Squeezing In The Last Bit Of Summer: Impromptu Grill-Outs

September 7, 2015

Barefoot Refresh Spritzer Summer Red Sprtizer Summer party on the fly.  Plastic tumblers + Barefoot Refresh=party anywhere.

Today I’m partnering with Barefoot Refresh to talk about end of summer grill-outs.

Barefoot Refresh Sprtizers Summer Red Spritzer

Grilling is one of my favorite things to do in Chicago- and considering the winter seemed to creep in around Halloween last year, and stayed until well past Easter, every day we can grill outside, we do!

So whenever the weather is nice and a friend asks to grill out, grab what you can grill and have the world’s easiest potluck dinner. 

Fresh summer veggies always make dinners so yummy.  I usually take whatever I have in the fridge- like corn on the cob, salad mix, soy beans, red peppers! Then I grab a protein like frozen ahi tuna or kielbasa and a bottle of something to sip on.

Matilda The Pug Loves Summer

Matilda is in on the grilling fun…hopefully, we drop something for her to snatch.

I recently got to try the new Barefoot Refresh Spritzers – which are great for summer and for $7 you get something light, bubbly and refreshing for hot summer days, with flavors everyone will love- in Summer Red, Perfectly Pink & Crisp White Spritzer.

Grab-n-go bottle of yummy that doesn’t require a corkscrew, and plastic tumblers…perfect for an impromptu picnic, grill-out or sipping on the porch.

Summer grillin with Barefoot Spritzers

One of my favorite things to grill lately has been ahi tuna (which you can get cheaper if you buy it frozen and then use a marinade or just use a bit of citrus on it)- which sears so well and gets a gorgeous char on it.  We also have been loving veggie skewers and corn in the husk… I could seriously live off this stuff.

Summer eats in Chicago

Usually though- when I’m in a hurry to find supplies on hand to put dinner together- it’s simple:  ahi, frozen veggie, salad and Barefoot Refresh.  Dinner=done.  The days are longer in the summer, but for some reason that hasn’t meant I want to spend any more time making dinner!

Matilda loves summertime

Matilda patiently waits for someone to drop something…


The Summer Red Spritzer passed the “dude taste test,” so there you have it!

Barefoot Refresh is a light-bodied, vibrant spritzer that is great over ice or chilled, and is perfect for casual summertime gatherings around the pool, the grill or at the beach (but be sure to bring those plastic tumblers for safety!).

Summer naturally lends itself to last minute adventures and impromptu get togethers with friends (and pugs alike!) to really soak in the warm weather and enjoy being outside.  I like to have stuff on hand to grab and go when friends want to hang out, so I usually stock up on stuff to sip on so I can do just that!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barefoot Refresh®. Content for 21+.

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16 responses to “Squeezing In The Last Bit Of Summer: Impromptu Grill-Outs”

  1. Desiree says:

    Love the pictures! And Mathilda looks so cute!

  2. Make those warm days last! It rained for pretty much all of June here, so we’re really milking these hot days were getting in September. Here’s to grilling out, and adorable puppies!

  3. Ugh! I am the worst at this. I’ve already got my pumpkin candles out and my red wine in hand — I’m on to fall (I blame it on football starting)! There’s something special about the seasons changing, but I think I take it to the extreme! 🙂

  4. I’ve never had tuna on the grill but that sounds amazing! I’m hoping grilling season sticks around much further into fall this year. Our Halloween last year was awful weather!

  5. I love that Barefoot drink! YUM!

  6. At first, I was all ready to comment on your really cute dress. But the I saw Matilda. Dying over here! 🙂 That spritzer sounds really tasty. I’ll have to investigate the next time I’m at the store. Cheers to summer lasting a little bit longer!

  7. Alicia says:

    I’m going to try some of that Barefoot wine, as that sounds quite delicious!

  8. Sounds super yummy!! Will have to give it a try 🙂


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