I’m Lucky Enough To Have An Amazing Dad +$50 Giftcard Giveaway #BestDad #BestGifts

June 18, 2015

Happy Father's Day with Kmart

My parents split when I was four years old. Many of my earliest memories were of my mom and my dad separate.  Being a single parent is never easy, but for my dad, he quite literally put in the miles- even when my mom wasn’t cooperative.  My time with my dad growing up, was separated by 100 miles of driving distance to connect the two cities where mom and dad lived, and was usually separated by weekends.  Her weekend, his weekend.  I would see my father every other weekend- and rain or shine, and even when his beatup blue Toyota pickup wouldn’t quite make it- he’d borrow a car to make it to get me and my sister.

If you know my dad, you’d know that his favorite thing to do with me as a kid, other than drive around southern California for free history tours and to make deliveries with me in tow, was to take me to Kmart.  Dad would usually pick me up, every other Friday and we’d hit the road up to LA county (before the traffic was as bad as it was now), and if I was good- we’d make a run to see the next “Blue Light Special.”  Do you remember those?  You’d hear an announcement over the PA system, that something was on special, and you’d dart across the store to see what was on special- denoted with a spinning blue alert light.

We also spent hours at the pinball machines at Kmart.  Looking back, with the many gadgets, gizmos and the expensive iPads we give kids nowadays, I still relish in the simple fact that as a kid there were such simple and profound things that made us happy- time with my dad and a roll of quarters so we could do some shopping and play pinball at Kmart.

If you know me today as Frugal Beautiful- it was because of those early lessons from my dad.  Joy doesn’t have to cost a lot, true joy is spent in simple things and time spent together.  Really, it doesn’t matter what you spend on shoes, what matters is time spent as a family to allow a six year old girl to run down the aisles and pick out a brand new pair of sneakers with special shoelaces and glitter on the soles, because she did really good in school.  What matters is the moments you invest your time in the ones you love, and when you’re smart with your money, you’re free to have more time to spend on your loved ones.  I guess I didn’t realize it at the time, as a six year old girl who was just excited to go back to class with new kicks, but I was being taught about values I’d appreciate later.

Dad was a smart dude- teach a little girl about money, life and family values disguised as sparkly new sneakers and “Blue Light Specials.”

Father's Day with Kmart - Great gifts for dad

This Father’s Day, I’m getting dad something he can actually use…beyond your typical ties and dress socks!  For a dad that loves music and has an appreciation for the classics, bringing that love of music alive with some gadgets make a great gift! This iHome wireless speaker and Koss Headphones are great and practical way to help him jam out!

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Would you like to win a $50 Giftcard to Kmart to show your dad he’s awesome? Comment below with one thing your dad, or the dad in your life has taught you.


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The winner is Kaylin!  Kaylin, watch your email, I’ll be in touch!

I’m an ambassador for Kmart, through K-Club.  Thoughts and opinions are my own!

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56 responses to “I’m Lucky Enough To Have An Amazing Dad +$50 Giftcard Giveaway #BestDad #BestGifts”

  1. Lisa Brown says:

    My dad taught me math; I could not understand it as a child and he explained it in such a way that I finally got it 🙂

  2. erin says:

    My Dad taught me to always stand for what you believe in and to not waiver on your morals.

  3. Leighanne Truelove says:

    The dad in my life is actually my grandmother. She stepped up and was mom & dad to me and my two sisters. She, like your dad, taught me everything I know about money. She inspired me to work hard so I could graduates college without ever taking out a loan.
    Now that I have my own daughter I am already saving for her college.

  4. Patti says:

    My dad taught me how to fish, and even with 200+ miles between us these days, I still make a trip up every summer to fish with him.

  5. Mami2jcn says:

    My godfather taught me to enjoy nature. His hobby was photographing beautiful birds in the park.

