new online store which sells a variety of home, beauty, and kids products at major savings, often has many quality makeup brands, including Essie, OPI and NYX. They’re always adding new items, so I recommend bookmarking their site for easy access often.


One of my favorite places to shop for discounted beauty items is the clearance end-caps at both Walmart and Target. This is an easy way to try out new products without being out too much money if you end up not liking the item(s). I also purchase generic sponges and tools at these merchants versus shelling out the big bucks for name-brand.

Shop Drugstores

Don’t forget that stores like Rite-Aid, CVS, and Walgreens¬†each have a pretty ginormous inventory of beauty and cosmetic items. I like to keep an eye on their weekly ads for discounts and BOGO offers. Plus, oftentimes, you can combine these promotions with a manufacturer coupon. Score!


I love scoping out Amazon for beauty deals. Their hair care selection is especially extensive. Plus, you can pick up tools, brushes, and accessories for dirt cheap. When you combine those with Amazon’s two-day shipping through Prime, you can grab some killer deals. I also get some of my items through Subscribe & Save, which saves me an additional 5-15%. Don’t have Amazon Prime? Try it free for 30-days!


Many department store makeup brands have samples available for customers to take home and try. So, before you invest in a $45 concealer or $85 perfume, ask the store if they have any samples. My favorite stores to obtain samples from are Lush, Sephora, Ulta, Aveda, Macy’s, and The Body Shop.


Love a product but can’t bear spending the asking price? Google “dupes” for that product. You’ll find numerous blogs dedicated to matching spendy beauty products with cheaper alternatives, aka “dupes.” For example, I love the blog Money Can Buy Lipstick for lip dupes.


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