St. Baldrick’s: Helping Kids With Cancer

March 2, 2012

St. Baldrick's fighting childhood cancer


My favorite fashion statement is wearing my heart on my sleeve, now my favorite hair-do is a shaved head.

St. Baldrick’s is an organization I wasn’t familiar with before I moved to Chicago, but let me say that since I discovered this wonderful charity and it’s unusual tactics {read: head shaving} it’s truly not only a great organization, but an experience to be a part of.

People that get involved with St. Baldrick’s are truly dedicated {I mean, they shave their heads…that’s brave!} it’s inspiring.


My friend Max does fundraising for St. Baldrick’s every year and yes- he shaves his head for it.  This year he’s doing a podcast-a-thon for TWELVE hours to raise funds.    His goal is $2,000 and he will be podcasting around the clock to hit the $2k goal.  


The podcast-a-thon will be taking place Saturday, March 3rd from 12-12.

You can listen in from anywhere, and you can donate any time after as well.  Check it out:

St. Baldrick's Fundraiser

I assure you, he’s doesn’t make that face often…apparently that’s his “YOU MUST DONATE” face? {haha} I can barely podcast for 30 minutes much less 12 hours.  I’ve made my donation and will be supplying guacamole, chips and Gatorade for the 12 hours of awesome.

I realize we’re all frugal, but if you could send a tweet that would be fab…that little share button below will make it easy shmeezy…and if you’d like to donate go here:  Podcastathon for St. Baldrick’s 2012.


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4 responses to “St. Baldrick’s: Helping Kids With Cancer”

  1. Michelle says:

    Awesome! My friend (who is a girl) does this as often as she can (usually yearly). She's super beautiful and has long hair, so it's so much fun watching her shave her head. She usually gets a ton of donations.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Isn't it amazing? I wish I was brave enough to shave my head but I wouldn't look very good- instead I donate cash & bring chips/dip and some beverages!

  2. Thanks. I'll be tuning in…

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun and it should be replayed on their site anytime soon.


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