My Not-So-Frugal Obsession: Vinylmations

August 29, 2011


Vinylmation Food Pyramid Okay, guilty confession here… I have a disease.  

A disease known as “Vinylmation-adoration.”  Haven’t heard of it? Good.  Run. Now.  

If you are a lover of Disney, or all things cute and have a knack for getting hooked on collecting things- or worse yet- you a collector who cultivates cuteness and have a soft spot for Mickey Mouse, you will be DOOMED to my fate.

If you at all love cute things, you should really step away from the computer now…


Disney Vinylmations are plastic Mickey Mouse figurines that originally sold at Disneyland for about $9 with collections of random, artistic, or adorable designs painted on them.
 At first, it was simple, manageable, not a big deal…but of course in Disney-esque fasion, Vinylmations have expanded their design lines to every genre possible (Cutesters, Urban, Villians,  Muppets, Flags of the World….on and on) to pretty much suck every type of person into their void {“Oh look honey, they have OUR Flag, eh!”} .
Vinylmation - Buzz


They have different sizes, some on keychains, some that you can only get in certain locations… I’d say it’s worse than my Beanie Baby obsession of the 90’s, but now I’m a 25 year old woman working on a graduate degree  and not an eleven year old girl just learning about puberty,  so I have NO excuse.



As a former Disneyland junkie (Hello, it was California, it’s what we do there)  who had thought she had escaped by moving to Chicago, well…now they sell these dangerous little critters at Disney Stores, and yes, there are TWO of those in my area of Chi-city.  Well, cr*p.

Vinylmation Rainbow
I have 18 of these things.  EIGHTEEN.  {As the camera pans over to my family & friends preparing their intervention speeches at a suburban hotel to confront me about my “problem.”}

Yes…some of them were gifts.  But as a girl who like “challenges” and the thrill of a good shopping-track-down, going to Disneyland that fateful day over a year ago was a recipe for disaster. I discovered you open up these babies in a mystery box so you don’t know which one you’ll get (lure one), and they have several adorable collections featuring many of our favorite Disney park rides, characters and other adorableness (lure two), and the fact that you can go into the different shops and play a guessing game to hopefully get a character you’ve sought after, which can be a thrilling chase (hook-line-and-sinker) and it was OVER.

Disney Vinylmation Cutesters - Cupcake


Did I mention that they have Vinylmations that look like cupcakes? {I didn’t stand a chance}


That being said- it’s hard to be a frugal girl who is trying to resist the impulse to clutter up her space and drain her wallet with impulse purchases, but this is a TRIPLE THREAT:



So, I just had to get that off my chest- I’m a somewhat recovering Vinylmations addict (well, aside for my relapse during my fellow addicts’ visit to Chi-city this year when all 3 of us went on a vinyl induced rampage of the Disney Store)  but I’m doing well and managing my inclination for the curation of cuteness {ya, I have title for it!}  and focusing on the frugal.


It IS darn hard though…but when it comes down to adorable shelf space or fully funded ROTH IRA,  the big girl in me beats out the little girl in me who opts for financial freedom over impulse spending.  {thank the Lord!}
So, do you have any unfrugal addictions?  

What do you absolutely love but know you have to much of or should cut back on…or are you happy with your addiction the way it is?   *haha…

I want to know, what is your crazy collection?





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7 responses to “My Not-So-Frugal Obsession: Vinylmations”

  1. Romina says:

    I love to collect notebooks but i think my real obsession is with paper. I just love pretty notebooks and the possibility of what those pages can hold.

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Ooh, notebooks are cool! I'm a bit of a stationary nerd myself. I have a whole (large) shoe box of cards, notes, stickers and of course, cute stamps to mail them with. I love getting and receiving mail and I am kind of a paper fiend myself! Thanks for sharing Romi! 🙂

  2. jeff says:

    Dont get me started on beanie babies… the long lines, waiting on new release, the conventions… ya I was collecting in my 30s. Now I give them away at my studio 🙂

    Now I buy and collect websites 🙂 (I have an addictive personality, once I start something I go all in) but im better and smarter in my 'older' age

    • Shannyn@FruBeautiful says:

      Jeff, I know what you mean! I will be in the shower and I'll totally be thinking: "I wonder if the domain is available for that?" and it can be totally addicting! I really want to get some more domains (especially if some of the topics in this blog necessitate their own blog) but for now I'll have to just focus my energy on FrugalBeautiful with it's many varied topics! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by…btw, how many sites do you have?

    • Kara says:

      I was totally addicted to Beanie Babies. I was one of those kids that got suckered into thinking that Beanie Babies were an "investment" and even had a few guides saying that that touted the toys were actually "worth" something…up to $80 for a toy? Lame.

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  4. alli says:

    Just got sucked into vinylmations, got the nerds series on ebay and now want the nightmare before christmas set!! but wait…i also got sucked into the gallery light boxes =O i got the jack and timmy box. Really excited about a trip to disneyworld in november which i am saving up for and supposed to be making payments but then i saw these cute lil collectibles. AH! seriously have a problem. i keep checking ebay and calling disney stores. cant imagine how crazy im driving the bf with asking for his opinion and going back n forth with should i? or is it too much? but i WANT them! yup. total looney.


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