I’m Hittin’ The Road to Chicago In 20 Days… Let’s Have Some Fun!

March 4, 2013

moving to chicago


Many of you might be scratching your heads- didn’t I just leave Chicago in August?  Well, yes, SCREW YOU WINTER!  I’ve been in California for a few months, all the while, falling head over heels for this guy who somehow discovered my glass slipper is a pair of running shoes and loves pugs as much as I do.  Yes- this girl is moving back to Chi-city for wuv.  (aww.)

I leave at the end of March and I’ve never been so happy to boomerang in my life. I had made arrangements to leave Chicago before I met the beau last spring, we dated and evaluated the job market and I stuck by my decision to head home for a bit and spend time with family, relax after grad school and freelance from Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver.  I’ve had fun, but now it’s time to put some roots down.


So, a few things:

I’m going to need some mix cds for the road trip…Wanna swap?

I <3 mixes- yes it’s old school, but that’s how I roll.  If you’d like to swap, leave a comment and we’ll mail e/o mix cds like they’re still cool.  I LOVE pop, Route 66 (so roadtrip songs), and anything fun to rock out to during long stints in the car.  We’re going 2,000+ miles and there is nothing more lame than fighting radio static when your iPod gets old 12 hours later.  Let me know 😉

Oh, fun update- my water soaked iPod has come back to life after 1 year of drying out and WORKS!  I’d love to swap playlists in digital format as well!  Dropbox? Zip files? Whatevs- we’ll work it out.


I need some running & beauty blogger friends to help me house-warm with a sample swap!

Okay, so if you’re a runner or a beauty blogger, I gots-me-a-lotta-stuff that won’t fit in the car to Chicago.  My plan is to pick a “not-so-secret” sister to swap some of my extra beauty & fitness supplies with.  I’ll mail you your carepack before I leave, you mail me my carepack to the new address and we’ll both swap samples! Huzzah!


I need some nesting advice.

If you’ve ever cohabitated with a partner, how do you find a happy medium between your stuff and theirs?  I’ve had roomies before, but never tried to nest with a significant other.  I’m pretty traditional, so cohabitating with a fella is a bit new to me, though I’ve had female roomies before.  How do you decorate, organize and make it feel “homie” for two very different partners?  We’ve decided on a Route 66 decor with warm tones- but since all of his stuff is already settled (he’s cleaning out for me, thanks sweetie!) it’s new territory to not start from scratch- help?

I need advice on how to build a home with a hubby or boyfriend…how do you bring together two different styles (and tons of stuff) to help it feel like home?


If you’re in SoCal- Let’s Live It Up!

I’m doing the San Diego St. Patrick’s Day 10k and the Hooley’s to Hooley’s Half. …oh yes and the Hot Chocolate 5k.  If you’re attending (or want to) let me know,  the swag is swagtastic!


If you’re in Chicago, Holla!

I’ve been in Chicago for the last two years minus this siesta in California but I know that the blog has grown a bit with amazing new friends in the last few months. If you’re in the area (or you want to do a race together!) let me know.

I’m also looking for full time employment in marketing as a social media manager (it’d be exactly what I do now but with one client instead of several and in a potential real office, ha!)  so also, HOLLA if you’ve got some leads.  I will reward you generously. 🙂

I’m doing pretty much all of the Chicago half marathons in 2013, plus the Cleveland & St. Louis Rock N Roll Half Marathons. I’d love to run with you if you’ll put up with my crazy taste in running attire!  See my race schedule.




And now… to get back to work and to pack!



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11 responses to “I’m Hittin’ The Road to Chicago In 20 Days… Let’s Have Some Fun!”

  1. desi says:

    This sounds fun! I want to do a beauty swap and I will make a digital mix for you too! I’m so jealous. I want to move back over (I’m from Grand Rapids, MI originally) to that area so badly. I am not made for the east coast!

    I lived with my boyfriend for awhile and found that he didn’t really care about how things were decorated, etc. so I kind of had free reign which was nice.

  2. Just looked at your race schedule and I will be doing the Route 66 in November. I’m just outside of Tulsa. So if you end up doing it let me know.

    Possibly doing the St. Louis Rock n Roll. Have to work that one out though.

  3. I’ve been trying to make my first trip to Chicago for years now. Let me know when your settled and you’ve got room on the couch for me 😉

  4. Sounds like a lot of great things in your life right now! 🙂 Wish I could do the chocolate 5k. My car bill is up to $2800. OMFG!

  5. Sara says:

    I grew up in Chicago and have loads of friends out there. If you feel comfortable, shoot me an email with where you’ll be living and whether you’ll have a car to access some of the burbs and I’ll let you know what I can come up with for job leads.

    From what I hear, you missed one of the harshest winters Chicago has had in a while. Well-played on that one

  6. Nieszka says:

    fun! i plan on visiting chicago in late march or later this spring. I have never been but would love to visit. only about a 10hr drive from here or so 🙂 have a safe trip and best of luck on settling in 🙂


  7. Mieshiematsui says:

    My best friend Mahrinah is a founder of a non profit business called Cibola https://www.buildcibola.com/ she does a lot with social media and Internet based media in general! She also host a bunch of start up stuff so if you get a chance check her out! She’s pretty amazing! Good luck in chi town!

    Also as for moving in with a significant other! It’s best to see what works and what doesn’t when you get there! My husband and I mix up our stuff and our styles which helps out a lot and gives our home our personality! And what ever we don’t display or use we pack up and sometimes switch things up!


  8. Mieshiematsui says:

    Oh and ciabola is in Chicago! Sorry forgot to mention that! Lol

  9. Stacy K. says:

    Congrats and good luck on your move! Moving in with your man will be an adventure! My advice is to be patient and give yourselves time to develop your combined style… and be willing to compromise. You’ll figure out the items and styles you have in common as you look around and you can build around that. But, there might be that not-so-awesome lamp that he loves from that friend in college, and you may just have to live with it (like me). As long as your place is “you” and filled with love, it’ll be wonderful. Hospitality is always in style!

  10. I’m a Chicago blogger! I’ll be doing ZOOMA and saw you’re an ambassador as well. Sounds like you have a lot of fun change ahead. I can definitely shed some light in living with your man, but I think I would need a lot more time! 😉

    Also, I work in Media (broadcast) so I’ll keep my eye out for social media positions!

    Looking forward to meeting you at ZOOMA events!

  11. Anya Gonzalez says:

    In 2009 I moved cross-country from Virginia to San Diego, CA for a guy that I met while traveling in Romania, then 10 months later we moved to London where he went to take his Masters…and we are still together. My advise to you is to take things slowly, ALWAYS communicate and always take time for yourself and your friends. I say this last bit due to ‘nesting’ stage in which one disappears from the map and spending all you time with your man. You need to make him miss you from time to time as well as have fun by yourself and miss him too. What you experience while being away from each other in a day makes for an interesting conversation and even a fun trip somewhere not too far or a fun day exploring a market [it happened to us in the UK]. I hope this helps, and wish all the best in this new adventure. And by the way, love your blog, started reading it yesterday and I am still reading older posts. Keep it up!


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