Spring Cleaning: How To Redecorate Your Space On A Budget

April 18, 2018

Redecorate on a budget


1.  Repaint Using Pinterest

Choosing a new color can be overwhelming, how will you know what really reflects your sense of style before you see it on a live wall?  The easiest way to find color schemes is to look on Pinterest- you will get not only decor inspiration but great color palettes to work with!  The best way to give a room a new look, you can turn something dark and drab into something divine in less than a day. Really think about the effect you want to go for- color can address anything that annoys you about your space to brighten it up, tone it down or hide some imperfections that drive you nuts!  Move the eye around instead of dwelling on what you hate!

A good paint job will work to make it feel warmer, cosier, fresher, brighter or airier just by giving it a carefully considered lick of paint that’ll cost an average of $20-30.  If you really are struggling to afford paint, you don’t have to paint the whole room – you could just choose a feature wall or fireplace that would look great highlighted with your chosen color. It’ll take less time and could be good deal cheaper.

Reshuffle your furniture

This is a great tip, and completely free to play with, plus it’s a great way to get all the dust bunnies behind furniture for a deep clean!  Rearranging the furniture in a room, or even transferring furniture between various rooms, is an awesome way of giving a whole new lease of life to your living space.

If you have friends that live local, see if you can get together to swap out some pieces.  You can even invite them over for wine and snacks if they’re willing to help you shuffle and give you an honest opinion on how it looks.  Note:  It’s probably good to uncork after the work is done, not that I know from experience or anything.


3.  Seriously, Declutter!  

Decluttering is the easiest way to reinvent your space.  Plus, it’s not only FREE but it can make you money!  If you really struggle with an emotional attachment to your stuff, bring in a savvy friend or relative who can tell it to you straight.  Many of us hold onto things we don’t need for unrealistic reasons- guilt, obligation, the hope we will someday finish a project we intended to do years ago- it’s time to move on!

There’s nothing more therapeutic than having a really thorough spring clean. A great way of making a few dollars for your home renovation, have a yard sale or sell your unwanted stuff on eBay. Alternatively, you can hand your unwanted stuff over to your local thrift store, give it away to friends and family  – whatever you do, clear it outta there!


4.   Change the lighting

What kind of effect is the lighting having in your listless living space? You can really change the look and feel of a room by making sure the main light is centrally placed, changing the lampshade, or adding some standard lamps or pretty fairy lights into the equation. Relatively cheap and extremely easy and effective.

One of my favorite tricks to really assess if the lighting is “right” is to take pictures of my space during the day and at night.  If I hate how the lighting looks in photos, (meaning too warm, too cool or too much) it’s easy enough to change the curtains and even cheaper to change the lightbulbs!  Many people underestimate the power of lightbulbs- but you can find bulbs that mimic natural light, save energy, fight the winter blues and can set warm or cool tones to match the feel of your wall color.  Experimenting with light is easy!


5.  Clean the floors & Clear Out Critters

Have you got dirty-looking carpets that could do with a deep clean? If so, rent or buy a carpet cleaning machine and give your home a lift – you’ll probably be surprised at just how filthy our carpets were!  Carpet steamers not only remove allergens and dirt, but they can be rented once or twice a year at a decent price.

Additionally, it’s a good time to start thinking about your seasonal allergies- no matter what you do for your home, if you’re sneezing and waking up with symptoms, it could be a sign you’re sensitive to common home allergens like pet dander, dust, mold & as plants bloom outside, you could be sensitive to pollen and grass.  Check your AC air filters and invest in a good air purifier (you can find them really cheap at Target or online!).  Dust your bookshelves, move furniture around and wash your curtains and throw pillows.  Take a minute to vacuum your mattress and sofa as well- you will love your space so much more when you can breathe!


Do you redecorate & clean seasonally, when you feel like it, or never at all?

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9 responses to “Spring Cleaning: How To Redecorate Your Space On A Budget”

  1. I don’t really decorate seasonally, nor do I paint walls. But I do a deep clean about once every month!

  2. It’s so much easier now to redecorate cheaply, because of Pinterest. The DIY ideas help keep costs down and you’re right – the photos make it easier to visualize your space.

  3. olive jason says:

    thank you for this ideas i do a deep clean but i think i should consider about decorating too.

  4. sara says:

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