Side Hustle Solution: Invoice Home

January 31, 2018

This feature was sponsored by, but reviewed by me.


When I first began entertaining the idea of working for myself, I was at a loss on where to begin. I wasn’t exactly sure how to turn my interest from a simple hobby into an actual source of income since I had zero background in business. As I started out with freelance writing, I knew producing content would be easy, but the financial side of things would be a source of struggle.

If you’re working your way out of debt and taken on some freelance clients or built a blog to earn some cash on the side, it can be overwhelming to balance your bookkeeping, invoice creation and all of that, on top of the actual work.

Luckily, I was introduced to Invoice Home, an invoice template generator that makes it simple to send download and send invoice PDFs to others. With Invoice Home, I finally had a way to easily organize and keep a record of my business to ensure I was paid effectively and be able to track and update my invoices without my home computer, which is great for travel.

Rather than using the same blank form, Invoice Home allows me to create a document that is personal not only to my business, but to me! It gives me a source of connection to my customers and ensures that I’m putting my best foot forward. With hundreds of free templates that each include their own unique and personal touches, I can alter them to my liking, such as including my logo and company name.

Though I sometimes live life on the fly with a full schedule, travel and house projects, the professionalism of my invoices helps me stay organized and put my best face forward to clients. Since a first impression is so important for me to keep customers coming back, a personalized invoice form automatically presents my company as one of quality and distinction.


Like most new business owners, I was eager to get started right away. Luckily, Invoice Home is easy and fast to use. It includes free sign-up and usage for under $1000 of total invoicing per month, then only $5 per month after that. Plus, with unlimited storage, I don’t have to worry about going over a certain amount and ending up owing part of the money I’m making!

With their Payment Records tool, I can access my company history at any time, which makes tax time much more enjoyable than when I was shuffling through folders and folders of papers. Since I was still new at the whole process, the ability to have someone to contact for help was what ultimately sold me on Invoice Home. The personal support made sure my invoices were working for me, and not the other way around. I am continually learning about this process and having access to their blog made daunting tasks within my reach. From creating my first invoice to developing a business logo, all my questions were answered in one spot.


For those of us who are audio/visual learners, their YouTube channel has been life changing by giving me the resources and knowledge to truly know the ins and outs of invoicing for my company.

Even better, I now can spend more time on the actual product of my business than the gritty details of invoicing and finances. Rather than keeping track of due dates, timelines and payments, Invoice Home has all my information in one place. The less time I’m organizing files, the more time I have to actually increase my income.

Thanks to Invoice Home, running my side hustle and writing gigs is manageable. Life gets super busy, and side hustles are not meant to be full time hassles, and simple invoicing helps you hustle smarter!


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