Watermelon Kale Juice Recipe

July 9, 2014

watermelon kale healthy juice recipe - full of vitamins and great for summer!

Trust me, I know this looks gross, but it tastes SO good and it is good for you!  Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits- it’s amazing after a hot, humid run to cool off, refresh and hydrate with some juice or cold watermelon chunks.  Pair my love of watermelon with the ever-so-popular kale, and you have a winner.  Problem is, the two don’t really work together in most recipes, aside from, juicing!

I recently got a juicer that I’ve been using for the last few months to create some delicious, healthful mixtures, but the watermelon kale juice is probably one of my new favorites, especially because it makes good use of the skins and rinds of the watermelon itself, sections of the fruit that were previously inedible.


Kale Watermelon Juice Recipe


1/4 medium watermelon rind and flesh, cut into strips

1 bunch of kale, including stems (but if you’re juicing a lot of kale for a bigger batch, remove the stems, as the strings can clog the machine)

3-4 carrots (or more for sweetness)


juicepresso review


After washing and cutting your ingredients into thin slices to easily feed through the juicer, begin to process them through the juicer.

If you’re juicing a lot of kale, remove the stems as they can sometimes contain a lot of “strings” depending on your kale variety and this can clog the juicer.

If your juice is too bitter, you can add more watermelon or carrots to taste to add sweetness.


watermelon kale juice recipe

Isn’t this pretty?  I love the sorbet colors from the veggies and fruit…it’s so colorful and it tastes delicious!


Watermelon Kale Juice with Juicepresso

I’m very happy with my Juicepresso juicer- it’s the first one I’ve owned and it’s easy to clean and gets a lot of the juice out of each piece used.  As you can see below, I got a lot of juice out of a little produce.  Of course, it depends on what you’re juicing, but it minimizes waste when you have a good juicer that squeezes every last drop out!


Kale Watermelon Fresh Juice Recipe with Juicer


Thank you to Juicepresso for sending me a juicer to review, it’s been a delicious experiment!  If you’d like more information on Juicepresso, follow them on Facebook or Instagram!

Do you juice? What’s your favorite recipe? (I need more ideas to try!)



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6 responses to “Watermelon Kale Juice Recipe”

  1. Nikita K says:

    Will definitely give this a try! Here’s another recipe that’s delicious https://juicerecipes.com/recipes/berry-a-peeling-75

  2. Very cool looking juicer! I don’t have one yet but I try to use my Mom’s whenever I go over to her place.

  3. Looks gross yes, but I think I would love to try to do this juice! My best juice tips is orange and carrots, and some lemon! Love it, so fresh och easy 🙂

  4. Wyatt says:

    I have tried this and it really does tastes good!!! Some apples would be perfect too.

  5. Home Plix says:

    Very cool and amazing juice recipe. I just love watermelon. You have given us an amazing recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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