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Balance Debt Repayment with Holiday Expenses: A How To Guide

November 1, 2018

Paying off debt is hard enough on a normal day. Forcing yourself to continue living frugally during the holidays can be downright depressing. But don’t despair quite yet, my dears! There are plenty of ways to balance debt repayment and the spending of the holiday season without being a drag. In this blog post we will tackle how to balance debt repayment with holiday spending…

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Inexpensive Recipes for a Fantastic Friendsgiving

In between family dinners, out-of town visits, and mundane conversations with cousins you haven’t seen since last year’s turkey roast, the holidays are all about hanging with your bloodline. Although you may love them to pieces, it’s much easier to keep sane when you spend some QT with your non-relative gang.…

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How To Fall In Love With Your Budget

October 28, 2018

  There are some people who love budgeting, and then, there are those of us who totally don’t. If you find that budgeting is a struggle and you’re not excited about tracking your expenses, you might be wondering how you could learn to love your budget. We’ve got some tips for you!   Address your fears & failures Asking some hard questions before you begin…

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Frugal Feature: Times Investing in an Altcoin like DasCoin is Better than Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are really hot right now- chances are you’ve heard about them from friend or coworkers, or even wondered on how to invest in them yourself.  Today’s frugal feature is brought to you by a contributing sponsor.  Hopefully it will be helpful if you’ve decided to take the leap and start using your savings to invest in Crypto- but always do your research before you…

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Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece Ideas

October 27, 2018

  I wish I was half as crafty as the amazing bloggers we’ve featured in this inexpensive centerpiece roundup for fall and Thanksgiving.  Honestly, I wish some of them could come to my house and show me a thing or two!  If you’re hostessing a Thanksgiving meal this year, or even if you’re going to nosh at a loved ones, making the centerpiece can be…

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