Sunday Style: Transitional Fall Fashion from Target

September 18, 2011

 Part of me isn’t ready to give up on summer just yet, but the other part of me is totally excited for fall.  That is exactly why I’m incorporating florals into my transitional pieces for fall this year.  Target has a lot of fabulous, layer-able pieces that great for fluctuating weather and fluctuating tastes….and dorky little accents (like my silly vintage styleglasses on a necklace?)

Fashion:  Incorporating florals (scarves, dresses, or jewelry) can capture the gorgeous richness of fall colors in rosey reds, sunset oranges and warm yellows, but still have the sweetness of spring/summer.   Florals can be subdued with a black blazer, or intensified by pairing with another print (animal+floral=ballsy but gorgeous!)

Functionality:  Layer, layer, layer!  What’s great about wearing a floral dress or shirt is that you can add fall pieces (jackets, scarves, even polar fleece leggings or floral lace tights)  to add depth and (literally) warmth to your look.  Flowy- and floral pieces from summer can still be used into fall if you add layers beneath or some cute boots for rainy weather!

Frugality:  Floral prints are versatile.  The fact that you florals are key transitional pieces will save you money!   Choosing florals that are bold in color but aren’t too pastel will allow you to wear florals anytime, not just spring.  Plus, floral accents are not only classic, but scarves, rings and earrings are pretty affordable and can dress up a little black dress or add a frugal but feminine touch to your work attire.

Everything I wore for this was purchase in-store at Target.  The ring is from (yes, it was the priciest thing in this outfit, but I got it on sale!)  I saw it on Tiffany from and totally fell in love with it!   

Everything in this look is feminine & playful, but mostly- FRUGAL!  The pieces featured here are versatile to be dressed up or down for occassion or layered for warmth in cooler temperatures.   If you’re looking for key pieces for fall, try getting some new leggings to wear under your summer dresses & dress it up with cute black pumps for the evening, or for a fun day out with brown knee high boots!

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20 responses to “Sunday Style: Transitional Fall Fashion from Target”

  1. I know I voted against this dress when you bought it, but I've totally changed my mind! Very cute and stylish (and frugal of course).

    We need to go shopping when I come up there. You obviously have a better eye for this stuff than me – I never find things I like at Target anymore.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      I find that Target is hit or miss. The picture I sent you didn't due it justice and my hair was all wonky so you were probably distracted by my disastrous 'do.

      We need to make some serious monies before the end of the month so we can do some shopping while the masterminds are together..muahah.

  2. @applecsmith says:

    I love this look! Especially leggings with those shoes, super stylish yet comfy which is totally my kind of style.

    I'm also a huge fan of layering clothes, and I even feel naked when I don't wear a jacket or some sort of sweater, vest or scarf. I feel like it just completes the outfit. I think it's a great idea to use some summer clothes and prints (like florals) during the fall and winter by layering – awesome tips.

  3. Jeff says:

    hubba hubba ;o)

    to complicated for me, jeans and a t 🙂

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Oh c'mon Jeff, you'd look great in a dress. I'll take you to Target and I'll get you those red pumps I've been oogling at Target, ha!

  4. Very cute–love the leggings with the dress! I like Andrea's idea to taking a friend along who has a good fashion eye. My sister is my fashion consultant. She can pull together a look for little money that looks fantastic!

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      I feel really lucky that whenever I'm out, I can take pictures with my phone and send it out Twitter and get feedback instantly from y'all… that's my "eye" for fashion! 😉 I just borrow the talent of others..I had never owned a dress like this so I sent it out on Twitter before I settled on it.

  5. Lindsey says:

    love layers!! and I love dresses that you can switch up to a different belt if you want too! And the right kind of florals always look great! you look wonderful!

  6. Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

    Thank you darling! I have been getting more into layering out of necessity since I'm still adjusting to life in a non-California environment! I'm still trying to find a pair of awesome boots and have yet to find the perfect pair…then my fall line up will be complete!

  7. Shannyn that's a really cute outfit and inexpensive too. 🙂 My favorite thing about Fall (and Winter) is scarves—I LOVE THEM!


  8. The dress is very cute but I changed my mind this kind of fashion is for a riches woman only. Jewelry watches will evolve and continue until the end of time. just like watch jewelry no ending of making watches for human satisfaction.

  9. apockylypse says:

    You look so adorable! I'm totally diggin' the necklace, but I guess it's the nerd in me. LOL

    I've been pretty unimpressed with my wardrobe lately & am now looking for frugal ways to spice it up a bit. For now I'm going to see if I can repurpose anything in my closet that doesn't make me swoon already…then maybe I'll hit thrift stores & deals like you found at Target.

  10. Where to get more info about this leggins?

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  12. Jodi Brzoska says:

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