So. Many. Pugs.

January 10, 2015

Matilda in the grass

As you know, right now, now that I’m living in a new place- Matilda is an only child.  While she relishes in the attention of being the only pug baby in my midst- getting all the kibble, all the cuddles and not once having to put up with anyone’s toy hogging shennaigans, she does enjoy being around other pugs whenever the opportunity arises.

We headed home for the holiday week and got to hang out with my dad’s pugs- Bailey, Kahlua and Martini (yes, I named them…can you tell?) and roam around the citrus groves of his house to sniff, piddle, chase cats and bark at the neighbor dogs as they roam the property lines.


Pugs For The Holidays


Matilda and I enjoyed skipping the snow and getting a wee bit of sunshine during our time out west.  She totally relished in the tall grass and seemed delightfully puzzled when getting to sniff oranges, limes and grapefruits that had fallen off the trees..these were all new smells for a city dog!

The other girls showed her around- the best spots for digging, the little nooks where the rabbits are known to hide and of course, where my dad hides the best treats in the garage.  The pug pack knows how to work the system!


The Pug Grumble 2014

Yes- this is the entire crew!  From left to right:  Martini, Kahlua, Bailey and Matilda.  They got along swimmingly and I had a blast roaming around the grove looking for ways to capture their characteristically-so-puggie selves.  There was just so much to see and sniff!


Matilda Holiday 2014

Matilda yawning


Matilda and I are already missing the weather…it’s about 5 degrees here in Chicago this week.  Yep, 5.  Just 5.  That’s all the degrees we get in the midwest right now.  It’s her first winter as she’s only about a year old now, and for me, it always feels like my first winter each and every time I go through one!

Until next time, wishing you many moments of tail curling bliss and belly rubs 😉



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4 responses to “So. Many. Pugs.”

  1. Look at them in their pug glory! I thought maybe all four were yours! Matilda is such a beauty! That face!!!!!

  2. Mary G. says:

    Oh my gosh. They are so cute!!!

  3. Manley says:

    I have pugs too named George and Buddy. Just adorable!


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