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Hello Lovely People!
Are you starting on a path to frugality and want to connect with others that are looking to go beyond coupon clipping and start forging your own path both personally and in business? Are you a blogger who writes about women’s issues, personal finance or are you an entrepreneur? Are you looking for other likeminded women who want to brainstorm, make connections, offer advice and build friendships?

My goal at FruBu is to foster connections between women in ways that empower us to make empowered choices and build a solid foundation of friendship and support- do you share that vision?

I’ve started a “Mastermind Group,” which would consist of likeminded women from diverse backrounds who wish to discusses finances, business, saving money and building wealth- who are forward thinking and recognize the strength that comes from having supportive peers.  Being a part of my Mastermind Group would consist of regular communications through Google Groups, email and linksharing and providing personal feedback and developing stronger online friendships.


Additionally, as a young (and very new) financial blogger, I am looking for mentors (& cool people to connect with). I seek to understand ways to develop passive income, strategic investing, business development/entrepreneurship, master my finances and build a solid foundation for myself in order to use those skills to help others.  Having peers and mentors with similar goals is vital to growth, and I really feel that building relationships in this way can be mutually beneficial, as lessons are learned in both directions!

I look to expand my circle of guidance, and am looking for someone who has developed themselves financially and personally who can offer their experiences and a hand in mentorship.


If this appeals to you, I look forward to connecting to you! You can email me at or follow me on Twitter

OR…if you’re ready to get started in the collaborative process of a mastermind group, please apply!


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