Frugal Ideas For Winter Fun on a Budget

January 30, 2018

Winter Activities On a Budget

For many, winter is a time of cuddling under blankets, trying to stay warm. But if you’re brave enough to face the temperatures, you can have a great – and – frugal time this season. Finding fun ways to have a good time this winter is only a matter of using your imagination and a few coupons!

Read below for our tips for winter fun on a budget.


If you want to get your snow bunny on, try skiing. Contrary to popular belief, skiing can be frugal, and there are plenty of ways to save money on skiing. If you live near the slopes, you can find used skis at sports shops. They’ll be cheaper than renting some for an afternoon.

Buy your lift tickets online – you’re guaranteed to save money there instead of buying them at the resort. Pack a lunch or some snacks – eating out there is like dining at Disney- it adds up fast!  You’ll save more money if you get a pass. Remember, once you have all the equipment, it can be a fairly frugal activitiy. There are plenty of ways to save on winter ski trips if you plan ahead!

Ice Skating

If you haven’t been ice skating since you went to a fourth-grade birthday party, get ready to lace up your skates. Ice skating rental prices are less than the cost of a movie ticket, and it’s often easy to find a Groupon or a buy-one-get-one-free pass.  While there are indoor facilities available year round, in the winter months you can ice skate in a variety of historic and public places for a memorable experience.  In Chicago, you can skate outside at Millennium Park & at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and in London you can enjoy the historic Hampton Court Palace for a royal experience!  You may have a really memorable time to skate outdoors if you find a park nearby!

Whether you’re skating with your BFF or your sweetie, warm up afterwards with hot cocoa for an active and budget-conscious afternoon and pack some snacks.

Take a Road Trip

Just because the weather’s frightful doesn’t mean you have to stay home. Take advantage of the winter to visit a local attraction. Prices and lines are likely to be cheaper than in warmer weather. Whether it’s wandering around your nearest small town or visiting an outlet mall, getting out of your comfort zone can make your heart warmer than an electric blanket.

Whether it’s wandering around your nearest small town or visiting an outlet mall, getting out of your comfort zone can make your heart warmer than an electric blanket.  Read Shannyn’s recap of her trip to Traverse City Michigan in winter, which is typically a summer tourist hot spot, but still offers some awesome activities for winter travelers!

Go Camping

We’re not suggesting you go sleep outside in 20 degree weather. But renting a cabin with your girlfriends can be a great way to break up the winter monotony without breaking your budget.

Do some research on (heated) cabins in your area. Pack some board games, a few bottles of wine and your favorite gal pals. If you’re going to be cooped up inside, it might as well be with your favorite friends (and a bottle of Pinot Noir). You can make it a theme night as well. Bring clothes you don’t wear for a free swap or leftover craft supplies.

No matter how you want to find fun this winter, make sure to be up for adventure. See those kids building snowmen while their parents are huddled inside? Don’t be afraid to release your inner child and join in on the fun. Try running in the park while the snow is falling or sledding down the big hill. Let this season remind you how simple a good time can be!



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  1. Ah, I kind of miss ice skating. Weirdly, Phoenix does actually have a couple of rinks. I shudder to think about the electric bills.

    Unfortunately, I learned a couple of years ago that, having relearned to walk after a bad illness, I apparently can no longer roller skate. I assume the same goes for ice skating. And I don’t really feel like trying to relearn either one.

    Still, there are plenty of fun winter activities to do in colder climates. Or if you travel to colder climates. I hope people enjoy the cool weather options!


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