How To Stress Less This Year

January 7, 2015


Stress lowers your immunity, impairs your ability to make healthy choices, lowers your willpower and leads to long term health complications- yet it doesn’t seem to get nearly as much attention this time of year compared to diet and exercise.  If you’re making resolutions to get in shape, feel better and eat healthier- it might be smart to supplement those goals with a resolution to work on reducing stress in the new year.

Reducing stress should be a pillar to a healthy lifestyle- it can bolster your overall health and boost your ability to form new habits.  How many times have you been cruising along on a goal to lose weight or avoid junk food when a stressful situation in your personal life triggers your hand to reach for the candy bowl?  Ya, me too.

This year, it’s going to be just as important to stress-less if you’re going to be a healthier you in 2015!   Here are some of the things I’ll be working on this year to get on track with my health, and I’ve teamed up with Kohl’s to #MakeYourMove to find ways to energize, enliven & find joy in the everyday through healthy living.


Journaling Regularly-

The last two years, I fell off the journaling bandwagon, but need to get back on.  I used to journal every week or so during grad school when I just needed to get things out of my head and onto paper.  Frequently, stress is much worse when it’s circulating in our head on repeat.  Being able to take 30 minutes a week to drop thoughts helped me process tremendously.

Turning Off The Phone In Bed-

Are you like me? I totally surf Instagram when I get into bed.  I check emails and then I probably pin a few things on Pinterest.  I’ve told myself it helps me “wind down,” but honestly- I spend a lot longer trying to get to sleep and my mind wanders.  Being able to focus on winding down and actually getting to sleep quickly when I’m in bed means breaking the phone habit.

#MakeYourMove in 2015 with Kohl's

Taking Regular Stretch Breaks-

Believe it or not, I couldn’t touch my toes for a long time.  Despite the fact I was in a biking accident growing up which meant I was in a wheelchair for a year, I never really did much to increase my flexibility once I was walking again.  I really suck at yoga and it’s something I’d like to work on since my range of motion is still pretty limited and I sit all day for my job.  Most of us fail to realize how much sitting and inactivity can increase the stress and strain on our bodies- taking regular stretch breaks can reduce stress, headaches and strain.


When I couldn’t afford to get into see a massage therapist, I have done regular at-home sessions using a foam roller and it did wonders to relieve my stress and tension headaches.  During periods of high stress, taking time to go get a massage or take 5 minutes to roll out tight muscles at home has been a lifesaver.  This year, I’m going to get back in the habit of using a foam roller at home instead of simply reaching for the aspirin.

#MakeYourMove with Kohls

Gaiam Yoga Gloves/ Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Mat Towel /  Yurbuds from Kohl’s

Mindful Listening-

I’m going to spend more time this year listening to podcasts and music that contribute to an overall good mood & reduce stress.  Often, we put on music to align with our moods, but the power of sound is influential in changing your mood to a better one.  If you want to reduce stress, find something to reroute your thinking and thus your mood by tuning into an educational or inspirational podcast (or one that makes you laugh).  I have a few favorite podcasts I turn to and they always improve my mood.


I have never been big on meditation the way that most people do it- sitting for hours and chanting has never appealed to me.  The medical benefits of meditation, even in small doses has been proven to reduce stress and some of my friends swear that even 10 minutes of meditation and a clear mind in the morning is a quick, but effective ritual to reduce stress levels without a ton of time to spare.


Stress Less in 2015 & #MakeYourMove with Kohl's

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21 responses to “How To Stress Less This Year”

  1. Love these ideas! This year, I’m trying to practice yoga more and also ban the phone from my bedtime/morning routine! There’s just no need and it’s totally distracting!

  2. I’ve signed up for yoga teacher training this year as a way to force myself into relaxing!

  3. Christina says:

    I love Khol’s workout clothes! I think this is a great idea from them!

  4. I’m trying to become patient enough for meditation. It’s supposed to do wonders for willpower. I love Kohl’s! LOL seriously most of what I got for Christmas was gift cards to Kohl’s! I like the big Nike symbol on your shirt. :p

  5. Rebecca Jo says:

    You wrote this for me… I am STRESS QUEEN & really have been wanting to meditate & learn to calm down. You also make me want to go get a massage ASAP!

    • Shannyn says:

      I hope you’re able to focus on wellness this year! Life is so much better when you’re happy and relaxed. Stress is just awful.

  6. Teresa says:

    I love this post — stress management is such a huge part of happy and healthy 🙂 I’ve been preaching “mindful-mini-breaks” in my programs and must get better myself! Happy new year!

  7. Carson says:

    Love this. I always am looking for ways to de-stress!

  8. I’m always looking for ways to reduce stress and working out is something that’s greatly helped me this last year. I’m totally obsessed with Kohl’s work out clothes, by the way!!

    Oh, and please tell me MORE about this foam roller thing? If it helps get me by between massages that’s something I need to know more about. (Who has regular massages in their budget anyway?)

  9. Paula says:

    Great advice. We often ignore effects of stress on our bodies and mind. I’m bad at yoga and meditation too…just have to keep trying, right?

    • Shannyn says:

      If you find you can’t focus immediately, just try easing yourself into it. Commit to 5 minutes a day at first and see if that helps!

  10. Lisa says:

    I’m declaring this year as my Year of Less. Stressing less is definitely a huge part of that!

  11. Parthenia Jones says:

    Yes, it’s stress-less and not stress free. Life is really full of stress and it’s a matter of how much of it are you taking. Lessen the burden and breathe.. BTW, what’s on your podcast list Shannyn???

  12. Troy H. says:

    I read a CNN article saying gadgets really disrupts the sleep. Of course lack of sleep contributes to the overall stress in a day. So keep away those iPhones at night!


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