Big Decisions & Moving Boxes- Where I’m Headed Next

February 10, 2016

Us January 2016

The other half & I over Christmas, in the midst of the decision making.

I haven’t been doing much personal blogging lately- the blog for the past two months has been a lot of “puttin it out there” without getting too personal.  Part of me wanted to wait until the decisions were made and chips were ready to fall, but the majority of me simply had to get through two very busy months and emotionally, mentally and personally process everything before I got words to paper (well, blog).

December was a blur.  After Thanksgiving, I got on a plane and jaunted around Europe for two weeks, a one-girl honeymoon as it were.  Since it was my first trip to Europe, and I was doing it all solo, it took a LOT of headspace to plan and experience. I spent every day in go-mode, trying to cram in sightseeing through Dublin, Edinburgh and London.

Shannyn at Big Ben

December was busy, and also spent mostly abroad, my first Europe trip!

It was not a relaxing trip, and in fact- I had a really fun anxiety attack after a serious case of jetlag in Dublin after a 5 hour delay on the tarmac, but the week abroad energized me in a different way.  I had been dreaming of visiting the castles of England for years, and lusted over the London skyline since I first started watching Doctor Who years ago.  While the trip was insane at times and a challenge for me to wrap my head around- it was nothing short of a blessing to be able to actually go.  There were times, I was walking around in solitude, with my little black carryon suitcase tumbling behind me, and it struck me that I finally did it.  I had the tremendous opportunity to not only dream something like this, but to get to achieve it.  For others who go to Europe all the time, good on you- but for me, it was kind of a big friggin’ deal.  I did it.

Of course, my brain was still reeling from the trip, when two days later, we left for Christmas in California to spend time with family and friends- which proved to be another intense week of travels, projects and a job interview.  Yup, a job interview.  I had interviewed with a few startups over the last few months, and in typical startup fashion- things were delayed or plans had to pivot.  I got on the phone, but had no idea if it would amount to anything- I just wanted to keep interviewing to hopefully find a fit that would allow us to relocate and put down roots somewhere new.

Last year- the beau and I took three weeks to galavant across the South- Charleston, Savannah, Austin and New Orleans.  I had been laid off from my job, and his job was at a crossroads that likely ended up with his job being sent off to Canada (and not in a fun or highly populated city in Canada).  We had a hard choice to make, stay or go.  We dabbled with the idea for three weeks and explored. Then, we floundered on how to move forward- the job market for both of our industries (I work in digital media & marketing, his background is in civil construction projects) can vary place to place- and we didn’t want to get stuck in a new city without a career plan.

We had honed in on Austin, Texas- but thus far, nothing had aligned to make it possible.  Then, we discovered San Antonio- and the fact that I knew some great people from various facets of my life that lived there and loved it. Turns out there’s a great scene and affordable rent.  Turns out the culture is more of a fit- and it has a young, entrepreneurial vein without being as transient as Austin, and offered us a chance to put down roots.  Turns out my father, the biggest skeptic of everything non-homestate was also a fan.

At that point, after several months in limbo with no motion forward, we knew we’d have to potentially leap without a net.  Over Christmas, we made the choice to set a timeline on a move.  No matter what, come hell or high water, we would have to make a choice on whether to stay or go by January 15th.  By January 30th, we’d have to have a plan and set it in motion.  By February, or March, depending on whether we could get both of our apartments rented out- we’d be going.

A plan! Huzzah!  We had something! We chose to choose.  If nothing else could get us in motion- we’d just pick up and go.  Taking a big, scary leap, but we were leaping out of limbo and we needed a change.

Movin' To San Antonio

Unexpectedly, I heard back from the company I’d interviewed with right before Christmas to set up a third interview.  I hopped on the phone and on January 11th, a job interview over the phone turned into a job offer- and I could work remote until we relocated. Well, that settles that!

I was flabbergasted- four days before our “stay or go” deadline, we heard back from the universe- “GO GO GO!”

My partner also has received a job offer in the San Antonio area, and we couldn’t be more grateful and thrilled. After months in limbo, we’re moving forward, together, and we’re moving to Texas…yes, and we bought shirts..because we’re nerds.

Then, I made door swag.  Leveled up with the geekery. I literally emailed the Etsy seller and told him, “give me the biggest monogram Texas door swag you have.”  Yes, I realize it’s giant and sort of ridiculous, but if giant door swag is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I cannot wait to mount this baby on our door in southern Texas.

Texas Door Buster

At this point in my life, I just embrace my quirks- which includes making announcements with door swag and tshirts.  We are joining forces in Texas (thus the combined door monogram since we have the same initials in reverse and are moving to San SA works for a girl who isn’t married and doesn’t know which of her initials to put on the door…yes, I polled my Facebook friends about this.)

We are so excited to move to Texas and put down some roots.  San Antonio, here we come!


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11 responses to “Big Decisions & Moving Boxes- Where I’m Headed Next”

  1. Juliette Kopp says:

    This is wonderfully inspiring. I am so excited to follow this journey! You are such an inspiration to aim high and be proactive about achieving your dreams!

  2. Sara Leal says:

    Congratulations on the job! You are going to love San Antonio, the weather is gorgeous the majority of the year and there are always fun and interesting things to do.

    On behalf of all of us who live here now, bienvenido a San Antonio!

  3. Congratulations!!! I’m still here in Austin if you ever want to meet up. I have only visited San Antonio once, but it was a neat weekend trip! I highly recommend the Natural Caverns on the outside of the city. They are AMAZING and you have to do the tour in person to really grasp how marvelous these things are. Something that nature created. Also, eat at Mi Tierra in San Antonio. Highly recommend that too.

    Let me know if you’re ever headed to Austin! I’d love to meet up! Congrats again!

  4. Whitney says:

    Yup. You’re my inspiration. I’m so proud of you for making things happen in your life! You’re going to be very blessed in Texas <3

  5. Sofia says:

    So excited to read about all the big changes. Your move to TX is refreshing considering I am in still in the cold mid-atlantic myself. Hope the move is smooth and uneventful in a good way. Looking forward to hearing what life in San Antonio is like.

  6. Dani Stephens says:

    Welcome to Texas!

  7. Megan says:

    So excited for you! San Antonio is so much fun – but not what I would call southern Texas. Definintely Central Texas. 🙂 Hill Country is GORGEOUS and things to do for days. My Texas to-visit list is still not done and I lived there for three years. Best of luck on the new venture!

  8. Donna says:

    Welcome to Texas! I live right outside San Antonio – it’s great here. Wishing you the best.

  9. Congrats! I’m super excited for you!

  10. That Texas door swag is awesome!! I didn’t even know “door swag” was a thing! I think I need one! My fiance and I are at a similar cross-roads right now. I think I might get laid off (whether this happens in a month or two years from now, I don’t know). It depends if my department in the company gets bought out or not. I have a job offer in California but am scared about the cost of living difference and to just get up and move somewhere were we don’t know anyone – and my fiance needs to find a job. It’s hard when your planning for two but nice to have someone’s support.

  11. Dianna Owen says:

    Congratulations for the big move! It is really nice that you decided to go to San Antonio! I live in London and here, as you saw, is really busy and expensive. After 5 years living and working here I feel that I need to change the environment and go to live in a smaller and calmer place. If I ever move to the US again, I’ll definitely try living in Texas. The music festivals, the cheap properties and the sunny weather in Austin sound to me like heaven! Thanks for sharing!


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