  6. Kristin G says:

    My dad has taught me that I need to treat others the way that I want to be treated. The way I dress, treat people, and act all play into how others can view and treat me. He’s taught me to not judge others and to treat everyone the same.

  7. My dad taught me that you can be happy in life no matter what your circumstances are. It’s one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned!

  8. Elena says:

    My dad has taught me to love reading

  9. Kelly D says:

    My dad has taught me the importance of gardening.

  10. My dad taught me how to play basketball

  11. Ashley Gregory says:

    My father was also a single parent- not by marriage but a widower. My father gave me the greatest gift- he believed in me! I would love to get him a $50 DISNEY gift card from Kmart for him to enjoy when we visit WDW for his first time in over 20+ years this November. I’ll be running the Wine and Dine Half and 5k, and he will be cheering me on!

  12. Shannon says:

    My dad has taught me how to be handy around the house. It is important to be able to fix stuff myself and i appreciate the self reliance

  13. Laura J says:

    My dad taught me to pick my battles. He always said if its not that important…dont make it so!
    I still remember that on a daily basis….it makes life so much more enjoyable!

  14. This is the first Father’s Day without my dad here. He passed away in March. However, I will never stop celebrating Father’s Day. Because while my father was here, he taught me so many things and he was there for me when I needed him. I will live on with him in my memories and in my heart, and I plan on making him proud.

  15. s.w. says:

    To always look on the bright side

  16. heather says:

    My dad always taught me to stand by your word.

  17. Ashley says:

    My dad has taught me how to have a great sense of humor

  18. HS says:

    My dad taught me to be patient from our fishing trips.

  19. Deirdre says:

    My Dad taught me that it is alright to listen to other people’s opinions and still choose not to listen to them, if that is what my gut is advising. He really made me believe in my own power, and I appreciate that life lesson greatly!

  20. Jennifer says:

    My dad passed away 10 years ago after a long and painful battle with cancer. One of the best things my dad taught me was to always be a blessing to others. He lived his life with a spirit of generosity and love not just for his own family, but for everyone he met. My dad would stop on the side of the road to help someone change a flat or drop off flowers just to brighten someones day. Instead of feeling sorry for himself when he was ill or receiving treatments he would look for ways to brighten the day of those around him. This would be his first Father’s Day as a grandfather and while it is hard to not have him here I am so happy to know that his spirit lives on in us and in the lives of so many others!

  21. Susan Christy says:

    My dad taught me how to make people feel important. He was a store manager and his customers loved him because he always remembered their name and something about them.

  22. Lisa Foster says:

    My dad taught me about the value of hard work, and that any job, no matter how simple or small, is worth doing well.

  23. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    My dad has taught me to always help others as much as possible. He has 5 kids and does his best to help us all out! 🙂

  24. Patti says:

    My dad taught me to consider the consequences of my words before speaking and to be charitable. Now that I’m middle-aged with grown children of my own, my dad – who is nearly 90 – continues to model humility, strength and good humor and grace, even as he faces his own mortality.

  25. Ken C says:

    My Dad taught me how to Do It Yourself, show respect to others and love my wife by loving my my Mom.

  26. crunchy says:

    My Dad taught me to live for myself and my family, not for the expectations of others and boy am I glad he did. I would be miserable if I lived the treadmill life of keeping up with the Joneses.

  27. Amy Orvin says:

    My dad taught me to never let people take advantage of me.

  28. Sally says:

    My dad taught me that I could do anything! He always had my back and he taught me to always think positive and and not to let all the little things get to you! He also told me to choose my battles and sometimes the best thing to do is walk away!

  29. My dad has taught me the value of working hard to provide for my family. He is a true definition of a hard working man. My email is gaetane.joseph84@yahoo.com

  30. Kathy Perkins says:

    My dad wasn’t around much because he worked all the time. But when he was home he would take 1 of us kids with him to,get his Cadillac washed and get a cold soda. That car meant the world to,him but spending a Saturday morning with dad meant so much more to us. When he was dying he told us that the one regret he had on life was that he didn’t spend more time with us. I’ve never forgotten that and luckily my husband continues to spend as much time as possible with our adult daughter. You never know what life will bring your way. Shannyn you’re lucky to,have such a caring dad.

