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December 29, 2014

For over three years, Frugal Beautiful has been a one-woman show, but as traffic has grown and I’ve heard back from you, it’s time to expand.  At its core, this blog is about having a frugal, beautiful life- no matter what your budget.  But of course, there is just one of me- one story, one budget, one life.  I would love to bring in diverse voices and talents, folks that live a frugal life and are super crafty, or someone who has paid off debt or is working on paying off debt but is handling it like a boss and can help others do the same.

If you’re an expert at living life on your own, frugal terms, I want you to share that expertise and join the team!

I’m looking to add team members who would be able to tell their frugality or debt payoff stories, would like to show off their frugal DIY projects or home projects (picture heavy & good for Pinterest) or who would like to blog about fashion, beauty and shopping with a frugal spin (sales, frugal roundups, outfit ideas, Polyvore-esque.)


Interested? I’m Looking To Hire Some Writers!

-Frugality/Finance Writer

-DIY/Home/Living Writer

-Fashion/Beauty Writer

What I’m Looking For:


Interested?  You’d Be A Great Fit If:

Is this you? I’d LOVE to have you share your experiences with our readers! Please fill out the following application questions below and send your answers in via email to frugalbeautiful *at* I will accept applications until January 16th, at which time I will review all applications. Those who are chosen will be contacted via email by Friday, 1/23.



Name, age, profession:

What does a “frugal beautiful” life mean to you?

How long have you been reading and what other blogs do you read?

Your Frugal, Beautiful Story & Background:

Your biggest financial goal (current or past you’d write about):
Your best piece of financial advice, or core financial truth you follow:
What you LOVE to save money on:
What you HATE to spend money on or frugal hacks that annoy you?
Can you commit to one post per week?
Why do you want to be a blogger for
What topics would you want to topic about? What would you want to blog about?

*Please include any links to examples of your work.



Thanks and Happy New Year!


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