  31. Kay Traeger says:

    My Dad taught me, inadvertantly that everyone has some good in them. We all have a divine spark.

  32. rachel cartucci says:

    My grandfather taught me that a good attitude will get you farther than a good sense of direction. Words I still live by.

  33. Tracie Cooper says:

    My dad taught me about the importance of honesty and hard work and was a strong example of both throughout his daily life!

  34. Lynda says:

    My dad taught me the importance of punctuality. Twitter: Lyndagp

  35. MaryAnn says:

    I was raised by my stepfather who I have called dad since I was 2. He has taught me so much. One thing that really sticks in my mind is honesty. He always had a very strict policy of keeping honesty in our home.

  36. Julie says:

    He has taught me to do things for me as in do what makes me happy and not to satisfy others. Life is too short to not do the things that you want to do in life.

  37. Stephanie says:

    My dad’s taught me patience – he never rushes anything or anyone. While it sometimes frustrates me, I’ve definitely come to realize that it works out for the best for everyone, even though it’s a challenge for my Type A self.

  38. Ashley Gill says:

    My dad taught me to respect authority no matter what. The law is the law and it is there to follow it. Respect authority and my elders.

  39. Cyndie says:

    The best thing my father taught me was to save money. I, in turn, taugh this to my kids. Saving is easier than spending, he used to say.

  40. Desiree says:

    My dad taught me to always make sure I have my purse in case I get pulled over for speeding. Haha!

  41. Menucha says:

    My husband (baby’s daddy) has taught me to calm down and not be obsessive when parenting my toddler!

  42. Nicole R says:

    My dad was a single dad for most my life and he taught me everything. My dad taught me what a real man is and that helped me later in life because I found the most amazing man to marry; who is now the father of our own kids.

  43. Synthony says:

    My dad taught me what it is to be an individual and not go with what the cool kids are doing. He taught me to be proud of who I am because there’s only one of me.

  44. Shannon says:

    He’s taught me to be handy and fix things on my own

  45. Tami says:

    My dad taught me to always be kind. Even if someone is yelling at you for what seems like no reason, you never know what kind of life situation they are in so you shouldn’t treat hostility with hostility. Plus, if they were to keep on yelling at you after you are kind to them it shows who the bigger person is.

  46. Jessica Gipson says:

    My dad taught me responsibility at a young age. It has made me to be a great mother, wife and career.

  47. Emily Smith says:

    The best thing my dad has taught me is trust your intuition. This has helped guide me through some of life’s biggest decisions and has helped create experiences that have brought immense growth and happiness!

  48. Karen McClain says:

    My dad wasn’t a good person. I had no concept of fatherly love as I went into my early adulthood. When I got married, my father-in-law took the proper place of a father figure to me. He has taught me so many little things that seem so inconsequential but mean the world to a woman who never knew the love of a father. He taught me what it looks like to love. He taught me what a father should be.

  49. Harmony B says:

    He taught me to appreciate music

  50. amy says:

    My dad taught my all my work ethics. And now he’s trying to teach me how to Own and Run a business

  51. Kristen says:

    My dad taught me how to clean a fish & how to change a tire.

  52. Michelle says:

    My dad is the absolute best. I love that he’s open and honest about his shortcomings and doesn’t hold grudges. One of the best life lessons I’ve learned from his the power of a sincere apology and moving forward. I’ve made my share of mistakes in life and he’s never held them against me. I know he’s one of my biggest supporters.

  53. Livivua says:

    My dad taught me how to change my own oil and rotate my own tires

  54. Heather says:

    My dad taught me laughter is the best medicine. 😉


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